Vansh Goes Missing. Till Love Do Us Part 27 May 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 272


The Episode started with Riddhima recalling Vansh’s words while she applied the sindoor. She said is Vansh fine, I will call him and ask. She called him but he didn’t answer and then got his number off. She went to ask Angre and Ishani held Angre but he moved away. She asked where is your focus, I am in front of you, I got your favorite dishes, let’s have lunch, let me feed you. Angre said I don’t want to have it. She asked what’s the stress, come on, drink it but he refused to drink. She said let’s have our time. Someone knocked the door. He asked who is it. She said let it be, I have placed DND tag outside. Riddhima came and asked where is Vansh. Ishani said sorry, it’s our room, he is Angre and I am Ishani, you didn’t see the DND tag, please leave. Riddhima asked where is Vansh, tell me.

Ishani said Vansh is irritated with you, like we all are. Angre said Vansh has gone to a meeting. Riddhima asked why didn’t you go with him. Ishani said Angre understands that his wife is important for him, that’s me. Riddhima asked when will his meeting end, when will he come. He said I will make a call and he left. Ishani asked Riddhima to go and find Vansh herself and she shuts the door. Riddhima said where can Vansh go without informing me. Angre called her out and said nothing, I am fine. She asked do you also hold him guilty for that 6 hours. He said Vansh loves you a lot. She asked what would you do being in my place, Vansh was lying wounded, I had to save him at any cost. He said fine, I agree that you had no time to think, why did you trap Kabir.

She said Kabir heard about my deal, he wented to kill Vansh, I shot him, Vansh became conscious and thought I shot at him, you got him, but Kabir ran away. Angre said fine, everything was fine when you came back, why did you had a cold war with him. She said I was helpless, I didn’t wish to fall weak, I did this drama to fulfill the deal, I had hurt Vansh a lot, I wanted a normal and safe life with my husband and family, what wrong did I do, when I got to know that Vyom wanted to kill Vansh, I ended the deal, I swear, I did all that to save Vansh, my intentions were not wrong, he should talk to me, he isn’t understanding what I am going through, where did he go. He said he loves you a lot and he left. She said he knows about Vansh, he doesn’t want to say and she went to find Vansh. She got some location and Dadi looked at her. Riddhima then left. Dadi thinks where did Vansh go, did he open the black box and know my secret.

Riddhima came to the tea garden and looked around. She then called out Vansh. She asked a man about him and showed him Vansh’s pic. The man said I saw him there some time back and she thanked him. She went and saw some marks on the ground. She then found a cycle left there, she then called out Vansh. She got Vansh’s cufflink there and said I was right, Vansh is in trouble. She ran back to the hotel, Angre placed the gun aside and Riddhima came. She asked where is Vansh, tell me, i think he is in some trouble, I got this cufflink on the cycle track, tell me where he is. Ishani asked why are you shouting on Angre. Riddhima asked her not to talk in between. Angre said it’s a common design, it can be for anyone, I don’t know about Vansh. Riddhima took the gun and pointed it at him. He said calm down. She said don’t test my patience. Ishani said move the gun away.

Angre said fine, I will tell you everything, put the gun down. Dadi came and asked what are you doing. Riddhima said I will go mad if he doesn’t tell me where Vansh is. Angre said Vansh went to find Laila. Riddhima asked who is she. Dadi threw the leaf down. Angre said Laila, tear of Laila is a diamond, listen to me, you will understand, people say that Laila was crying for Majnu, her tear fell down in the desert and became a diamond, it’s called tear of Laila. Someone was seen with the diamond box. Angre said it’s a tear shaped, it’s transparent than water, no one knows it’s location. Someone stole the diamond. Angre said a rich Arab wants to get that diamond, he said he will give the Arab business to the one who gets that diamond, Vansh got someone to take him to that diamond.

Riddhima asked what will happen if Vansh doesn’t get it. Ishani said you didn’t do right by pointing gun at my diamond, Vansh will get the diamond, he isn’t an idiot like you, stop bothering Vansh and Angre. Ishani and Angre left. Dadi thinks I was worried, my secret is safe. Riddhima said Angre said the truth or not, what’s all this, why am I am tensed, Gayatri is behind all this. She went to Sara and asked where is Vansh. Sara said you should know about him. Riddhima said you want to kill him, you work for black Mamba, tell me where Vansh is. Sara asked her to get lost. Riddhima placed the hair dryer on her mouth and asked her to say where Vansh is, else I will not leave you. Sara said I don’t know. Riddhima asked is that prince the black mamba for whom you work. Sara said I don’t backstab, I know that prince.

Riddhima saw some leaves on the floor and Vyom caught her. She said you were following me there. He said if you want Vansh, then help me in reaching that diamond, I will help you in reaching Vansh, it’s a fair deal.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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