Vansh & Angre To Save Ridhima’s Life. Till Love Do Us Part 24 May 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 267


The Episode started with Vansh saying she wore this dress when she came to the sauna to save me. Ishani saw Aryan with a gun and he asked you… I thought Vansh has come. She said you think he will come to apologize, control your anger, the reason is Riddhima. Aryan said whatever the reason, he slapped me. She said I can see an opportunity, did you kidnap Riddhima. He said you believe I am so stupid, why would I invite Vansh to save her, you are also capable of that. She said no, if I kidnapped her, I would have sent her dead body, if we delay Vansh in going, then it may happen what we think, go and take a bath, cool your mind, I will do something, Riddhima shouldn’t come to this house.

Riddhima was held captive and she recalled Vansh. Ishani went to puncture Vansh’s car tyre and Dadi stopped her. Ishani said I want to stop Vansh from going, you also want the same, right, think, we can get rid of Riddhima, let me do this. Dadi said stop this kiddish things, he will not stop, he will go at any cost, let him go, just pray that he doesn’t reach there on time. Angre came there and saw a ring there. Vansh said don’t worry Riddhima, I will save you, I am coming and Angre called him. Vansh said I have to tell you something important. Angre said I got something in the parking and Vansh went to him and Angre showed him the ring. Vansh said it’s Riddhima’s ring, I got this necklace and her dress cloth and he asked what’s these tyre marks. Angre said I asked for the cctv footage. Vansh asked the security to show it and they saw a car leaving. Vansh said this car came at the same time, they kidnapped Riddhima, I want to know where this car is. Angre said I am already on it and he got a call. He said we got the car’s location and they left in the car. Dadi said shall I call Vyom or not, what shall I do. Vyom then answered the call. He asked do you do puja in the morning, your sins won’t get washed. She asked did you kidnap Riddhima and threaten on killing her, I don’t care about it, but Vansh is coming there to find her, make sure that my secret shouldn’t come out.

Aryan was in the corridor. Vyom said thanks, tell me what to do with Vansh and Dadi scolded him and Vyom joked at her. Aryan came and said Dadi…. and Dadi disconnected the call. Aryan asked what happened. She asked did you get any news. He asked whom were you talking to. She said I was trying to find out from Vansh. He asked is everything fine, come out. Vyom said who is this mystery kidnapper, we should shake hands soon. Riddhima said Vansh will not leave you. Sara came and said I told you before, my name is Sara, you killed Gayatri before, you will get saved if Vansh comes, lets see if he comes or not. Angre saw the car and said it means we have come to the right place. Vansh asked the time. Angre said it’s 7, don’t worry, we will save Riddhima, like she stayed strong when Vyom gave you poison, we have less time, it’s a dangerous task. Vyom came behind Vansh and hits on his back and Angre fought with him. Vyom hits Angre and he fell down. Vansh caught Vyom and they fought. Vansh punched Vyom’s face and he fell away.

Vansh asked Angre to get up, is he okay. Angre said yes and they saw Vyom gone. Vansh said listen to me, if Vyom is here, it means Riddhima is also here. Angre said you save Riddhima, I will handle Vyom. Vansh said we don’t have time, you go that side, I will see here. Vyom came behind Vansh once again with a stick, he tried to strike him and Vansh bent down and they began to fight again. Vansh took the stick, Vyom took sand and threw it into Vansh’s eyes and he laughed. Vansh said last time, I had left you, this time, I won’t spare you. Vyom asked him to come on and hit him. He said I know your senses are strong, hit me, come on and he run away. Vansh then shouted Riddhima and Riddhima also shouted Vansh. Sara said Vansh is punctual, he has come, you have half an hour, you will hear Vansh’s scream, then get the sound. Riddhima asked her to spare Vansh. Sara aimed the arrow at Vansh and he came there. Angre came there and caught Sara and Vansh left. Angre was removing her mask but she bit his hand and injected him. He hit on her head and he fell down. Sara also fainted there. Riddhima called out Vansh while he tried to reach her.

Vansh went to Riddhima and she asked him to save her. Vyom said Vansh got trapped. He said be careful, if your foot gets moved, then a bomb will blow any minute…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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