Angre D!es Saving Ridhima. Till Love Do Us Part 27 April 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 233


The Episode started with Vansh looking at Riddhima’s pic and saying come back Riddhima and looked at her. She said I am with you, why do you think I am not your Riddhima. He asked what are you doing here. She said forget everything, we are old Vansh and Riddhima, I am seeing doubt for me in your eyes, why, identify me, I am your Riddhima, you always identified your Riddhima and he smiled. He the held her and kissed her. He said these hair, these eyes are of my Riddhima, this face is of my Riddhima, I know these lips well. She blew off the candle and got close to kiss him. Vansh woke up from his dream and said Riddhima…..

Vansh went and saw her tied up. He asked are you really my Riddhima and he recalled her with Vyom. He said you can’t be my Riddhima and he left. She woke up and said Vansh… and looked around. Angre came to the room. He saw the decorations and Ishani came. He said wow, you are looking very beautiful as usual.

She said this is the best feeling to know you are completely mine, this body, this face. He said we will try a bit slow. She asked what do you mean and played music. He said I want to do a slow dance on a slow music. She said let’s do salsa. He said I didn’t mean salsa. She said we are young and hot and they got romantic.

He said I want to see you in a saree. She asked what, seriously, your outer shell is of a hunk, who are you inside, an old man. He asked can’t we talk of normal things, like normal stuff, your dreams, my dreams and she joked at him. She said it’s so boring. He said okay then, my life and dreams are boring for me, why don’t we keep these talks for other night, give this night to me. He said let me think. She said the tigress is on you, be scared. She got over him and he smiled.

Aryan said I had seen Riddhima on the cctv footage, Riddhima is alive, Vansh can’t fool me. Kiara said Vansh is much more smarter than you, he is like a magician. Aryan said you are getting love for him. She said you can say about admiration. He said you are my girlfriend, you stay in my house and admire someone else. She said I am not your girlfriend, I just walk on the path made by myself. Aryan got a message… Riddhima is alive. He replied to ask how do you know. The person asked for 2 crores. Aryan replied, done, where is she. He then took a gun and left and Kiara looked on.

She went to Vansh and Vansh shuts the laptop screen. He asked how did you come in. She said I came from the book shelf way, I can get into the secret rooms, hideouts, people’s minds, hearts, you are hiding a big secret. He said everyone has secrets here. She said it looks bad when secrets come out. He asked what do you mean. She said someone reached close to your secret, he has gone to expose you.

Aryan came to Riddhima. Riddhima said good morning, Angre, see I didn’t run, I am here. Aryan pointed the gun and said I can see that well, Riddhima Bhabhi, you have made a joke in front of the family. She said move the gun away. He said I had seen you are alive, I couldn’t show Dadi, Vansh deleted the video, I got cheated, your pulse had stopped, what medicine did Vansh give you that you died for 2 mins and got alive, we didn’t doubt him.

Vansh can do anything, what did he think, he will hide you here forever, it will be fun now, we will play real games, I will bring your drama out, I will take your dead body and throw it at Dadi’s feet, I will shoot you. She said put the gun down. Angre came and said drop the gun Aryan. Aryan said bodyguard is also involved here, you think I will get scared seeing your gun, you will also die now. Aryan said I don’t care, your time is over now. Angre said I will kill you.

Riddhima kicked Aryan and Angre caught him. He asked Riddhima to run and she called out Angre. Angre asked her to run. Aryan pushed Angre and went after her and shot at her. He said game over, Riddhima Bhabhi. Angre shot at Aryan’s hand and Aryan dropped the gun. He said don’t move, hands on your back, I said. He asked Riddhima to run. Angre said don’t you dare, Aryan. Aryan picks his gun and shot Angre and blood fell on her face. Riddhima shouted Aryan… She took Angre’s gun and shot at Aryan.

Aryan hid behind a tree. She said nothing will happen Angre, I will call Vansh. Angre said I told you, I will give my life for you if needed. She said no, don’t close your eyes and he died. Aryan went after Riddhima. He said everyone denied me, how will they deny this video and looked for her. He said once Dadi checks my video, I will see you and shouted Riddhima. She became scared and saw him. He said come out.

Vansh said I will know the secret of 6 hours. He got Riddhima under the shower. Riddhima pointed the gun at Vansh and Kabir shouted Riddhima….Read more

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