Vansh & Family Unites To Save Angre From Jail. Till Love Do Us Part 23 May 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 265


The Episode started with Vansh putting a card for Angre and going and Angre checked it. Vansh asked can you hear me. Angre said yes, it’s impressive idea of a transmitter card. Vansh asked how did this happen. Angre said sorry, you would be angry that I had such a thing that you hate the most. Vansh said no, I know it doesn’t belong to you. Angre said yes. Vansh asked how did you get it, whom are you saving, is it Ishani. Angre said yes, but it’s not hers, she was framed. Vansh said I know we are framed, don’t worry, I will get you all out of this, have faith in me. Angre said thanks, my parents left me to die, you supported me, took care of family and my Ishani. Vansh said shut up, you will always be my family, we will always be brothers, I won’t leave you and reminded him of an old incident. Angre said it’s impossible to get saved from this. Vansh said I will take care of it, over and out, see you and he left.

Ishani saw Ajay and went to stab him but Vansh stopped her. She said I will kill these people. He asked her to calm down, things will get more complicated this way, Angre will get more trapped, I will get him out, listen to me. Dadi said they took our blood samples. Aryan said they will know that we take drugs or not. Vansh said Dadi wants to say that if the blood samples go out of the hotel, it can get tampered, we can’t take that risk and told them his plans. He then asked Ishani to distract Ajay. Ishani went to Ajay and said I am scared,i don’t know what they will do to my husband, Angre is a good soul. Ajay said don’t worry, we won’t do anything, court will see it. She said yes, shall I order a cup of coffee for you. He said your nature is kind, even I am feeling bad. Dadi went and acted of chest pain. Ajay asked what happened to her. Ishani downloaded access app onto Ajay’s phone. Ajay asked Dadi to drink water. Dadi kept him busy with talks. She asked for some more water. He said I will get it and Ishani signalled her. She then placed the phone back. Dadi said I will go to my room to rest and she left.

Ajay said I am soft hearted, I can understand your pain, my mum is still finding a girl for me. Ishani said I would suggest you don’t marry, you know what to tolerate. He said we will try that nothing happens to your husband, you are a good wife, but it’s not in our hands. She said thanks, I will send coffee for you, don’t worry for Dadi. She called Vansh and said job is done. Vansh said this is the room where the blood samples are kept, I have kept fake samples here, you will enter the other room, I will show this to the cops, they will go there, then we will enter the actual room. Aryan went and stole the fake samples. Vansh said good job, Aryan. He then played the recording. The man saw it and went to Ajay. He said the blood samples got stolen, I saw it on the cctv, a man was running. Ajay asked him to run after the thief. Vansh and Aryan entered the actual room and Aryan showed the camera. Vansh said rewind the cctv footage 2 mins back, no one would know that we had come here. Aryan did it and Vansh said good job. Aryan went and Vansh also went after him.

Vansh asked Riddhima to not come back to the hotel, there are complications, check in another hotel and take rest, give me a call, I love you. He checked Ajay’s contacts and said I guessed it right, I know you are honest, you are Vyom’s dog. He messaged him, evidence is stolen. Vyom became angry and said Vansh… I know you did this. He said I will make sure that I don’t spare you. He messaged Ajay to meet him in the backyard to get the evidence. Vansh said I am waiting for you.

He said Riddhima didn’t answer, where is she. He then called her again. Aryan asked where shall I throw this, no wrong person should get this. Sara saw Aryan. She thinks it’s not good if policemen are here, I have to help Aryan and she went to Aryan. He said I am not drunk today. She said Ajay is after you. He asked what, what will I do to his evidence. She said hold me, come closer and she hid the evidences. Ajay came there and asked what’s happening. Sara said bye baby, see you later,she left and Aryan also left. Vyom called Aryan and asked how did the evidence the disappear. Aryan asked what, did you do this, Ishani would have gotten trapped if Angre didn’t take the blame. Vyom said you are my informer, think what will the family do if they know that you work for me, I want to trap the entire family except you, give the evidence to me. Aryan said fine. He ended the call and said sorry, we are united when it’s about our family, evidences will get trashed. Ajay said you got the evidences stolen. Vansh said you are mistaken, how would we enter the room and steal it. Ajay said I caught Angre in front of you but Vansh denied it. Ajay said I understand what’s happening here and Vansh warned him. He gave him money and asked him to keep it. Ajay said it’s a big crime to bribe a govt officer and someone took a pic of them. Ajay returned the money and left. Vansh said it’s the officer’s crime, not the one who gives money, we got your pic with notes, lets see what proof Vyom gives you.

Riddhima called Vansh. He asked where are you. She said Vansh… He worried for her. He then got a threatening message. He asked who are you, how dare you kidnap my wife….Read more

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