Till Love Do Us Part 25 November 2021, Thursday pt2: Episode 50


Till Love Do Us Part 25 November 2021, Thursday pt2. She said oh, history will repeat itself again. He said exactly, Vansh is my brother, no one knows him better than me, he doesn’t leave any cheater, whatever the relation is. Riddhima thinks all the secrets will be out. She checked the diary and read about Vansh and Ragini’s love story. She said Vansh was praised, he seems to be best boyfriend for her. She recalled Aryan’s words. She said I also feel scared of him. Someone came to see her. Riddhima read, Vansh isn’t the one as he appears, he had raised hand on me when I asked him about the past, maybe he will kill me now.

Someone entered the room and snatched the diary. She stopped him to get the diary back. Riddhima asked who is it, give me the diary but the person run away. She said where did he go, he doesn’t want me to reach Ragini’s truth. She went back to the room, she got the diary and said I have to make it reach Kabir, it’s a big hope for me. She wrapped the diary and it’s some greetings and roses in the box. She wrote I am in danger, please save me. Dadi said your friend is lucky that you remember her on her birthday and sending the gift, what’s her name.

Riddhima said Sejal, I love her a lot, I hope she likes my surprise. Vansh stopped Riddhima. She said I am not going out, I called the courier boy. Vansh said interesting, so you have made all the arrangements, can I see what’s inside, after all my wife is sending the gift. Riddhima said I know you want to check it, there is a birthday card, flowers and a book, let me go. He said you doubt a lot, there is no cure for doubt, I just wanted to see, it gets tough to explain the heart, the heart doesn’t agree.

He took the parcel and unwrapped it. Dadi stopped him and said it’s wrong Vansh, let her go, she is sending the gift to her friend. Vansh wrapped back the parcel. Riddhima went and sent the parcel. Vansh thinks I know you aren’t sending the parcel to Sejal. He smiled and left. She thinks once Kabir gets this diary, he will understand everything, he will come to save me. Angre said Riddhima has sent the diary to the postal address. Vansh said we have to make the enemy think that he is winning, when the plan’s mastermind comes to receive the diary, we will know everything, check mate.

Vansh said it’s your last day of your life. Riddhima shouted leave me. She was shocked seeing her statue and recalled Dadi’s words. Vansh said it’s perfect, right.


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