Real Ridhima Is Found & Comes Home. Till Love Do Us Part 27 April 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 234


The Episode started with Riddhima getting a blood packet. Vansh asked why did you come here. She said we will know what’s the truth and what’s a lie. 6 hours back, Aryan shouted come out Riddhima but didn’t see her. He said you got saved, but Vansh is gone and Vansh came there. He saw Angre shot on his arm and asked what happened. Angre said I am okay, it all happened as per the plan.

Vansh recalled seeing Aryan spying on him. He changed the bullets in Aryan’s gun and then messaged Aryan that Riddhima is alive. Angre said I don’t understand, why did you plan my death. Vansh said Riddhima is mine, I was thinking she is a duplicate. Ishani and Siya had a talk.

Ishani asked how was your date, tell me, did you get intimate and teased Siya. Siya said nothing of such happened, he was just a gentleman, kind of protective, I was so nervous, I didn’t know when my denim jacket got torn. Ishani said nice, it’s hard to find all the qualities in one man, you should keep him in control, men are dumb, women are powerful. Siya said no, he is powerful. Ishani said you are dating, it’s such a beautiful feeling, don’t be scared of Vansh.

Angre asked really. Vansh said yes. Angre said I knew it, I got peace now, we got Riddhima. Vansh asked why is my Riddhima cheating me, she loves me, why does she want to ruin me. Angre asked what can be the reason. Vansh said the secret is in that 6 hours, we have to know about it, I had planned all this to make Riddhima feel weak in guilt, to make her confess the truth. Angre said but Aryan knows Riddhima is alive. Vansh said he has no proof.

Aryan said you are proud of Vansh, he is a big cheat. Dadi asked what did Vansh do. Aryan said truth is, Riddhima…. Riddhima said is alive…. and came there. Everyone became shocked and Dadi recalled everything. Aryan asked Dadi to trust him. Dadi asked where is Vansh. Vansh came home and Dadi pointed the gun at him and scolded him. Riddhima said listen to me once, put the gun down. Dadi said shut up, I am not talking to you. Dadi said you said Riddhima is alive, who is she. Vansh said yes, she is Riddhima, my wife, your bahu.

Dadi said it means Aryan said right, you cheated me. Vansh said I had killed Riddhima’s duplicate, she was an imposter, so I killed her, I knew my love can never cheat me. Aryan said shut up, it’s all nonsense, Riddhima is one, she is standing in front of you. Vansh said fine, I will explain it once again, Aryan, you were there when I killed that imposter, did she die or not. Aryan said she was dead but… Vansh asked how did she get alive.

Aryan pointed the gun at Riddhima and asked her to speak up. Vansh and Dadi ask him to put the gun down. Riddhima said Aryan kidnapped me, he knew about the fake Riddhima but he didn’t tell me. Vansh said when Aryan said that I kidnapped Riddhima, then I understood it, I asked Angre to keep an eye on him, I reached him. Aryan said don’t believe them. Dadi asked why will they steal in their own family.

Aryan said believe me Dadi, I didn’t kidnap her, I got a message that she is alive. Dadi asked why didn’t you tell me. Riddhima said he came to kill me, but my savior had come, I saved my life and came here, but Aryan did all this. Aryan said I will kill both of you. Dadi said stop Aryan, else I will shoot you. Vansh said use your mind, you can’t prove anything even if you shoot us and Aryan shot Vansh.

Dadi and Riddhima shouted Vansh. Vansh said your aim was always bad and hits Aryan. Aryan said the game is not over, Dadi, you are making a big mistake by believing them and Dadi slapped him. She asked him to just leave. She said Vansh, I will believe you now, if Aryan is true, then you can’t think what I will do. Riddhima went and washed her face. She recalled Angre’s death and cried. She said Vansh, Angre is dead. Vansh said I know. She said Angre is dead. He said I heard you. She asked did you lose your mind.

She said I am talking to you, Angre is dead, your faithful man, just react. He said yes, he was faithful. She asked have you gone mad, he gave his life for you. He said no, he lost his life because of you, you could have told me the truth, he would have been alive, tell me the truth, it’s not late, why are you betraying me, tell me, don’t let his life go waste, Angre is dead today, I will also die tomorrow.

She hugged him. He asked what are you scared of. She said that day in the jungle… She said tell me, why didn’t you get hurt when Aryan shot you, he was so close. Vansh said his aim is always bad, important thing is what happened in the jungle, tell me, until you don’t tell the truth, killings will happen. She said his aim isn’t so bad, he shot Angre on his chest, how did he miss the aim today, I am going. He said focus on important things, what happened in the jungle and got her under the shower.

He got close to her. He said tell me what happened in the jungle, don’t you trust me, your one truth will save many lives. She said I will tell you, stop this shower, I am feeling cold, I have to confirm one thing first. She run outside and saw the blood packet. Vansh came. She showed the blood on her hands.

She pointed the gun at Vansh and said I came to find out if Angre really died or is this your game. He said you are just doubting me, keep the gun down. She asked are you stressed, we will know it now and pointed the gun at him.

She shot but he stayed fine. She said you are also cheating me, I think you have sent Aryan after me, you wanted me to feel guilty on Angre’s death to make me tell the truth, why, you wanted to mentally torture me. Vansh said am I cheating you, what are you doing, who started this cheat, tell me, what happened in that jungle.

why did you come wearing red dress, you had stolen the rifle and diamonds to give to Vyom, why did you play these games, my entire family’s life is in danger, I lied to Dadi, you are saying I cheated, you cheated me, you would have told me what happened there, why did you get ready to ruin me.

Riddhima said I will not tell you till I die, no one can stop me from my aim. Vansh said I will find the secret. He said I will find out. She said try, you can’t find out. Ishani called out Angre and Angre came hurt. Ishani asked what happened, how did this happen, answer me, I am tensed and cried seeing his wound and did the aid.

She asked him how did he get hurt. He said it’s a part of our business. She said Vansh gave this gift, he has our remote control in his hand, he can’t use us as puppets, he has to understand his limits, I will talk to him. He said no, you won’t talk to him, he is my boss, he didn’t do wrong. She said I will talk to him, you are my husband first and then his bodyguard, he can’t cross his limits.

It’s morning, Riddhima surprised Vansh. He asked is this love or repentance, you scolded me last night and pulled her close. They had a moment. She said love will always be there. He asked really. She said really.

He said so, just like old times,he went out and saw Angre. She said I won’t tell you anything, I know you did that on your boss’ order. He said you know he has done many favors for me, I can do anything for him. She said you have your own thinking so you aren’t meeting my eyes, Vansh did many favors, I hope you will think of it yourself. Vansh showed the black box.

He said black box is in safe hands but Riddhima came and took the box. He asked what happened. Riddhima said there is no limit in love and war, sometimes the war is a part of love, you forgot your phone, I came to give it to you, what’s in it.

He said this may hurt you. She asked won’t it hurt you. He said one who doesn’t know playing with it will get hurt. She said you are hiding something from me again. He placed it in the safe. He said I amm not hiding anything, you are hiding it, I will find out what happened in the jungle, because I love you.

She said be careful, else it may hurt me. He asked what will you say. She said I will tell Dadi that you faked my death, I won’t do this, because I love you, I care for you. Vansh said enough of the games now, I will find out the secret. She said you can never reach my secret and he left.

He said I will find out. She met Vyom and laughed. She said Vansh will find out the secret. He said something triggers when I play this trumpet. She said find a strategy that I get that black box to you. Vyom said relax, you take a lot of stress, there is no one here who knows about the deal, relax. She said there is a third person, who knows all this. Kabir was seen chained up. He shouted Riddhima, Vansh will kill you if he knows it.

Riddhima said our deal will be off. Vansh asked Vyom what deal is he making with his wife. He got Riddhima’s fingerprints. She tried to steal the black box. Vansh came and saw her…Read more

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