Vansh Burns Ridhima Alive. Till Love Do Us Part 28 February 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 150


The Episode started with Vansh pouring kerosene around the bedding while Riddhima was sleeping. She woke up and became shocked seeing this. She asked what are you doing Vansh, kerosene? He asked what did you think Riddhima, your cheat will be hidden from me, no…. I knew everything, I had saved you till now to punish you at the right time. He recalled Siya’s recording and Kabir’s words. He said you have first cheated me till now.

She said please stop it, sometimes what we see and hear isn’t the truth and he lights the fire. She said save me, stop it Vansh and she cried. She woke up from suddenly and realized it was just a dream. Vansh asked what happened Riddhima…. He hugged her and said relax, maybe you have seen a bad dream, I won’t let anything happen to you. She thinks I should not get such dream, now Vansh knows the truth.

She said I saw in the dream that you were going away from me, so I was afraid. He said it’s wrong, now we are so close that there is no question of going away, how will I live without you, let’s make the mood better, there is a surprise waiting for you at home, get ready, we can go home. She said fine, I will get ready and come. He called Angre and asked for the update. Angre said I did it as you said. Vansh said good and disconnected the call.

Vansh and Riddhima were on their way home. The girl then called again and said I am Ahana, it’s important to tell you. Riddhima asked what is it, answer me, tell me. Ahana said listen to me. Riddhima said the voice is cracking. She thinks who is this girl, what does she want to tell me. Vansh asked her to look for his phone. He said I have to talk to Angre, I will call from your phone. He checked her phone and placed it down. He said I have given many chances to the world to come between us, now I want my wife’s every moment for me, no third person is permitted to disturb us and they held hands.

She thinks thank God, Vansh has forgiven and he has accepted me with my past. The one who attacked her took her letter from Vansh. It’s was Kabir. Kabir crushed the letter and said Vansh will never get your truth. Vansh and Riddhima then came home and they got a good welcome at home. The family came to the door. Dadi said Riddhima has defeated death, come, you both solved all the problems. Vansh lifted Riddhima and took her. Ishani made a face.

Vansh said I know the way is decorated with flowers, but there are thorns hidden, let the thorns get written in my fate. He took her to the door and dropped her. Dadi did their aarti. Dadi asked how are the decorations. Riddhima said really good. Vansh said the surprise is good, I am your grandson, I have also planned a surprise, the reason is Riddhima’s return and new years, there will be a grand party.

He looked at Kabir and said whatever happened with Anupriya, it won’t change the fact that you will always be my half brother, I invite you to the party as well and he left. Riddhima said it’s enough Kabir, Anupriya has to reform, if there is evil in you, then your state will be same like her, Vansh doesn’t spare his enemies if they mess with him and she left. Kabir said I will prove you wrong Riddhima, the game is going to change, your place, my shot.

Riddhima got ready for the party. Vansh asked can I make you ready, I don’t want any wish unfulfilled, who knows, we are there or not, memories should be there and Riddhima smiled. He tied the string tightly and asked does it hurt. She said no. He took a cutter pointing towards her. She became scared and said Vansh…. He then cut the hair band and loosened her hair. He said I like loose hair. She said you scared me, is everything fine now. He said we will know at the party. He thinks this party is special, you will learn a big lesson of life. She asked shall we. They held hands and left.

Vansh asked Angre did you do the work. Angre said yes, everything is in control. Vansh said someone is trying to call Riddhima, I took her phone, so that person will try to come here. Angre said don’t worry, I have set strong security outside. Vansh said good. Riddhima and Vansh danced. Vansh said new year, new start, new year gets many surprises, my heart said that this year will bring interesting turn. Angre signalled Vansh. Vansh said it’s your last night, live it well, you don’t have much time. Riddhima asked what do you mean. Live wires were about to touch her arm.

She went back. Vansh pulled her and said it’s the last night of 2020, then new year will begin and she smiled. Someone entered the house while Angre looked around. Ahana hid from him. She entered a room and took a dress from the cupboard. Riddhima danced with Kabir. Kabir said whatever you did with mom, it was right, but she was my mom, you have to pay a price for it. Riddhima said she did that being selfish, it wasn’t a pure thing, you can’t take revenge on me, even death can’t harm me when Vansh is with me. Ahana saw Riddhima and came to her and they danced. Riddhima thinks who is she. Ahana said I called you, our talk was incomplete, I want to tell you something important and Riddhima became shocked.

Ahana suddenly disappeared. Riddhima wondered who was that girl and what she wanted to tell. Vansh pointed a knife at her and she screamed Riddhima. Riddhima asked what you wanted to tell me? Everyone looked on…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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