Ridhima To Save Ragini From Kabir. Till Love Do Us Part 24 January 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 110


The Episode started with Vansh saying don’t worry, I will be back and he left. Riddhima cried and said what shall I do Bappa, how do I find Ragini, show me some way. Ragini called Vansh. Riddhima saw his phone. Ragini said it’s me Ragini. Riddhima said I am Riddhima, Vansh’s wife, tell me where are you, I will help you, who has kidnapped you. Ragini said Kabir. The temple bell rang and a train passed nearby. Riddhima asked what name did you say, tell me. Ragini said Kabir kidnapped me. Kabir suffocated her from behind and she fell down. He asked her to live her last few breath and Riddhima prayed. She thinks of the temple bell and train station. She said where are these two things together, Bandra lake factory and she left. Anupriya looked on and took Vansh’s phone.

Vansh looked for his phone. She said you left it in the temple and he thanked her. She said Riddhima got this phone first, she was talking to someone, she is going out a lot of times, I don’t like her secret talks and outings. Vansh said I trust her, she maybe talking to her friend, Riddhima loves me. She said you know it better, but I am a mum, mum’s worry is like an illusion, it never ends, get ready. She went and thinks very soon Riddhima’s trust in Vansh’s heart will shatter. Ragini said please let me go, Vansh won’t leave you.

Kabir said oh I am scared, you will die here, Vansh will go to jail for your murder blame. He called Mishra and gave him the phone and Ragini cried. Kabir said look at this, you are very smart, you will know who will kill you and he wore the mask. Mishra brought some box. Ragini said please let me go. Kabir showed the poison gas box and he released the gas. He showed its effect on the plant and thee plant got burnt. Ragini was scared and cried. Kabir laughed and said see how the plant got pale, you will also become like that and Ragini shouted for help.

Riddhima said if the kidnapper saw Ragini calling, then she will be in danger, I am coming Ragini. Kabir shouted someone save Ragini and he left. Ragini beats the doors. Riddhima said don’t know who is the kidnapper, I will call Kabir, if he is with me, we can save Ragini soon, there is no network, I have to do this soon. Kabir saw Ragini beating the window. He called Anupriya and said the plan is successful mom. Anupriya said congrats Kabir, finally Ragini’s chapter is closed, Riddhima’s efforts will fail, she will get double shock, now no one can know who is the murderer of Vansh’s mum, I didn’t let Vansh’s mum talk to him and Siya was shocked.

Anupriya said Riddhima went to find Ragini, I am sure she can never find Ragini and Siya left. Riddhima thinks this is the only factory in this area, Ragini should be around, I have to check somewhere else. Ragini hits on the window and Riddhima saw her. She said nothing will happen, don’t worry. She got a hammer there and hits on the glass. She got inside and said nothing will happen to you, take a deep breath, come, we will go out, be careful of the glass pieces, trust me. Ragini said I trust you. Riddhima thinks once I take Ragini to Vansh, my relation will be saved. Kabir thinks I will confirm if Ragini is dead or not. He was shocked seeing Riddhima.

Vansh said yes, I spoke to the telecom company, they are sending me the cctv footage. He saw missed calls and said is this related to Ragini. He called back. He called Angre and said track this number, it’s off right now, send me the location and he left. Siya asked where did Vansh go, the family had to go for shanti puja today itself, whom shall I tell, it’s like a bad dream, Anupriya has killed our mum, Riddhima was saying the truth, I had misbehaved with her, Vansh should know this. She called Vansh and said Anupriya killed our mom, she has confessed it, are you listening. Vansh asked what did you say, I can’t hear your voice, there is no network, I will call you back. Siya said listen to me once.

Anupriya said so you got to know the truth. Siya said you want to separate Vansh and Riddhima, thank God I didn’t make him hear Riddhima’s recording, you are the real cheat, I won’t let you succeed, you can’t stop me. Anupriya said I will stop you, I had promised that whoever knows this secret will not be alive. Siya was shocked seeing the knife and she stopped Anupriya. Vansh said I hope Siya is fine. He got the last location of the unknown number. He said Bandra lake factory, I hope I get Ragini there. Kabir thinks I can’t let Riddhima fail my plan.

Riddhima said we will go to the hospital. Kabir said you can’t win over me, you think from heart, I think from mind and he took a stick. Siya hits Anupriya. Anupriya got up and said you got legs after many years, run as much as you can, but you can’t go away from me. Siya cried and hid. Anupriya looked for her. Riddhima saw Kabir’s shadow and bent down. She picked a stick and fights with him, he hit her leg and she fell down,he threw the stick and went to Ragini. Riddhima hits his head and he fell down. Riddhima thinks he wants to kill Ragini, it means he had killed Vansh’s mum, I will know whose face is behind, Vansh was waiting to know this since 3 years. She went and held the mask.

Ragini said I know Vansh’s mum’s murderer. Riddhima asked who is it, tell me and Kabir shot Ragini. Vansh saw Siya and asked who did this. Anupriya said Riddhima… He heard the recording while Kabir came to arrest him and said this is your arrest warrant, check and mate…..Read more

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