Vihaan Reveals To Angre That He Is Vansh. Till Love Do Us Part 23 February 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 145


The Episode started with Riddhima thinking what does Vihaan want to do, I have to see the mark on his body. He lights the candles and took a dagger. He handed it over to her and signaled her to cut the cake which they did together. He said it’s to celebrate a new chapter of you and Vansh, even after Vansh died, you got to know his life’s biggest secret and they ate the cake. He then cleaned the knife. He said the party isn’t over, it now starting and went to get drinks for them. She thinks it’s a good chance to see the bullet mark. She spilled the drink and said sorry, I will get another shirt. He said no need.

She said it’s cold, have it, change the shirt and he removed his shirt. She saw the bullet mark on his back and she became shocked. She thinks it means Vihaan is saying the truth, he took Vansh’s death on himself. He wore the other shirt, held her and bursts the balloon. She saw the lightning bugs around and recalled Vansh and her moment. She thinks how does Vihaan know all this, just Vansh knew it, it was my dream that Vansh fulfilled my dream, today it got fulfilled by Vihaan.

He asked her to say what she wants. She said nothing, thanks for saving my Vansh’s life that day and he held her close. She said it’s going to be morning and she left. He said it’s so easy to fool you, Riddhima, the thrill is getting high, it’s fun, I love it. Vihaan went to Angre and said we shall have a challenge, just for old times sake. Angre said it will be fun. Vihaan said I am thinking playing some big games today. Angre and Vihaan played basketball. Angre looked at him and recalled Vansh. He said boss, you…. Vihaan turned to him and said yes, I had to stay behind a curtain so I had to prove to Riddhima that I am Vansh’s lookalike Vihaan, that I got shot for Vansh.

He showed the bullet mark on his back and removed the fake mark and said I have shown her the proof, Riddhima is emotional, it was easy to fool her, who would trust this easily, you tell me. Angre said I am glad that you tricked death and came back. Vansh said Riddhima believed everything, interesting, very interesting, right Angre, but now this game has to get on the bigger screen, everyone will be involved, whoever starts the game, Vansh ends the game, Vansh has come to end this game.

In the morning, Riddhima dreams of someone suffocating her. She woke up and said it was just a dream, it’s morning now, it’s said that morning dreams turn true, it’s 25th december today, Christmas and recalled the dream. She heard Vihaan on a call and went to see. Vansh said don’t call me, you know my situation, why didn’t you do my work, leave it, listen to me first, don’t do anything until I give instructions, Riddhima….

He saw her and pulled her under the shadow. He said someone said right, when Lord gives something, he gives fantastic, you could have told me that you want to get under the shower with me. She asked him to stop the nonsense, whom was he talking to. She asked him to answer. He said I have a personal life as well, am I right, are you curious or jealous. He held her face and left and she recalled Vansh.

She thinks why do I feel that he isn’t Vihaan but Vansh and she left. He then got ready. She saw a paper on the floor and they both tried to pick it but she got it first. He asked her to give it to him. She asked him what it. She went away and sees the cheque. She said one crore rupees, what’s this. He said I didn’t steal, it’s my second instalment, you have given me just few lakhs. She said it’s a lie to take money from someone’s account without informing, you are a greedy person, until the work gets over, I will not let you take any money.

He asked why shall I trust you if you don’t trust me. She said you won’t withdraw any money. He asked her not to tear the cheque, it will be her big mistake but she went on to tear the cheque. He clapped and said you have made a big mistake, you will pay a big price for this, you didn’t mind your own business, so forgiveness over and punishment begins. He caught her and said you have to pay a big price. She said I am not scared of you. He said I have tolerated you a lot, you insulted me and had torn the cheque and he left.

Riddhima said I can’t trust him, I have to keep an eye on him. Angre asked why did you take Riddhima’s permission when you can play this game alone. Vansh said I don’t need anyone’s permission, but sometimes we have to work hard to get the truth out, Riddhima thinks by heart, she doesn’t know the result of playing with fire, it’s getting interesting and dangerous too, there will be many twists and turns, we have to see who dies in this game and who breaks this trap to get ahead.

Riddhima saw Vihaan searching on how to make a bomb. She thinks he wants to kill me. Vansh got santa toys for everyone and said to them you are very special to me….Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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