Kabir Feels Jealous Of Vansh. Till Love Do Us Part 23 March 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 182


The episode started with Vansh telling Kabir that whatever happened was unintentional and for that he can apologize for 1000 of times. He can understand what Kabir must be going through, but he hopes that Kabir understands him as well. Vansh then poured whiskey in 2 glasses and gave 1 glass to Kabir. He drank it in a shot and said, it was a mistake huh? Because of your mistake, my childhood got spoiled. What about that?

Vansh said that is why you wanted to destroy me, right? Kabir said they both have hatred for each other. He asked Vansh when will he be thankful to him? Vansh asked for what? Kabir showed Riddhima’s photo and said for this. Vansh will have to owe him for a life time. Vansh said he already knew Riddhima’s truth and he also knows that Kabir used her for his benefit. Whatever was between Kabir and Riddhima have been left behind.

Today she is Mrs. Vansh Rai Singania. Kabir said it was him who brought her in Vansh’s life. She married to Vansh only for him. He said one thing to Riddhima and Vansh-Riddhima’s so-called strong relation shattered. That is because she is still Kabir’s. Vansh interrupted and said, she was. Now she has left her past and moved on. He told Kabir it feels he’s very jealous. It seems like he realized what he lost. Vansh further said, he has no interest in Riddhima’s past. But one thing he knows that he is the luckiest person in the world and he left.

In morning, Vansh called Cheng and said he has put a lot of effort to get the diamonds. He should know how much important it is. He gave him 24 hours and said he will meet him tomorrow. Riddhima woke up and said Vansh… Vansh disconnected the call and asked Riddhima how are you feeling. She said better and asked what he was talking about? He said it’s about business, she doesn’t need to know. She said ok and then tried to get up. He said she won’t keep her feet on floor.

She laughed saying she doesn’t have wings, she needs to go and make breakfast. He said not wings, but she has him. He lifted her and took her to the dining table. Kabir was sitting there. He watched them angrily as they had a romantic talk. Vansh said he feels incomplete without her. She made him realize what it means to have a true life partner and how life changes when one has a true love and they fed each other. Kabir became more and more angry. Vansh told Riddhima that she is truly very special. Kabir finally got up and walked away.

Later, Vansh was in the hall. Kabir tried to drop the chandelier on him. Ishani came and Kabir stopped. She tied a thread/rakhi on Vansh’s hand. He said it’s not Raksha Bandhan today. She said she knows. She thought her brother is so lovely and wanted to gift him something. She thought to tie Rakhi only. He made her realize what a true brother is. That day, she left in a car and suddenly Riddhima’s parents came in front of her car and died.

He did not only save her that day, but he has been saving her till now and Kabir was shocked. Ishani further said yesterday he said Kabir’s father died, not Riddhima’s parents. He cleared Riddhima’s doubt and he saved Ishani as well. Vansh asked her to stay quiet and never talk about that again.

Whatever he did was to save his and Riddhima’s marriage. He asked her to promise that she won’t talk about it again. Kabir said such a big lie. Vansh fooled him. How dare Vansh to play a game with him. Now he will only be relaxed after Vansh’s death and he let the chandelier go. Vansh saw the chandelier’s shadow and pushed Ishani away. Suddenly Riddhima came there and pushed Vansh away and screamed, but Ishani caught the chandelier’s chain and saved her. The whole family gathered there now.

Dadi said what happened? Riddhima said she got out of her room and saw the chandelier coming down and they both hugged each other. Vansh shouted who did this? Aryan said there was this defect since long time. He told the servants to fix it as well. Vansh asked why he didn’t tell him? He told Aryan to get it fixed today. He then lifted Riddhima and took her back into the room. Kabir thinks Vansh’s bad time starts now.

In the night, Vansh came back from outside with a guitar. Kabir stopped him and said guitar looks weird in person’s hands that always had a gun. He asked what’s inside saying he can ask that much a police officer. Vansh said it’s his home and he doesn’t have a search warrant. Kabir said it’s not about search warrant, why his reaction changed seeing him? What is he hiding in that? Vansh opened the case and there was only a guitar inside and he left. Kabir said his eyes see what others don’t see. He will only be satisfied once he finds out what Vansh is hiding in that guitar.

Angre saw the guitar and asked why guitar? Vansh showed him diamonds hiding in the guitar’s case. Angre said amazing. Vansh said that’s half of the earnings of his life. Tomorrow he’s going to make a very risky deal. He is only worried if police reach there, then they will have order to directly shoot him. Angre said he will also go along, but Vansh told him to stay home to protect everyone. Angre said fine and told him to focus on the deal. Vansh said if the deal fails, then either he will get destroyed or he will die.

Kabir saw Riddhima and Vansh’s photo. He recalled his moments with Riddhima and her proposal. He said he lost her once, but now he won’t lose her again. She was, is, and will remain his. He will snatch her away from everyone. Riddhima must return to him. They spent so much time together, but she didn’t understand his love.

Vansh got into a fight. Bullets were getting fired. Other side, Riddhima was getting ready with mangalsutra, sindhoor, and all…Read more

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