Ishani Takes Revenge On Aryan For Sh00ting Angre. Till Love Do Us Part 28 April 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 235


The Episode started with Riddhima looking for the remote. The alarm rang, Vansh came there and she became tensed. She woke up from the dream. She said it won’t be easy to steal the black box. Vyom called her and asked when are you going to give me the black box. She said you will know it when it comes. He said I am thinking what will be the colour of your face when I tell Vansh about our deal.

She said if you do this, then our deal is off. Vansh took the phone and asked about the deal but Vyom disconnected. Vansh asked who was it, he didn’t like my voice. She said you won’t know my face if you hear my talks. He asked her to have juice.

She asked did you mix anything. He said yes, affection, care, love and truth serum. She joked and sat to have the juice and coughed. She asked what happened, you okay. She said it’s truth serum, don’t you think Dadi should know about it. He said yes, go. She said okay, are you sure. He said yes, tell Dadi the entire truth, if she knows this, we both won’t be alive. Riddhima said fine, let it be between us. He said that’s what I call a game and he hugged her.

Siya came to meet Vyom. She said I thought you miss me. He said that’s sweet, but I didn’t miss you. She said you stay so fit. He said people try to heal wounds, I heal it this way. She said if you share pain with someone, it gets less. He said my wounds are deep, you have to know my feelings, I don’t think you would do it, I want a girl who knows how to take risk. She said I can take any risk for you. He asked her to see a gift for her. She said I will change and come. Chanchal said Vyom is our family friend, I think something happened between our families.

Dadi said we should not mention his name. Chanchal said I will not ask Siya, she was going out, I pray that everything stays fine. Dadi said she would have gone to her friend’s place, she will come. Riddhima came and said I need to talk to you and Dadi sent Chanchal away. Riddhima asked are you still upset. Dadi said I can’t forget anyone who hurts this VR mansion, I will punish that person.

Aryan came to Vansh. He asked where is my gun and Vansh got the gun. He said you shouldn’t get the gun back, but I forgive you. Aryan said you are forgiving me, when I killed Angre, you don’t care for anyone else than Riddhima and Vansh smiled. Aryan said mark my words, one day she will ruin you. Vansh said don’t get her in between else…. Aryan asked else what, you can’t send your man after me now. Vansh got a message and smiled.

Aryan asked what’s so funny. Vansh said you will know it, go now. Vansh came to the room. He got the fingerprint from the juice glass and unlocked Riddhima’s phone. He said you are smart, you don’t leave any clue, there is no number. He placed the phone back and left. Riddhima looked on and said I have learnt this from you, sweetheart.

Aryan was with Kiara. He said how was Vansh so cool and calm, it has to be something. Kiara said you got your gun back, great. Aryan said I didn’t understand how he left me so easily, something is wrong. Ishani came and asked do you have painkiller. Aryan asked didn’t Vansh tell you anything. She said no, what he did with Angre, I don’t want to know. He asked do you know.

She said I know, Angre is in pain, go and find painkiller. He asked what, is he alive. She asked what do you mean. He said nothing. She asked what did you mean. He said I was saying something else. She said tell me the truth. He said when I shot Vansh… Ishani took the gun and pointed at him. Aryan said don’t play with it. She said just tell me, did you attack Angre, I will shoot. He said yes and shot him.

Kiara worried and said Aryan. Ishani scolded him,left and Kiara laughed. Aryan asked what’s so funny. Kiara said replacing the real bullets with blanks, nice one, I am proud of you. He said now I understand, how Angre got saved, even Vansh got saved, so he said my aim always misses, he did this drama to bring Riddhima back home, hats off Vansh.

Siya wore the saree and came. Vyom asked how do you feel. She said I feel so good, how do you like me. He said good, I think you should do something about your face. She asked bindi. Riddhima called him. He asked her to go. She said I want to be with you, I can take any risk for you. He said interesting, go to the corridor right now, she left and her earring fell. He picked it and talked to Riddhima. He said I know you didn’t get the black box.

She said this deal is important, I will come to give the black box, I am not your partner, it’s a one time deal, what’s in your hand, any girl’s earring. Vyom said nothing. He saw Siya and shouted go away, shut the door and Siya left. He said tell me if you need any help. She said I need something precious to reach the black box. He said okay, you will get it.

Ishani scolded Vansh. He said Angre’s life is much improved, stop shouting, nothing happened to him. She said I won’t let anything happen to him, he is my husband. He said I do everything for my family and prestige. She said that’s a lie, you are selfish, you do everything for yourself, I won’t let Angre risk his life.

Angre asked what’s the passcode, there is no keyhole. Vansh said I will find out, how is your pain and Kiara looked on. Angre said it’s much better, sorry, don’t know what Ishani told you. Vansh said I am glad she cares for you, go now. Kiara said it means I had given the black box to Vansh that night.

Vansh said I was unconscious here, leave for the jungle tomorrow, it’s important to know the secret. Vansh said I will give you more precious gift, I will gift you memory of the 6 hours spent in the jungle. Angre got to Kabir…Read more

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