Ridhima Is Pregnant- Signs Shows. Till Love Do Us Part 24 March 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 185


The Episode started with Riddhima and Dadi asking Vansh what happened to him. Vansh said if Kabir didn’t save me today, then I would have not been alive. Kabir recalled saving Vansh and taking him out. Angre and Aryan took Vansh to the room. Vansh asked Riddhima to give first aid box to Kabir, he is also hurt and he went upstairs. Siya thanked Kabir for saving Vansh.

Dadi said yes, thanks a lot, you have saved the family from shattering, you had to save your brother, bless you. Riddhima looked at Kabir. Kabir said you have saved Vansh, why. Kabir said Riddhima, whatever I say, you won’t believe me, I am also a human, I also have emotions, I care a damn, honestly. Riddhima thanked him and said Kabir, whatever happened between us, I won’t forget that you saved Vansh today, you returned my life to me.

Kabir thinks I have to get you back and smiled looking at her. She went to Vansh and saw the bleeding from his leg. She said you didn’t tell me that you got shot. Vansh said I will remove the bullet myself. She said wait, I will call the the doctor. She called the hospital but Vansh took the phone. He said I can’t call the doctor, he will come and ask me many things, I don’t have answers. She said it’s tough, how will I remove the bullet.

He gave her the scissors. She said no, I can’t do this, listen, it’s a doctor’s work, are you mad, I can’t do this and he held her close. Vansh said I have promised you, I will never leave you alone, I am with you, just do it, just you can remove this bullet, if you do this, I will just see your face, if you look tensed, then I will feel the pain, just do it and she cried and tried to get the bullet out. She said sorry. He said relax. He bore the pain while She removed the bullet and bandaged his wound.

She asked if you have any other wound, I will do the bandage. He signed towards his chest. She said there is no wound. He said my heart is hurt, I can’t see your tears, he wiped her tears and went close to her. Kabir looked at Riddhima and said you will apply aid to my wounds like this, I will take a step towards you, I had to save my enemy for your sake and he held the cutout.

He looked at the locker, opened it and got the diamond. He recalled seeing the diamonds in the guitar and taking it. He said I had put Vansh towards death and saved him, I ruined Vansh’s reputation in Chang’s deal, I have won family and your trust, I have become hero from zero, not bad, I had to save my biggest enemy’s life to please you, he thinks I am his protector, he will lose to me, my love will win, real Riddhima will be in my arms soon.

Someone came to Ishani’s room with a knife in hand, she turned and became shocked. It was Angre. He showed the cake and said happy birthday Ishani, I promised to take care of your every joy, I know you weren’t happy with our marriage. She said I am very happy. She cuts the cake and fed him. He said then you have to eat two pieces, for yourself and our baby and he also fed her some of the cake. He asked what were you doing. She said Vansh wears my chosen clothes on my every birthday, he will like my choice.

Vansh woke up and saw Riddhima sleeping and he went out. He said Riddhima is sleeping in peace, she looked lovely, when I was in the warehouse, stuck in the fire, I felt the opposite, I didn’t expect this, I felt scared for Riddhima, if anything happened to me, then she will die, I have faced death before, I had a passion to win, seeing her fear, I felt that a person’s every happiness is dependent on me, I got to know how much she loves me.

Siya came and said this is not called fear, but care, you love Riddhima a lot, you were in trouble, Riddhima sensed it, she wanted to meet you, she loves you a lot, you should leave this risky business, you are two now, when you become three, this fear will get high. Vansh said no ways. Riddhima woke up and felt nausea.

Vansh said this can’t happen, I can’t let it happen. Riddhima said where did Vansh go and ran to washroom. Vansh said Riddhima is my strength, my weakness too, I can’t have another weakness, my child will not play in VR mansion, I can’t raise him in fear, I can’t let this happen, there is no place for my child in my world.

Kabir planned to give a dress to Riddhima to wear in a function. She entered with Vansh. Kabir smiled saying unintentionally, but Riddhima still accepted his gift….Read more

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