Anupriya Get Exposed After Trying To Kill Ridhima. Till Love Do Us Part 25 February 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 147


The Episode started with Vansh saying I want to try to lessen the pain of the poor mothers, I had financial crisis these year and couldn’t help them, tell them that I will arrange funds and help them. She recalled Vihaan’s words and thinks so he took the money from me for those poor mothers. Vihaan said who can understand meaning of mother better than me, those mothers are my responsibility, not a burden, every mum deserves respect and he left.

Riddhima said I thought wrong about Vihaan, same face maybe coincidence, but even their habits are same, what’s this coincidence, why do I feel that he is not Vihaan, but Vansh and everyone danced. Riddhima then came to Vansh and they also danced. She thinks can this question be true, can he be Vansh.

The lights went off and someone took a remote. Chanchal asked Aryan to check the lights and Aryan went to check. Lights then came back on. Riddhima thinks where did Vihaan go, Bappa protect my family, please help me, Vihaan has become a puzzle for me. Kabir came as Santa. He said I got gifts for everyone, we will start with head of the family.

Riddhima thinks of Vihaan’s words and thinks maybe that bomb is in Dadi’s gift, how to save Dadi. Kabir thinks Riddhima, your game is over now. He recalled putting the bomb in her sandals. Vansh also came as Santa. He stopped Riddhima and threw away the sandal.

The bomb then blasted and everyone became shocked. Riddhima thinks who can put the bomb in my sandal, two Santas, who is the other Santa who saved me. Dadi asked are you fine, what was there in your sandal. Vansh removed the cap and said bomb…. Dadi asked bomb? Riddhima thinks why did Vihaan save me. Vihaan removed the Santa costume. Riddhima didn’t see the bullet mark on his back. She thinks is he Vansh. He then wore his coat.

Ishani asked bomb in Riddhima’s shoe, who can try to kill Riddhima. Vansh said I know who can do what, nothing gets saved from Vansh’s eyes, I got info that someone from our family got material to make a bomb, I hacked all the phones and found out who has done this. He said I got this sandal heal part in the storeroom, its of Riddhima’s sandal, I understood that bomb would be in Riddhima’s sandal and he stopped Kabir.

He said this is the person who has this bomb remote, he wants to kill Riddhima, I know you all want to see his face. He removed the cap and showed Anupriya. She recalled telling Kabir that one of their story will end, no one will notice her, just go away and she sent him away. She thinks I will do emotional drama and apologize, but Kabir won’t be forgiven. She said yes, I did this, Riddhima insulted my son, I can do anything for my son. Vansh said your mother’s heart has crossed many limits, we will reveal it all today, just this isn’t your crime, what other crimes did you do for Kabir, we will never forgive you for this.

He said you couldn’t kill Riddhima, but you won in killing someone, who was it, you call yourself a mum, do you know the meaning, how can a mum kill another mum. Kabir and everyone became shocked. Anupriya asked what nonsense. Dadi asked Vansh to speak it clearly. Vansh said truth is bitter, the biggest truth will come out, she had killed my mum and everyone became shocked. Riddhima thinks just I knew it, how does Vihaan know it, he is Vansh.

Kabir thinks he is Vansh. Vansh said answer me, you murdered my mum. Anupriya said I can never do this. Kabir said this can’t happen Vansh, my mum can’t do this and Vansh pointed a gun at him. He said the woman who can try to kill Riddhima, she can kill my mum also, I just want to know the truth, if I don’t get the truth, then another dead body will fall down here, Kabir will be dead. Anupriya shouted no Vansh, yes I had killed your mum. Vansh and everyone became shocked.

Anupriya said I can take 100 lives for my son. Dadi became shocked and slapped her. She said your new face is terrible, Vansh call the police, she should be in the jail and Vansh looked at Kabir. Kabir said mom, you broke my heart today, I never thought that my own mom will be a culprit, I am a policeman and I have to arrest you and he arrested Anupriya. Riddhima thinks Vansh was dying for this justice, he got the justice now, the culprit will be punished now.

Anupriya then looked at Riddhima. She thinks my game went wrong, what do I do now. Dadi became dizzy and everyone held her. Anupriya thinks I can’t let this happen. She took the gun from Kabir’s coat and shot Vansh. Riddhima saw it and shouted Vansh. She then came in front and got shot on her arm. Vansh shouted Riddhima. He asked what did you do Riddhima. She said Vansh…. He held her in arms and said yes Riddhima, I am Vansh, your Vansh.

Vansh took Riddhima to the hospital. He asked her to open eyes. She was then taken inside the OT and he cried looking at her….Read more

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