Ridhima Learns She Is Pregnant. Ishani Lost Her Baby. Till Love Do Us Part 25 March 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 187


The Episode started with Vansh and Riddhima wishing happy birthday to Isha as she cuts the cake. They danced with Ishani and others while Kabir looked at them. A shooter aimsed a gun at Vansh and Riddhima, but the latter were busy dancing with everyone. Vansh hugged Riddhima while dancing. He wished Ishani happy birthday again. Ishani said lets all pose for the family portrait together. Vansh said lets do that and someone called the Shooter. Shooter said although he is taking time, but will complete the work and return.

Ishani asked Kabir to come and pose for the family portrait, said you have saved Vansh and the portrait is incomplete without you. Kabir came and stood beside Vansh. The photographer was about to click the pic and the shooter shot poisonous dart on them, but Vansh saw it at the right time and pulled Riddhima.

The dart pierced into Ishani’s hand. Kabir asked Vansh to be with Riddhima and told that he will check the shooter. Vansh asked him not to leave him. Kabir run behind the shooter. Vansh became worried for Ishani as she was pregnant. Kabir chased the shooter and asked how did you think of killing Riddhima, I can’t leave without her and loves her. He said if she had died then I would have died with her too. He beats the shooter badly and brought the stone to hit him, but just then Aryan came there and stopped him from killing the shooter.

Kabir said ok and asked him to go to Ishani. Riddhima said that the Doctor is coming. Vansh asked Ishani to be in her consciousness and told her that he will not let anything happen to her and her baby. The Doctor came there. Vansh said that nothing shall happen to Ishani and the baby. Doctor said let me check. He said we have to do surgery as the condition is critical.

Everyone went out of the room. Vansh fired the gun in his hand. Riddhima came there and said it is not your mistake, why are you punishing yourself. He said someone cheated me and when the enemy attacked me, the dart hit my sister, who is pregnant, I couldn’t protect her. He said Chang’s enmity is with you and told that he will not leave him. Riddhima asked him to calm down and told that Ishani is in danger and asked why are you saying this.

Vansh said my family is in danger, I will search Chang and will send him where he wants to send my family. He held her hand tightly, then realizes and said sorry. Riddhima asked him to handle himself and said right now Ishani is our priority, when she gains consciousness, then she will ask about you, Doctors are treating her, nothing will happen to them. Aryan came there and told that Doctor came out of Ishani’s room.

Doctor said we have to do a surgery, she is in a critical state. Another doctor said we can’t shift her to the hospital, Mr. Vansh, your sister’s survival chances are less. Kabir caught his collar and said I don’t know what I will do if anything happens to Ishani and her baby, she is our life, our sister, you will die badly if anything happens to her and Aryan stopped Kabir. Vansh said sorry from his side, please save Ishani, please.

Siya and Riddhima cried. Chanchal said Ishani had much blood loss, it’s a dangerous sign. Riddhima said we don’t have to lose courage, Bappa and Mata Rani will help us even this time and she went to pray. She became dizzy. Kabir held her and starred at her. He asked her to look at her state. Riddhima said I am fine, I have come to pray for Ishani.

She felt nausea again. Kabir kissed his hand which held her. She said I can’t tell Vansh about my health, else he will worry. She prayed for Ishani and her baby and cried. The diya then blew off, Dadi shouted no and Riddhima worried. Doctor said we tried our best, really sorry, we couldn’t save mum and the baby, we could just save Ishani. Doctor said we are glad that we could save Ishani, just either of them could have been alive. Vansh recalled his words to Ishani. Doctor asked him to be strong, meet Ishani in some time. Vansh thinks I have no courage to face Ishani. Riddhima said I can understand your pain, Ishani needs you right now, you have handled her always.

Angre sat aside in shock. Vansh went to Ishani and recalled his words. Ishani looked at him and asked did anything wrong happen, why do you have tears in your eyes, is my baby safe and Vansh worried. Riddhima heard a doctor talking on a call and saying patient’s symptoms are of pregnancy. Riddhima thinks my symptoms are same, it means I am pregnant. Ishani asked Vansh to answer her, is her baby fine. Vansh cried and said Ishani I am sorry, I couldn’t keep my promise and save your baby. She shouted no Bhai… and hugged him.

Riddhima told Ishani that she knows it’s very difficult time and Ishani screamed at her saying she can’t understand her pain, she doesn’t know pain of losing a baby. Kabir gave a parcel to Riddhima. He thinks one side Ishani is very sad for losing her baby and other side, Riddhima has a doubt that she’s pregnant. Riddhima did a test and she was pregnant. Kabir thinks that he knows Riddhima wouldn’t want to give that news to Vansh right now…Read more

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