Ridhima Dies Taking Bullet For Vansh. Till Love Do Us Part 25 February 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 148


The Episode started with Riddhima saying thanks for saving the family, my prayer is fulfilled, I am just for Vansh. He said you have come between death and Vansh once again, don’t say anything, yes Riddhima, I am your Vansh and she closed her eyes. He took her to the hospital and asked her to open eyes. Anupriya sat in the police jeep with Kabir while Dadi scolds her. She prayed for Riddhima. Vansh watched Riddhima getting treated. He said oh no, my Riddhima can’t leave me and recalled Dadi’s words.

Vansh run to the hospital temple and prayed. He saved the flickering diya. He said I didn’t pray for myself, but I am asking for Riddhima’s life today, return my Riddhima to me, I know Riddhima loves you a lot, but maybe she loves me more than you, I have first right on her, you can’t call her to you, you have to return her to me. He held the diya in his hand and bore the pain. Doctor then said she is no more and there Riddhima became conscious.

Nurse said she is alive. Doctor said it’s a miracle, how is this possible. Vansh came and hugged Riddhima. He said Riddhima, thank God you are fine. Doctor said she got a new life. Vansh asked how can you leave me alone, I can’t let you die, there is much between us which isn’t complete, I can’t let you go away.

Vansh then applied his blood as sindoor to her. She said Vansh and he asked her to rest. Doctor said she will recover if she rests, you also take some rest. Kabir whipped himself in anger and recalled Anupriya’s arrest. He said I will not leave you Vansh and Riddhima. It’s morning, Riddhima woke up and saw Vansh sleeping on the sofa. A Nurse greeted her and said you are lucky that your husband loves you a lot, that’s why you are able to breathe, take care.

Riddhima then smiled looking at him and her tear fell on his face. He woke up and asked what happened, why did you get up from the bed. Riddhima cried and hugged him. She said I knew death can’t touch me when you are with me, even then I would accept death in your arms. He asked her to come. He said I want to live with you.

She asked why did you come as Vihaan, this would have not happened if you came as Vansh. He said when there are many enemies, then sometimes we have to change our identity, we got rid of one enemy now. She said I have to make a confession, I want to say why I got you home as Vansh’s lookalike. He said you don’t need to clarify, I know you did this for family safety and she nodded. He said I like your new name, dollar biwi. She said I don’t like that name, I just like to hear Riddhima from you, your Riddhima.

He made her wear mangalsutra. He said you are just my Riddhima, I am just your Vansh. He went to talk to the doctor. He said I will ask when you will get discharged, I have to inform the family that you are fine. She said I hope Dadi is fine. He said Dadi will be fine if you are fine and he left. Angre said Dadi, Riddhima became conscious, she will be fine soon.

Dadi then thanked Bappa. Ishani asked her to take her medicines. Dadi said I was afraid, but I had faith that Vansh and Riddhima’s love is true, they are still together. Angre said she will soon get discharged. Kabir looked on and said come soon, I will make special preparations to welcome you.

Vansh took Riddhima in the car and they left the hospital. Someone had damaged the oil tank. Riddhima said I understood how you played Vihaan, how did you know Anupriya’s truth. He said you are forgetting my name, there is no secret made that can be hidden from me for long. Flashback showed Vansh seeing Anupriya injecting some drug in the saline.

Anupriya said Siya, you want to tell the secret to everyone that I killed your mum, right, just wait for some miracle and he became shocked. Vansh said Anupriya… I don’t like to call her mom, I decided to expose her truth, she did this for Kabir, I got her handcuffed by Kabir’s hands. Riddhima thinks I am going to start a new life, but I have to tell him every truth regarding my past.

Riddhima said Vansh, I want to say that Kabir sent me to spy on you, sorry, if my love won and you have forgiven me, then present this rose to me. She thinks Vansh doesn’t have a rose in his hand, it means he didn’t forgive me…Read more

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