Chang Attempts Vansh’s Life. Till Love Do Us Part 25 March 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 186


The Episode started with Riddhima saying why do I feel weak, I wasn’t vomiting at first and Vansh came. She asked why are you lost, why did you go out. Vansh said nothing. She said you are hurt and you are roaming outside, you need rest, come. She asked shall I give you water. He said what’s the need to worry when I have a good doctor. She asked him to sleep. She asked what’s bothering you, you can share it with me. He said nothing. She said fine, you don’t like when you are worried, can I make this problem away. He said you are my personal cardiologist, you have all the right on me. She said I will give you a good head massage. He recalled Siya’s words and slept.

It’s morning, Dadi did Ishani’s aarti an blessed her and everyone wished her happy birthday. Vansh gifted her a necklace. Ishani said wow, diamond necklace, it’s so beautiful, I am speechless, thanks. Kabir then looked at Riddhima. Vansh said we should have a party. Siya said we should have a family portrait also. He said Siya, is this something to ask. Ishani said the theme will be white and Vansh agreed.

Kabir got a dress for Riddhima and said isn’t it beautiful, it will suit you. He made the cutout wear the dress. He said wow, you look so beautiful, don’t know what will happen when I see you at the party and kissed the gown. He said my love will hug you today, you will wear this dress in the photoshoot, I love you too and he packed the dress.

Ishani got party clothes for Vansh and thinks maybe he is having a shower, he will identify this when he sees it and she left. Riddhima came and threw the towel on Ishani’s gift and Kabir hid. Riddhima saw the dress and hugged it. She said I fall in love with you by your gestures, you want me to wear this dress tonight, fine. Kabir thinks not bad, I will be close to you then you will be in my arms. She said I also have a gift for you, Vansh and he left. She placed a box down for Vansh. She said you will wear this in the function tonight.

Angre asked what happened. Vansh said Chang won’t sit quiet, enemy gets dangerous when he is silent, we have to increase the security. A man spyed on them. Vansh said Chang thinks I cheated him, he can target any family member, I feel he will attack soon and the man aimed at Vansh. Angre said don’t worry, I will see and Vansh left. Riddhima felt nausea again. Siya asked are you okay. Riddhima said I feel like vomiting.

Siya asked is there any good news, I will get tamarind and raw mangoes. Riddhima said there is nothing like that, stop thinking so and Dadi called Siya. Siya asked Riddhima to get ready and come. She said I will give you Ajwain and hot water and Riddhima left. Vansh came and said Ishani doesn’t forget this tradition, she designs clothes for me, not bad, baby pink and he began to change. Riddhima came and hugged him.

She said you should take help sometimes and she removed his shirt. He said you look more beautiful and Riddhima also praised him. She said my husband is the world’s handsome person and they had a moment. Everyone came to the party. Dadi asked Siya where is Vansh. Siya said he is coming. Riddhima and Vansh came. Ishani became shocked seeing Vansh. Kabir thinks you accepted my gift unknowingly, you look very beautiful. Ishani thinks Vansh didn’t wear my selected clothes today and Riddhima passed by Kabir.

Vansh wished Ishani and said I will always wish you stay happy, your smile is very important for me and Riddhima also wished Ishani. Ishani asked about Vansh’s clothes. Riddhima said I have gifted this suit, it looks good, right and she left. Aryan said Ishani, Vansh always wears your designed clothes, what happened today. Ishani said clothes don’t matter, love matters.

Aryan said exactly, Vansh changed after marriage, else how would that tradition break, Vansh showed who is more important in his life, we must know that Riddhima will be his priority. She said he can’t change, he loves me, Riddhima can’t be his priority. He said all is well saying doesn’t make it fine, whom would Vansh save between you and Riddhima.

She said of course, he would save me. He said you are too sweet. She asked whom would he save. Kabir said you have another brother, I won’t let anything happen to you, like I didn’t let anything happen to Vansh. Siya asked Ishani to cut the cake and a sniper used poison. Vansh made Ishani wear the tiara and said now my princess looks perfect. Kabir tried to touch Riddhima and Vansh called her. Ishani made a wish and cuts the cake. The sniper aimed at Vansh.

Everyone danced at the party. The sniper took a shot at Vansh, Riddhima and Vansh pulled Riddhima down. The poisonous arrow hits Ishani in her shoulder and Vansh screamed Ishani…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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