Vansh Goes After Ridhima’s Secret. Till Love Do Us Part 28 April 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 236


The Episode started with Kiara saying I had given the black box to Vansh. She recalled someone asking her to deliver the package. Someone injected her and she fainted. She thinks what’s my connection with that black box. Vansh checked the jungle map. He said I think Riddhima and I jumped down from this cliff, I was lying unconscious here, we will get someone here, we will get some clue.

Angre asked is this important than Riddhima, maybe she has a reason to hide this truth. Vansh said we have to find out the reason, it’s important, what is the reason that she is going against the family and Angre held his arm. Vansh said your arm isn’t fine, let it be, I will go. Angre said this secret is important than my wound, I will go and he left.

Riddhima came to her room but didn’t see the phone ringing. Chanchal said I have to go and check who is at the door. A guy got a parcel for delivery for Riddhima. He said I have been calling her but she isn’t answering. Chanchal said it’s me, give it to me. She took the box and checked.

She saw diamond pendant, she became happy and left. Vyom left a message for Riddhima about the diamond pendant. The servant said Chanchal has taken your parcel. Riddhima asked did she take my parcel, thanks. Chanchal tried the diamond pendant. Riddhima came and asked for the parcel.

Chanchal said it’s a pendant, I asked whose box is this, he said Mrs. Singhania, he didn’t mention your name. She gave a cheap pendant. Riddhima said I think this is real, I had ordered an imitation pendant, this one looks so costly, I think the shopkeeper did a mistake. Chanchal stopped her and said I forgot to tell you, this is your pendant, I was trying, your pendant came in my box. Riddhima said it’s fine.

Ishani scolded Riddhima. She said Siya isn’t a kid now, she knows what to wear and where to go. Riddhima recalled Siya’s earring. She called out Siya and said I won’t ask from where you are coming, you are walking on a dangerous path, it can ruin your life. Siya said you don’t know where I went, don’t tell me if you don’t know, keep your lecture to yourself, even I can question you. Riddhima asked what happened to you and Ishani took Siya away. She said excellent, don’t feel guilty.

Ishani wore a saree and surprised Angre. He said wow, you are looking very beautiful, are you going somewhere. She said you are going to get hurt on Vansh’s saying. He said I am not going to take any risk. She said I have worn this saree for you, you aren’t gong anywhere. He said I love you, thanks for wearing this saree for me, I have to go.

She pointed a gun at herself and said decide, duty or Ishani. He said relax, return the gun, fine, both, I love you, but work is work, play with the gun, it’s empty. She asked what. She threw the gun and said you were going with an empty gun, if anything happened to you and she hugged him. He said stop worrying for me, I had to cheat to calm you down.

He took the gun and said the gun was loaded. She hugged him and said I don’t want you to be with Vansh, what will happen to me if anything happens to you, he has become selfish, he just cares for Riddhima. He said he cares for everyone. She said you are my husband first. He said I know my duty, relax and packed his bag. Vansh collided with Riddhima and stopped her.

She asked why are you coming in my way. He said not intentionally. She asked him to go now. He said our ways are the same. She asked him to go, she will also finish her work. She then smiled and left. Vansh and Riddhima turned to see each other.

She said bye. She saw Angre and said this has herbal tea, this will help you in healing your wound, take some rest. He said I have some important work. She said you won’t tell about your boss’ work, be safe, go. Anupriya asked Vansh to talk to Dadi, she isn’t eating any meal well. Vansh said give me the tray, I will talk to her.

Angre said sorry, if you don’t mind, I have no right to say, you have given much love, why are you doing this, you know so much happened between Vansh and you, you should think there is no one important than family for Vansh, doesn’t this family matter to you, did you stop loving Vansh. She said when love is true, person lives and dies for love, I am doing this for love, go, good luck for your work and she left.

Vansh asked Dadi is she keeping fasts. Dadi said no, I eat food well. He asked her to have food, what’s worrying her. She said nothing, our enemies are increasing, I have told you that a hidden enemy is dangerous than a known enemy, you have to be careful. He said don’t worry, no danger can touch our family. She said my blessings are always with you. He hugged her and made her have the juice. Riddhima came to open the locker.

Vansh came and said you got much attached to my office. She said what to do, precious things are kept here. He asked what are you looking for. She said I already got you. He said how sweet, why were you looking for me in a safe. She said how sweet, nice joke, I came to keep something and showed the diamond pendant. He said it’s beautiful.

She said I bought this for myself for our anniversary. He said it looks costly, wait, I will keep it. He opened the safe and placed it in and she saw the remote. He said I remember anniversaries of enemies as well, I will give you a precious gift. She asked what. He hugged her and said your memory. Angre came to the jungle. Vansh asked isn’t it a precious gift. She said a lot and they hugged.

Angre asked is anyone inside and Kabir screamed. Angre said there is a guard here. Vansh said go by the back door, I want to know who is inside. Riddhima threw the dust and said bull’s eye…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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