Vyom Is Arrested Over Sara’s K!llíng. Till Love Do Us Part 27 May 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 273


The Episode started with Sara saying that prince is mad, is Vansh having a deal with him, is he getting the tear of Laila. Riddhima asked how do you know this. Sara said it’s my business, prince Akeel has been after that diamond for long, Thomas was trying to get it, but failed, he said sorry to the prince but he got beheaded. Riddhima became scared and left. She cried and thinks of Vansh. She said nothing will happen to Vansh. She saw the dirt marks and thinks someone was after me at the tea estate. Vyom then catched her. She asked did you disappear Vansh. Vyom said no. She asked him to tell the truth, was he after her, where is Vansh. He said yes, but I don’t know where Vansh is, he has gone to find the diamond, if he fails, then his headless body will reach his wife. She said shut up, stop scaring me. He said you want Vansh and I want that diamond, you will help me in getting the diamond, I will help you in reaching Vansh. She said I won’t help you. He said no one can help you, you know what will happen with Vansh, that mad prince will behead you. She went back to the tea garden and looked for Vansh. She called him out and fell down. She saw a watch on the cycle. She said it’s Vansh’s watch, it was blood on it, is he fine, it means he is injured, he is in danger.

She shouted Vansh…. just call me once, I won’t let anything happen to you. She sat crying and said baby, I won’t let anything happen to your dad, I will find him, when we met for the first time, it was because of fate, this time, fate has to unite us. Riddhima came to her room and thinks of Vansh. The Lights went off and she lights a candle. Angre then came to her. She asked what happened. He said come with me. She asked did Vansh come. He said no, Gayatri, come with me, please. She asked but what happened. They went out and they saw Sara stabbed to death.

She shouted Gayu, get up, you were fine some time back and she cried. She asked Angre who killed Gayu, tell me, whom did you see, she was fine some time back. Angre signalled no. Riddhima asked Dadi and Ishani. Ishani said I don’t even know Gayatri, have you gone mad. Riddhima asked did you see anyone killing her. Ishani said no, I didn’t see anything. Riddhima said who can do this with her, Vansh is missing, someone killed Gayatri. Ishani became scared and Angre asked what happened. Ishani said there… They saw a white kerchief. Angre said this can belong to the killer. He said it looks like she was killed just now. Riddhima said check the cctv footage, I want to know who killed her. He said I will check. He got the cctv footage and saw Vyom stabbing Gayu. Angre said Vyom… Riddhima said it means Vyom killed her, I won’t leave him. Vyom said tear of Laila…. your Majnu is coming for you baby. Inspector Singham came and said there is a murder blame on you. Vyom said it’s a misunderstanding. Riddhima said we don’t need any help, officer take him. Vyom said it’s not me and the Inspector showed him the cctv footage. Vyom said no, that’s not me. Inspector said Ram aur Shyam, Sita aur Gita, is any shooting going on.

Riddhima asked why did you kill her. Vyom said it’s not me. She said the footage is in front of you. Vyom said the outcome of this won’t be right, you are doing wrong. She asked the officer to take him and Vyom was arrested. Riddhima came to her room. She said the work is done, come out. Sara said not bad, I didn’t know you act well. Riddhima said I learnt this from Vansh, thanks, you helped me, Vansh got saved. Sara said I am also a threat for you. Riddhima said I know you are my old Gayu, I have no threat from you, you will become Gayu again, thanks. She recalled calling Sara and said I have to meet you, Vyom wants to get the tear of Laila, you have to do something. Sara collided with him and acted to get stabbed. Sara said I helped you for my profit, if anyone else kills Vansh, then my name will be spoilt. Riddhima said you won’t do anything to Vansh, I promised to give you a new life. Sara asked will you go and tell everyone about me. Angre said Gayatri’s body disappeared suddenly. Riddhima said she is here. Angre, Dadi and Ishani became shocked.

Riddhima said we have to find that diamond’s location and she saw some blood. She went and saw Sara injured and she shouted for help. Vyom said Riddhima didn’t know that we will make the fake murder case real.

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