Till Love Do Us Part 25 May 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 269


The Episode started with Vansh looking at Riddhima and holding her face. He went close to kiss her but she stopped him. She said tell me something, what did Angre tell you, Vyom tried to frame the entire family, you saved them. He said I didn’t do anything wrong, I saved them, I think I deserve a reward. She asked what do you want for a reward. He said just some… and he went close to her. She asked him to go and have a bath first. He said it’s our quality time. She said have a bath first, after that… He said you also come with me to have a bath, come on. She said you like to tease me. He said I am talking about sanitization, I will keep the door open, just in case, you change your mind, I missed you. She said I missed you more. He went and she smiled.

Vansh was taking his bath and recalled Vyom’s words. He thinks whatever happened today shouldn’t happen again, why is this happening, maybe it’s hidden in the 6 hours secret. She thinks to tell the secret to Vansh. He came and asked what are you thinking. She said something. He said your focus is somewhere else, I want all your attention, our date is pending, you surprised me last time. She asked lunch. He said get ready, she nodded and he hugged her. She thinks I will tell you the truth today. He thinks sorry, I have to use the third last dose on you to know the secret. Vansh and Angre played badminton. Vansh said I am thinking to plan a date with Riddhima. Angre said I will make the arrangements. Vansh said this date will decide our fate, I am thinking to give her the last dose, it’s important to know the secret, I love her, don’t know what will happen when this secret gets revealed. Aryan heard them and said Vansh is going to learn some secret from Riddhima, maybe I should get that secret to control Vansh. He went to Dadi and sat to talk. He asked how are you feeling. She said good, come to the point, what’s the matter. He said I had many expenses this month, I need your help. She gave her card and said limit is set in it, I will know if you exceed. He said I stay in the limits set by you, Vansh has crossed limits, I heard that Vansh is planning a romantic date with Riddhima, he will drug her and get info from her. She said keep an eye on them, I want the full report. Aryan said as you say.

Riddhima came to see Vansh. She saw the petals on the floor and called out Vansh. She said I have to tell you something. Vansh came and he made her wear the diamond necklace.
And they danced romantically. She then fainted in his arms. He thinks sorry my love, I need to know that secret for your safety. He lifted her up and took her. Ishani said Dadi, I told you, Aryan would not call, you could have told me. Dadi said he was serious, he would have gone to do my work and Aryan looked on. Riddhima opened her eyes. Vansh said Riddhima, what’s the 6 hour secret. Riddhima said Sara. Vansh said I know, what happened after you met her. Aryan called Dadi and said Vansh and Riddhima are in front of me, if we want to know it, then you have to do something, Vansh has to leave from here.

Dadi said Ishani, Vansh is with Ishani, how will Aryan hear what she is saying. Ishani said what to do that Vansh comes here, Dadi, I will call him and say that I am ill, he will come here. Dadi asked will he come for you, will he not send Angre, tell him that I am sick. Ishani asked her what happened, sit. Dadi said tell him I am sick, then he will come running. Vansh asked Riddhima to say what happened in the jungle. She said I had to save you from Sara, I spoke to her, then… She recalled arguing with Sara. Sara said Vansh will die, he has too many enemies, this fight will go on until he dies. Riddhima said you can’t do this, I won’t let Vansh stay in this business. Sara said you are innocent, nothing will happen if you try, Vyom will kill Vansh, don’t you know him, Vyom wanted to become mafia don, he wants the same place as Vansh, I know everything about my target. Riddhima said I will talk to Chang. Sara said you think he will listen to you, go. Riddhima said but he will listen to you, a murderer. She said then I thought to save you. Vansh got a call from Ishani. Ishani said Dadi is falling sick, don’t know why, she is having a chest pain, come fast. Vansh asked what, I am coming. He asked Riddhima to take care of herself, he will be back. Aryan smiled and went to Riddhima.

He said you love Vansh a lot, he went to Dadi, but you can tell me what you were going to tell him, I am also family. She said you will save Vansh. He said yes, from whom, tell me, you can trust me. Angre came and asked what the hell are you doing here, leave right now, else it won’t be good and Aryan left. Riddhima said I met Sara in the jungle and Angre recorded her statement. Ishani said Vansh went, call Aryan and ask what did Riddhima say. Dadi called Aryan and asked what happened. Dadi said Angre made Aryan away. Ishani said why does Vansh always keep Angre along, what’s this work. Dadi said you don’t get into this. Ishani asked what will we tell the doctor. Dadi said I will handle, how to know what Vansh wanted Riddhima to say. Ishani said what did Riddhima say and how much did Vansh hear. Dadi said no, how much Angre had heard is the problem. Vansh came to Angre and said Dadi was unwell, I had to go, I can’t know the secret now, the secret is just a secret now, I can’t sedate her more, why are you silent, did Ishani say anything. Angre said no, Riddhima told me everything and Vansh became shocked.

Vansh said when you decided to deal with my enemies, you trusted my enemies, not your husband and he drank. Riddhima cried and went to him. She got hurt by a broken glass and Vansh cared for her.

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