Ridhima Performs Magic For Chanchal. Till Love Do Us Part 24 June 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 309


The Episode started with Vansh seeing Riddhima and saying wow. She asked how do I look. He said changed. She asked and… while kissing his hand. He said your perfume looks familiar. She said your nose is very sharp, shut up. She pushed him on the bed and said I will show you the splendour which you see in other women and she moved close. He sneezed and moved away. She asked what happened. He said relax. She said sorry, I feel you may get bored of me, I want to love you in a new way always and he kissed her hand. He said I just want your love, one who changes appearance to love isn’t called love, but cheat. She said yes, love shouldn’t be a deal. He asked from where did you learn these filmi lines.

He said I will tell you something, you are enough for my love, the way you are, you have the spark. She said yes, I tried this for no use, you are right, I am fine as desi dal chawal, I should not become biryani. He asked when did I say this. She said no, I felt so, you said I should be the same and he hugged her. He said when dal chawal is so good and lovely, then why would I eat biryani. She asked really. He said yes. She kissed him and they smiled.

Riddhima saw Dadi coming. Dadi greeted Roy and they had a talk. She said my grandma was very good but she died when she was young. Dadi asked how could she be young when she was your grandma. Riddhima said she was young at heart and Dadi asked how did she die. Riddhima said it’s a tragedy, you can’t hear it. Dadi said I am not scared, tell me, I qm Vansh’s Dadi. Riddhima said my Dadi was beautiful, but she was bitter-tongued, she used to pick the rifle and shoot on little things, you don’t do this, right. Dadi said no. Riddhima said it was a stormy night, she was sleeping in her room, I loaded her rifle, and I went to her.

I understood I won’t get a good chance, who can hear the bullet sound in the cyclone sound, I shot her in the mouth. Dadi asked did you murder her. Riddhima said I sent her to hell, you aren’t troubled, right. Dadi said no. Riddhima said good, else Vansh will shoot you anytime, sit. Dadi said I have to do puja. Riddhima said I have to tell you how I killed my Bua.

Dadi asked what, killed Bua also. Riddhima said don’t mind. Dadi said I will go to my room. Riddhima said I think everyone should die after 60 years of age, what’s your age. Dadi said 50. Riddhima said don’t lie, anyways, you don’t nag, when you make a program to die, call me, I will give you a clean death. Dadi said I don’t nag and she left. Riddhima sat back and said Dadi has a weak heart, where is Vansh.

Angre asked Vansh to end Roy’s story. Vansh said Riddhima has become Roy, it’s making our life colourful, I am not in a hurry. Riddhima came and heard them. Vansh said let me enjoy a bit, the game will go on until she wants and Angre smiled. Riddhima said it means…. see what I do with you now and she went to Siya. She said he knew it’s me. Siya said you can tell Vansh that you were Roy, he said he knew it, you will laugh and hug. Riddhima asked what, shall I go and say that I am Roy. Siya said Vansh is smart, he will understand it. Riddhima said you gave me this idea and you have changed side now. Angre and Ishani came to Roy’s room and checked and they saw the bag. Angre said it’s some girl’s clothes.

Ishani said maybe his wife’s clothes. He said use your brain, Ishani, something…. Angre turned seeing Riddhima and she asked him to come. She asked how many girls are there as hotel staff, shift them to the other hotel, I don’t want any girl in front of Vansh and Siya signalled him. Riddhima said female staff minimum age should be 45 years, none should be more beautiful than me, he called me dal chawal, he said the hotel girls are more beautiful than me, I will teach him a lesson.

Angre nodded. Riddhima said I will wipe out the competition, then he will just see me, get the guest lists, tell the girls that it’s not allowed to leave from their room, if they argue, then ask them to go to the other hotel, if any pretty girl comes to stay, then make an excuse that there is no room available. Angre asked who told you that Vansh knows it. She said don’t act, you and Vansh know who is Roy, I was hearing everything, if you go and tell your boss that I know that he knows that I am Roy, then see, you won’t say. Angre said but… and Vansh called him. Aryan saw a bottle and said makeup glue, it means Roy isn’t Roy.

Ishani asked how can you be so smart, we know Roy isn’t Roy. He said Roy isn’t a man, he is a woman, we are being fooled, it’s fine, I will give a proof to Vansh, that Roy is doing a big drama, I will show pics to Vansh, Roy can’t get saved. Ishani said I have seen these clothes somewhere. He asked what, don’t tell me you know the brand, this proof is enough, Vansh will be impressed, he will believe that Aryan doesn’t cheat. Angre said Vansh is calling me. Riddhima asked him to come along. She asked Angre not to tell anything to Vansh.

Riddhima talked to Vansh. Vansh asked Roy to come for lunch. Angre said Roy is waiting for you. Vansh went to Riddhima. She removed the disguise and he kissed her…Read more

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