Kabir’s Parents Were In The Car That Day. Till Love Do Us Part 22 March 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 180



The episode started with Kabir checking the video footage. He attached a camera to Vansh’s jacket but was not able to figure out Vansh’s plan from the footage. Aryan said he feels Vansh is going to confess. Kabir said that’s not possible. If he was going to do that, then there would not be a smile on his face. He wants to stay ahead of Vansh, so whatever Vansh does, he (Kabir) can answer back.

The party started. Riddhima and Vansh were welcomed and they sat down. Ishani and Angre dedicated a performance to Vansh and Riddhima and they danced. . After them, Aryan danced next. Aryan brought Dadi on stage and they both danced. Siya then came up next and the whole family joined her. Riddhima looked at Vansh and thinks it doesn’t look like Vansh is afraid of anything. She hoped to clear her doubts soon as well.

Vansh stood up and the lights went off suddenly. Kabir said wait a minute, Vansh, my special performance for you and Riddhima and the lights came back on. Kabir then danced. He pulled Vansh on the stage and danced around him. He said in his mind, as long as I am there, it’s not going to be easy for you. He has no clue that he put a secret camera in Vansh’s jacket. Suddenly Vansh disappeared. Riddhima wondered where he went. Vansh was on the phone with someone, saying, everything is normal here.

I will tell you everything in the meeting. Kabir came to check the video footage so he can find out where Vansh was but it’s coming blank and became angry. He then calmed himself down and said he won’t give up and he left. In the lobby, he saw Vansh’s jacket that had a secret camera. In flashback, Vansh came to know about the camera and he took off his jacket. Kabir is was determined to win no matter what.

The host announced it’s time for Vansh and Riddhima’s performance. Kabir said Vansh is downstairs and rushed to go down. Riddhima thinks what she will do if Vansh is guilty? She hoped she proves out to be wrong. Vansh took her hand and their dance started. Everyone clapped after their performance. The host was going to end the night and Vansh said this night is not over. He took the mic from the host and He said, this night can’t be over so soon. It needs fireworks. Biggest performance is yet to come.

He took out a yellow envelope and asked everyone what color is this. Then he put the lights on it and said it’s orange now. He said the color depends on the light. Just like that, there are incidents in our lives. Different people, different light, different view. But truth can only be one. And today he’s going to reveal the truth of his life. He took out a white paper and said just like white paper, it’s a plain truth. This truth can bring a storm in someone’s life.

He hopes the person with whom this truth is connected, understands him. In 1996, he got into a car accident, a very dangerous one. In that accident, 2 innocent people were dead. He was 15 years old. It was a crime in law’s eyes. Riddhima wondered whether he’s going to confess that he’s the murderer of her parents. He said those people were not Riddhima’s parents.

Kabir said, what? Vansh said, yes, Kabir, they were not Riddhima’s parents, but were your parents and everyone was shocked. Vansh continued that he was not aware Anurpiya was still in touch with his father after her marriage. That day his father came to meet Anupriya only. He didn’t know at that time that it was his father. He found out all that later on. Kabir’s father and Bua (aunt) were in the car. Both died on the spot. He said it happened by mistake and he already had punishment for that.

Still, he will feel good if Kabir forgives him and Kabir became furious. He walked angrily to Vansh and punched him hard. Vansh fell on the floor. He asked everyone to stay back. Kabir said I won’t spare you, you killed my father. Vansh now defended himself and they both started fighting. They both took out guns and pointed at each other. Riddhima got worried. Kabir fired a bullet and everyone was shocked. Kabir fired the bullet but Vansh moved away. Riddhima runs and hugged Vansh.

Riddhima asked Kaibr how dare he. Vansh said he understands Kabir’s pain and anger. But Kabir needs to understand, it was an accident, he didn’t kill them purposely. He already had punishment for that. Kabir thinks he got another reason now. He will decide what his punishment will be and Kabir left from there. Riddhima said in her mind, thank you Bappa, she proved wrong, but she made a huge mistake by not trusting Vansh. Ishani told Riddhima she got all the answers now. She never understood Vansh and their family is not able to understand her.

Someone placed rumors out and she started doubting Vansh. Vansh told Ishani that she is forgetting, Riddhima is a daughter too. Anyone in Riddhima’s place would do the same. There is no mistake about Riddhima and Riddhima looked at Vansh. Riddhima thinks after so much, Vansh is still taking her side. Vansh said anyway, I have some work to finish, he left and everyone also left. Riddhima said it’s time to fulfill her promise.

Precap: Riddhima said she doubted her ishq. Now she deserves this punishment and walked on the pieces of glass. Vansh told her to stop it. He took her to their room and did the aid. She said sorry and he kissed her on cheeks….Read more