Ridhima Finally Reveals Her Identity. Till Love Do Us Part 27 June 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 310


The Episode started with Riddhima asking Angre to take her side, Vansh was enjoying when the plan was of her. She said it’s so much stress, I am pregnant, I am becoming Roy and then Riddhima, that’s why he had called me at the pool. Siya said I told you, your idea will be wrong. Riddhima said it was your idea, you asked me to ignore him, no one will talk in between, just I will talk. She asked Angre to not tell anything to Vansh. Angre said fine, you are the boss of my boss. She said good. She got a call and showed it was Vansh’s call. Siya asked why did you disconnect it. Riddhima said now he will understand, I know what I am doing. Vansh said why is Riddhima disconnecting my call and he called back again but she disconnected again. He said oh fine, Roy will answer the call and he called her. She said it’s coming on Roy’s number, he invited Roy for lunch. She said your wife can be dal chawal for you, my wife isn’t such. She scolded him and ended call. He said I think she got angry, what’s her plan.

Ishani met Vansh and stopped him to talk but he left and she became angry. Siya asked is Vansh fine. Ishani asked her to stop it. Angre said Riddhima left, she was upset. Vansh asked did Riddhima tell you. Angre said no, I saw her anger and understood. Vansh then shouted Riddhima. Angre said Riddhima was upset. Vansh asked did she say she is Roy. Angre said no, she said she got to know what you told Roy. Siya came and asked where is Riddhima. Vansh asked Angre to go and check Roy’s room. Siya said she isn’t there. Vansh asked how do you know. Angre said actually… Vansh asked Siya what are you hiding. She said it’s your mistake and Vansh went out. Angre said if boss knows it then I am gone. Aryan said Vansh, you listen to me, Roy isn’t what he appears. Vansh said not right now. Aryan said okay fine and he left. Angre said Roy is waiting for you for the meeting,the real Roy. Vansh said fine, I will go and he called out Riddhima. Roy said you were going to teach me swimming right and he looked at her. She removed her fake beard and moustache.

Vansh then romanced her. He said I was playing a prank on you, you fooled me and he moved close to kiss. Chanchal said Vansh, Aryan wants to tell you something. Angre took the coat and tie away. Chanchal said Roy isn’t like he appears, Aryan got some proof against him. Vansh asked what proof. Ishani said Aryan and I went to Roy’s room, we got girls clothes and make up glue. Vansh said maybe he is a cross dresser and Riddhima laughed. Ishani said it possible, he has run away. Vansh said maybe he got scared of me. Chanchal said it’s good you got saved because of Aryan. Riddhima said I don’t think he got scared and fled. Ishani said you stay out of this, what do you know, what are you wearing, your dressing sense is pathetic. Riddhima said you are talking as if you know everything, Roy would know that our family has nosy people, he didn’t feel to do business with us. Ishani asked Angre what’s in your hand. He threw the coat and said I booked a spa appointment for you, get ready and come and she left. Vansh said Aryan, I am proud of you, thanks for keeping an eye on Roy. Aryan said you are welcome and they left.

Vansh said Angre, you are with Riddhima, why. Angre said boss, I told her, look she isn’t saying anything, I have work and she left. Riddhima said so Mr. Vansh, you have accepted your mistake. Vansh asked what, when, I didn’t say sorry. She said I have a proof and played the recording. He said I didn’t say sorry, what rubbish, it’s an old recording. Riddhima said Siya sent this to me just now, the date is today’s, fine you didn’t accept my mistake, I should go. He stopped her and said don’t talk of leaving. She said I was just joking. He said you can’t leave me and go, you are mine. She asked why did you get serious, I was joking. He said I have a meeting with the real Roy, be in our room, we will meet after an hour and talk. She said sorry and he left. She asked, why did he get worried.

Angre asked did you mention the date. She said yes, he became serious hearing the date, what’s so important. He said nothing, leave him on this state. She asked did I say anything wrong. He said no, he is fine, I can’t tell you, sorry. She said Vansh asked me to stay in the room. He said go, don’t talk about the date and he left. She was thinking and saw Vyom drinking while singing a birthday song for Pihu. She said Vyom….

Vansh got a stained cloth and few things. Riddhima got a note and she went to check. Vansh said I know you want to be free, but I am sorry, I can’t free you. Vyom said Vansh has caged someone here. Vansh said the world isn’t ready to welcome you…Read more

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