Ridhima’s Life In Danger. Till Love Do Us Part 24 February 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 146


The Episode started with everyone receiving Christmas tunes in Vansh’s message. Ishani thinks why did Vansh send this Christmas tune for us, is there any special plan. Riddhima came and recalled Vansh’s words and everyone smiled hearing the tune. Riddhima thinks Vihaan said he will make this Christmas the worst one, is this tune a sign of it and Vansh came there.

Ishani said your style is different, you always surprise us. Vansh said we will celebrate Christmas together and then a special dinner. Ishani said super. Aryan said I will get gifts for everyone. Vansh said don’t worry, I have already arranged it, everything has a right time.

Ishani said we will wait for the surprise. Riddhima recalled the dream. She thinks is my morning dream going to turn true, Vihaan’s words show that he wants to harm me. Kabir asked what happened to your husband, he wants to celebrate every occasion, first birthday, now Christmas party, you had a date night also, then dinner. She asked how did you know about the date. He said I am a police officer, the windows are triple xl, one can know easily, I am sure the Christmas will be memorable for you and he went out talking to someone and hits a bin.

He said remember, success has three S, Soch/thinking, Samaj/understanding and Samay/time and he saw something on the ground. He picked it and said what’s this. He said bullet patch, what is it doing here, such things are used in Bollywood, it means someone is trying to fool, who can do this, except that Vansh’s duplicate, whom is he fooling and by which story, some game is played behind my back.

Vansh got some material to make a bomb. Riddhima came there and looked on. She thinks what’s happening. She zoomed on the phone camera and read ” how to make a bomb” . She thinks what does Vihaan want to do, blast this house or kill me, he is planning something dangerous. Vansh then packed the box and left.

Everyone gathered for the occasion. Riddhima recalled Vansh’s words. Vansh said have the food as much as you want, maybe it’s your last meal. Riddhima then looked at him. He said I have a small surprise for all of you. He said a small gift for you all, so that this day is always in your memories and showed the Santa toys.

Riddhima thinks Vihaan had same dolls while making the bomb, maybe he takes my life. Vansh said you are very special for me, eight dolls, eight dhamakas, game over, it’s a memorable day, a gift to blow your mind. She took the box and said everyone will get Vansh’s gift in the evening. She then cuts the soft toys and checked. She said I can’t let anything happen to my family and prayed.

Vihaan came and held her. He said you got worried, how will you handle the big bang and he left. Someone placed down sandals for Riddhima in the room. Riddhima tried to pull up the blouse back zip and Vansh came there. She said leave my hand, I will handle it. He said your attitude that you don’t need anyone’s help, it will trouble you, you should ask for help, learn to give up, learn to believe others, life will be less risky and saw that the zip was stucked. He freed the zip and closed it, just the way he did before.

She recalled Vansh. He said go, get ready soon, remember, surprise, Christmas party, big Dhamaka. She said you know what’s your problem, you are overconfident, I won’t let you succeed. He said time has its own tongue, it will say who has won and who has lost, time is saying that just 20 mins left for the party to begin and he left. Flashback showed someone cutting the heel and fitting a tiny bomb device inside the heel. She wore the sandals and left.

Riddhima said I don’t want to play this game. Dadi said it will be fun. Vansh said it’s a simple plan, the couple doesn’t have to let the balloon fall, if it falls, then you will lose, if you win, then it will prove your love is true and the best. Riddhima said fine. Vansh and Riddhima, Angre and Ishani play the game. Riddhima thinks where did Vihaan fit the bomb, this game would be part of his planning. Vansh asked what do you want, that balloon falls, you want to tell the family that you and Vansh’s relation was not good.

She thinks I don’t have much time, I have to find the bomb. She slipped and he held her. He said remove these sandals, else you will get a sprain. She said it’s fine. Angre and Ishani lost. Dadi said I knew it’s tough to make Riddhima and Vansh lose, you will win. Vansh then got a call. Riddhima thinks whose call did Vihaan get, I have to find out and she went after him. He said this work is important, it should be done. She thinks he means about the bomb, whom did he give this work.

A Santa came in. Kabir said I will gift the head of the family first and threw away Riddhima’s sandal. Vansh said this person wanted to kill Riddhima, I know you want to see the face of this man and everyone became shocked….Read more

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