Till Love Do Us Part 25 May 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 270


The Episode started with Vansh asking were you here when Riddhima was sedated. Angre said yes, she told the six hour secret. Vansh asked what. Angre gave him the phone and left. Vansh then watched the video. She said I had thought to deal with Chang to save Vansh. Flashback showed Riddhima asking are you Chang. Vyom said it doesn’t matter, it matters why you have come here, tell me, how did you come here. She asked do you know me. He said yes, I know your husband, my men won’t leave him. She said no, don’t do anything to Vansh, I am ready to give you anything. He asked what will you give. She said Vansh’s empire, you will send us to a safe place after that. He asked why do you think he will let this happen. She said I will make him weak so that he becomes helpless to leave this country. He said Vansh has some precious diamonds, if I get that, then he will be weak, your first step, get those diamonds to me, then the deal will be on. She said fine, Vansh, me and my baby should get a safe passage, we want to stay away from this crime world. He said sure, you will get the diamonds and help us demolish the VR mansion. She said okay fine, it’s a deal. He said deal and she left. Vansh held his head. Riddhima got up and said how did we come here.

Vansh said I got to you the 6 hour secret. She asked what are you saying. He said you had a deal with my enemies, right and showed her the video. He said you cheated me. She said no, I can explain. He said you cheated me, I told you I can protect you and the baby,yet you had a deal with my enemies to ruin me, why, don’t you trust me that I will protect you. She said you were shot in the jungle, I didn’t know what to do, I had to save you from your enemies, I had decided to tell you everything. He said lie. She said I swear, I was going to tell you, is it wrong to think for you, to think like a wife, I went there to save you, my thinking wasn’t wrong, think from my point. He said if I died that day, then it would be good, I would have not seen you dealing with my enemies, my love cheated me, you think I need your love with the enemy’s charity, you did this to me. She said I didn’t want to lose you. He said you lost me when you dealt with my enemy, you didn’t trust me, did you trust yourself, you are so weak. She said I love you, I did this for your love, think about why I did this, what would I go through, I love you. He said love means faith, belief, but you don’t trust me, you made me small in front of the world, I fell in my sight.

She said no, I trust you a lot. He said you are lying, how did you think that my enemies could be your friend, when people are in love, they don’t see or hear anything, I didn’t know that cheat is the other name of love, shut up. She said I didn’t cheat you. He said my feelings for you, you had burnt it to ashes, you lost your love today. She said don’t say this, I will die. He said you killed me, what about me. He threw a glass and left. She saw his hand bleeding, she then took the first aid box and went after him. She came to him and saw him drinking. She said sorry, look at me once. He asked her to leave him alone. She said I should get punished. He said I will be hurt if I punish you, just go. She stopped him from drinking and the glass fell down,her hand got hurt and he worried. She said this wound is nothing in front of my deed. He asked her to please show her his hand. He made her sit and did the aid her while she also did aid to his hand.

Riddhima was sleeping in her room and she woke up. Vansh held and cuddled her. She said I had a bad dream. He asked what. She said I saw that you were really angry. He said there is a small way to convince me, you can make aloo paratha, I can do what I want. He said thank God, it was a dream. He said it’s a dream. He disappeared and she looked for him. Vansh went to change,he looked at her and left. She ordered something and it was delivered. She said it’s aloo paratha and pickles, it’s your fav, have it but he left.

Riddhima said I don’t want the risk in the baby’s life. Vansh said I wanted you and the baby to stay safe. She said I want the three of us, you, me, and the baby to stay safe.
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