Ridhima Comes Back Alive. Alive. Till Love Do Us Part 25 April 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 230


The Episode started with Riddhima shouting on Vansh. Flashback showed Angre saying we can go after Aryan and save Riddhima. Vansh said no, it’s Dadi’s orders, I will kill Riddhima. Angre asked what are you saying, will you shoot her. Vansh said you will shoot her with this dart before I shoot her, this has a serum, it will stop her pulse for some time.

He loaded the special bullets and said this has red pellets, when this hit her, pellets will break and blood will come out, Aryan will try hard to check if Riddhima is alive or dead. Angre shot the dart at Riddhima and Vansh also shot her. Riddhima said tell me Vansh, how am I alive when you shot me.

Vansh said answer me, what about my questions, I want my answers, you are responsible for this, I have lied to Dadi for your sake. She said I didn’t do anything, if you think so, why did you keep me alive. Vansh said don’t think I left you alone, I kept the secret alive. She said I have no secret. He said tell me, where is Riddhima. She said kill me, I don’t know.

Aryan became angry and drinks. Chanchal said we should have done something, Dadi would have done your Rudra abhishek, you should have killed Riddhima. Aryan said shut up, don’t anger me and Chanchal scolded him. Kiara came and said over dramatic, what happened, why are you shouting seeing me.

Chanchal said you crossed my path like a black cat, go away and she left. Kiara joked at her. Aryan said think about me, have a seat, would you like to have a drink. She said no, I am on detox, you take scotch with water, Vansh drinks neat. Aryan asked so? She said nothing, you shouldn’t feel bad by losing to him, he is better than you.

He asked really, you think so. She said I know so, Vansh is so masculine, he is ruthless, cold, but yet has charm, so balanced. He said you think I don’t have these qualities. She said no, you are like a cute puppy, Vansh is like Alsatian, he is a hunk and she made a drink, he didn’t let her add water. He drank and coughed. He asked did neat scotch get stuck in your throat, this is the difference between you and Vansh, he will never choke and she left. He threw the glass and said Vansh….

Angre is with Riddhima. Vansh saw them on the camera feed. She looked at the camera and Vansh went out. He saw Kiara fallen and asked what are you doing here. She said I heard some sound and came to see, I got my foot twisted. He said I will drop you to the room. She said ouch, you touched me, I felt something. He said you sit here, I will call Aryan. She said he won’t come, he can’t handle neat scotch, it’s paining a lot, massage a bit, it will be clear. He said right, relax and twisted her foot. He asked better. She said yes, thanks Vansh.

Riddhima asked do you also think that I am not Angre but Angre was silent. She said I chose you for Ishani because of your qualities, you are loyal to Vansh, I can guarantee that you will never hurt any woman, you respect women, you love Ishani and respect her, one day, she will also realize this, you still think I am not Riddhima. He got a call and left. Ishani thinks of Siya’s words. She looked at Angre’s pic and thinks of him. Angre came to the room and unbuttoned his shirt.

He said sorry, I thought you were outside. Ishani said if you have seen me here, then remove your shirt. Angre asked what are you doing. She asked why are you tensed. She touched him and said not bad, I have all the right to check you out, I am a little hungry. She asked didn’t you eat anything, I will get some food. She said not that hungry you fool and got close to him. He said hold your horses. She pushed him on the bed and got close.

It’s morning, Dadi angrily threw Riddhima’s pic and Vansh came there. She said throw these pics, I don’t want it around, those who have snatched our respect. Vansh asked her to sit. He said I had promised you, I will get the pride back, I fulfill my promise.

Dadi said you have to do it, whatever we lost, your blind love is responsible for this, I lost faith in you, you have won my faith again, it’s your work to fill the cracks, faith is delicate, it breaks and can’t join again. He hurts his hand by the glass piece and nodded.

Vansh came to Riddhima. She said open my hands, it’s hurting a lot. He said sure and freed her. She then took water and drinks and he tied her again. Angre said stop, she is in pain. He asked Riddhima if she is fine and thanked him. He said I think we are making a mistake, if she is Riddhima, then….

Vansh said listen to me, I will let you go, tell me, where is Riddhima. Riddhima said in front of you. He asked are you Riddhima. He said prove it. She said when we met for the first time, I had decorated all kind of flowers, you told me to just keep white flowers, I told you that just white will look plain.

He recalled and said it wasn’t our first meet. She said I know, first meet was when I came in front of your car. Vansh said anyone can get this info, nice try. She said you remember the night. Vansh asked which night and Angre went out. She said just husband and wife can know about it, white shirt, sequinned skirt, remember, Baahon me chale aao…. He said you are not my Riddhima. She asked what are you seeing in my eyes. He said my Riddhima’s enemy.

He went out and said Angre, tie her up. Angre said okay boss. Vansh went to his office and Vansh slept. Someone choked him. He got up from sleep and drank water. Vansh doesn’t see the camera feed. He asked what happened to this. Angre came and said you called me. Vansh said no, I didn’t call you, what is he doing here and he became shocked…

Vansh asked Riddhima to drink this liquid. Riddhima said you can never kill me, I am Riddhima. He asked her to prove it and she threw the liquid. He pushed her and said you are not my Riddhima. She said I will tell you where is Riddhima and she kissed him…Read more

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