Till Love Do Us Part 26 May 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 271


The Episode started with Vansh shouting on the staff. Dadi came to Vyom and shouted Vyom…. Vyom said you have come here yourself, it would be a big thing. She said I will shoot you, leave my family alone and she pointed the gun at him. He said come on, shoot me, I will not leave your family, fine, I will count for you, what happened, shoot me Dadi maa, shoot at my forehead, I know these hands, they aren’t made to do puja, but to hold guns, this is your truth, your family doesn’t believe this and she dropped the gun. She said I am warning you for the last time, leave my family alone. He gave her the gun and said shoot me. She said leave my family alone. She left and he laughed. He said everyone plays with these toys, real player is one who plays with mind, you wanted to kill me, don’t come back, Dadi got too aggressive, brave soldiers, but they fail at their guts, they all are cowards, it’s the real fun of the game, it’s getting more interesting now.

Sara said I had kidnapped Riddhima to call Vansh there and kill him, but someone else had set the landmine, someone is helping me unknowingly, who is it. Vyom asked who kidnapped Riddhima, is it any old or new enemy. Sara said who is Vansh’s enemy, if we join hands, then the work can happen easily. Vyom said I can know you well when you come in my circle. She said I will wait to meet the mystery man. The man got the breakfast for Riddhima. He said Vansh got angry because the breakfast was late, sorry and she asked him to go. Angre said I want all the info of the last night. He was on a call when Ishani hugged him and said I did all that, I can do that again. He said I am not joking, I am doing an important work. She said let me do my work, what info do you want. He asked her to get ready. He said I have to go and meet the manager, Vansh and Riddhima are in trouble. She asked what happened to them. He said I will see you later, it’s something serious and he left.

Vansh was at the gym and Angre came there. He said I didn’t get the manager, I asked his assistant to get the guest list, who shot Vyom, is that person the same who kidnapped Riddhima, I will find out, what happened. Vansh asked when will we get the guest list. Angre said we will get it, you got too silent after that recording, did anything… Vansh said it’s better that you mind your own business. Angre said sorry. Riddhima came to talk to Vansh and Angre left. Riddhima stopped Vansh but Vansh said I am not interested, go. She said no, I won’t go until you talk to me, look at me for once. He said after your betrayal, you don’t need to tell me anything. She said I did this for you and the baby. He said it’s my baby too. She said I don’t want this risk of your business to be in his life, I want him to be safe. He asked which place in this world is safe, our enemy can find us anytime, we are our safety. She said I also believed this, when you got shot, everything changed for me. He said I wished that you and our baby stay safe. She said I also want the three of us to stay safe, we have a lovely life, without any danger, am I thinking wrong and he left.

Vyom came to meet Aryan and splashed a drink on his face. He asked where were you. Aryan said why do you ask, you can’t come like this, you are crossing the limit, you don’t know what I can do. Vyom asked will you beat me, come on, hit me, you don’t know what I can do and he held Aryan’s neck. Aryan said okay, leave me. Vyom felt hurt. Aryan asked what happened to your leg. Vyom said I got shot, there is an assassin in this hotel, I want your help in knowing who it is. Aryan said he has to be Angre. Vyom said no, you have no ethics, Vansh doesn’t step back from his ethics, I hate him, I respect him, he can’t permit any sniper to shoot at me, I think that assassin kidnapped Riddhima. Aryan asked how can I help. Vyom said I need to keep an eye on that sniper, you will make me the manager of this hotel. Aryan said it’s impossible. Vyom laughed and scared Aryan. Aryan said okay, I will help you, this has to be the last time. Vyom said I will see you around and he left.

Riddhima came in front of Sara. Sara asked are you looking for Vansh, your game changed, I am feeling sad for you, Vansh is going close to his death, you were promising me that you will give me a new life. Riddhima said yes, why did you kidnap me. Sara said it’s fun to win after you crossed the hurdles. Riddhima asked her to answer. Sara said I thought you are going to cheat me, you are quite capable of doing that, you cheated me 7 years back, let me make it clear, you have wasted 20 hours, you are left with 28 hours. Riddhima said fine, I will do everything, you won’t harm my Vansh. Sara said you promised me, I didn’t make any promise and she left.

Riddhima waited for Vansh. She said I will say sorry and convince him when he comes, I will go to him, I will say sorry, no, he will get angry again, I will smile and say, I will make a card for him. She then made a cute sorry card. She asked the baby to tell Vansh that he will also gets sad if mumma is sad, then Vansh will agree for sure. She wore her mangalsutra and applied the sindoor. Someone came inside her room and threw the sindoor away. Riddhima turned to see but didn’t see anyone.

Riddhima asked Angre where Vansh was. Angre said I don’t know. She pointed a gun at him and he said, he went to find Laila for the diamond’s deal. Sara scared Riddhima.
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