Aryan Learns Ridhima Is Alive. Till Love Do Us Part 26 April 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 232


The Episode started with Vansh asking Riddhima why isn’t she drinking it. She asked what’s in this. She said my Vansh can’t kill Riddhima ever, it’s not poison. He said yes, but you aren’t my Riddhima. She said I want to be alive for my baby. He said pregnancy excuse is good, but you aren’t Riddhima. She said I am Riddhima. He said take this, prove it and show.

She said if this has poison, then think you will lose your Riddhima ever. He said I will find my Riddhima, you or your partner will tell me, either tell me or drink this to get free forever,she threw the liquid and he became angry. They both fall down and he said I knew you can’t be Riddhima.

Riddhima said I will tell you where Riddhima is and she kissed Vansh. He broke the liplock and moved away. She asked him to say who she is, is she his Riddhima and recalled everything. He looked at her in the camera feed and she came to the camera. He asked why did you cheat me. Aryan came there. Vansh said it happened in the six hours when I had fainted, I will find out what happened and Vansh left. Aryan came to see and checked the laptop.

He saw Riddhima and was shocked seeing her on the camera screen. Anupriya asked how can Siya go out, I don’t know if she is fine or not. Vansh said don’t worry. Ishani said Siya looks gorgeous, she looks like a cat, you want to make her a bird and cage her, cat comes out some how. Vansh called Siya but Siya didn’t answer. Ishani said Siya has grown up.

Anupriya said she has to answer Vansh’s call, she never does this. Vansh said Siya is my sister, nothing will happen, I will get her home. Siya came to meet Vyom. He asked does your family know you are out, you are a grown up now, how did you get my address. She said I found out, you said I can meet you any time.

He said yes, but it’s late. She said never mind, I will take my leave,she turned to look at him and she was hurt by a nail. Her jacket also got torn. He asked what happened, just relax, don’t be embarrassed. He gave his shirt to her and she thanked him. He said you aren’t leaving. She said why would I come if I had to leave. He said be my guest, let me entertain you, I have made a new tune and he played the trumpet. He said I have named this tune, Siya.

Dadi said Siya didn’t come back home, I am tensed. Aryan said forget her, she will come back, I want to show Riddhima, she is alive. She asked what nonsense, I believed you. He said forgive me, get ready to receive a shock. She asked what. He said see Riddhima, she is alive. She asked where, show me. He looked at the house video. He said give me two mins, Vansh is very smart. He said Vansh has hidden it.

Vansh came and said you are right, I am clever, I have another footage on my phone. He asked Aryan to check the main gate footage. He asked Dadi to sit. He asked what was Aryan showing you. She said that Riddhima is alive. Vansh asked how can this happen. Dadi said Aryan told me.

Vansh said Aryan when I had shot Riddhima, you checked her pulse and breath, you said you are heartless, you killed Riddhima, welcome back and joked at Aryan. Aryan shouted on him and said I know it’s your dirty game, Riddhima is alive. Dadi asked Aryan to stop drinking, think before blaming someone and Aryan left. Dadi asked Vansh not to feel bad, forgive Aryan.

Vansh said as you say. She said I want to ask you, is Riddhima really alive, is Aryan telling the truth. Vansh said yes, she is alive, but just in my memories, have water. Angre got a call from Ishani. She said the bed is vacant, where are you. He said I am doing boss’ work. She said there is just one boss in the house, your wife, I am the biggest boss.

He said sorry, I can’t come. She said I will come. He said no, you can’t come here, I am at a secret location. She said I am your wife, I am tracking your location, I will track your location in some time. He said wait, I will come and ended the call. Riddhima said Ishani is missing you. Angre said she will come here if I don’t know. Riddhima said you go, I won’t go. He said I can give my life to save your life. She said you go, don’t say this. He said I regarded Vansh and you an ideal couple, Vansh has broken down. She said I know.

He said I thought you love Vansh a lot. She said I do. He asked why are you going against him. She said Ishani is waiting, I think you should go and he left. Siya then came home. Anupriya said I was tracking your phone, what clothes are you wearing. Siya argued and said you can compliment my looks. Vansh said I asked you not to go out, where did you go and why. Siya said you get used to it now, I will go where I want and she went upstairs.

Aryan got Riddhima at gun point. Kiara said someone reached close to your secret, Vansh. Aryan said I will take your dead body to Dadi. Angre asked Aryan to drop the gun and Aryan shot Riddhima…Read more

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