Till Love Do Us Part 24 May 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 268


The Episode started with Vansh asking Riddhima if she can hear him, just call out. Riddhima asked are you fine, I am here Vansh and she shouted out. He asked her to just call him out and he blindfolded himself. She said I am here, please save me. Sara became conscious and she saw Angre lying there. She run away and Angre also became conscious and he left. Vansh came to Riddhima’s chamber. Vyom said I should thank Dadi, what a lovely lady, she gave the tip on time. Vansh asked are you here. Riddhima said I am here. Vyom said he got trapped in my trap. Vansh said I will save you. She said I knew you will come to save me. They recalled their moments and he stepped on something. Riddhima asked what’s this sound. Vyom came and layed down there. He said hi Vansh, welcome back, be careful, once you move your foot, bomb will blast. He laughed and left.

Vansh shouted I will kill you. Riddhima asked what did Vyom say. Vansh said I placed my foot on the mine, you also don’t move, mines can blast. She asked him to leave. He said mines will blast if I move, we will live and die together, you love me. She said a lot. He asked you trust me. She said more than myself. He said trust me, I will make everything fine, I love you. She said I love you too. He said let me concentrate. Vyom said blast will happen any moment. He heard the sound and laughed. He said I will share this good news with Dadi while Dadi also worried for Vansh. Ishani said if anything happens to Angre, I won’t leave Vansh. Dadi said we will go and find out. Ishani asked do you know where they are. Dadi said yes, I mean we will ask the staff. Ishani asked Sara from where is she coming at this time. Sara said I was romancing a hot guy at night, don’t tell this to Aryan, his heart will break. Ishani asked do you know where Riddhima is, we are worried for her. Sara asked did she go out with someone.

Vyom called Dadi and said Riddhima died in a mine blast, you won’t care for it, Vansh is also dead in the blast, he is gone. Dadi asked what. Ishani asked what happened. Dadi said blast, my Vansh…. Ishani asked what. Sara thinks someone completed my work. Ishani said Angre was also there with Vansh, say something. Vyom checked the place and laughed. He said the blast didn’t happen. He became angry and said Vansh got saved again. He heard Vansh’s recording. Vansh said you failed twice, what will you do now, you got trapped in your own circle, you want to know how I left from here. Vansh took a heavy vase stand and said I will save you, myself and our baby. He placed the stand on his place and moved away. Riddhima asked are you fine. He said yes, don’t move, mines can blast and he removed his blindfold. He asked her not to move, there is a mine under her foot and he took another stand. He said nothing will happen to you, I love you. She said I love you too. He placed the stand and lifted her foot and freed her. She asked what happened to you, are you fine. He hugged her and said I told you, I won’t let anything happen to you and the baby. She said you were with me and he played the blast sound.

Riddhima hugged him and Vansh left. Vansh said when you threw the sand, I blindfolded myself and came here, I knew you wanted to bring me to this room. Vyom said I will play such a game that the king and the move will be mine. Ishani asked where are you Angre, I got to know about the bomb blast, Dadi is crying a lot. Angre said I am fine, there were land mines everywhere, we are looking for the kidnappers, we are fine, tell Dadi that we are coming. Vansh got Riddhima to the hotel. She said I am fine, put me down, I feel I am heavy. He kissed her and asked what do you feel now. She said I can’t live without you, I love you a lot, I am because of you, I am in you. He said when you need me, I am never there. She said you think so, I think that as long as you are with me, nothing will happen to me. He kissed her and said I missed you. She said I missed you more. She said if anything happened today, I would have not forgiven myself, I would have gone mad. She said I am fine, you saved me, I trust you, you can’t let anything happen to me, throw out your anger from that window. He threw his anger and asked what now. She said nothing, look into my eyes and he looked at her.

Vansh and Riddhima danced and she fainted. Vansh asked the secret. She said Sara, I wanted to save you. Ishani called Vansh and said Dadi is fallen sick, come fast. Vansh said I will come. Angre said she said everything. He showed a video to Vansh and Vansh became shocked…Read more

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