Pregnancy Test Confirms Ridhima Is Pregnant. Till Love Do Us Part 28 March 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 188


The Episode started with Riddhima saying am I pregnant, I should do the test to confirm. She recalled Vansh’s words and said I will tell everyone when it’s confirmed. Ishani said how did you not save my baby, how could you not keep your promise. Vansh said we tried, situation was critical, Lord couldn’t want the baby to come into this world, knowing I can’t protect him, no one can stop what’s destined, you need to rest, calm down. Riddhima and Angre came. Riddhima said I know it’s tough time for you, but try to be strong. Ishani said you can’t understand my pain of losing a baby.

She asked Vansh to leave and Vansh left with Riddhima. Riddhima thinks maybe I am pregnant. Ishani said leave me alone and Angre left. She recalled everything. She said Vansh wasn’t saying that. She got a file and cried seeing Vansh and her childhood pic. She then shredded Vansh’s pics. She said you had given me this pain to save Riddhima, I have lost my baby today, this bonding broke because of me, this Riddhima is the reason, I hate her, she has snatched Vansh from me and she cried.

Vansh played basketball. He thinks Ishani is in pain, I couldn’t do anything and recalled some boys beating him. He asked Sir to save him. The man asked him to pay his dad’s loan. The man said see what I make you and send you away. He asked the boys to play more and the boys beat him further. Vansh’s knee started bleeding. Ishani stumbled at the stairs and Kabir held her. She said bhai. He it me Kabir. She said you are also like my Bhai. He asked why did you come, did you have some work. She said Aryan was right, when it’s about saving either me or Riddhima, Vansh would save Riddhima.

She said I lost my baby because of Riddhima. Kabir said Ishani, you called me bhai, you shouldn’t cry now, if Vansh is standing by Riddhima, then remember I am standing by you, I have punished that shooter for killing my nephew and she hugged him. He thinks Vansh, I have snatched Ishani from me, I will snatch Riddhima as well. Riddhima doesn’t see. Fire caught the cloth kept near the stove. Kabir came and pulled her. He helped her and said sorry, fire caught up the cloth, I wanted to talk, Vansh was upset, you can talk to him to make him feel better.

She said I was going to him after giving the soup to Ishani. He said you can go to him, I will give this soup to her. She thanked to him and left. He said everything about him gives me peace, this pain, your touch, maybe Lord wants us to come close, one day you will understand my feelings, thanks is enough for now. Vansh asked Riddhima to leave him alone.

Riddhima kissed him and said you don’t deserve loneliness, you deserve lots of pain. Vansh said I am the reason for whatever happened with Ishani, I had killed that baby, he died because of me. She said no. She said this happened because of me, you should hate me, it’s because of my work.

She said calm down, don’t blame yourself, throw away this hatred, I know it’s wrong, everyone is hurt, you have protected the family always, what do you see for yourself in my eyes, just love and respect, lots of love and asked him to sit and pacified him. She said it was our bad luck that Ishani lost her baby, it was not in anyone’s control.

She asked him to have food but he turned away. A courier came for Riddhima and Kabir received it. Vansh asked what happened, aren’t you fine, did you eat something wrong. Riddhima said maybe it’s because of stress. He said focus on your health, shall I get medicines. She said no need, he made her rest and he left. She thinks why hasn’t the parcel come by now. Kabir came to give her the parcel and she thanked him.

Kabir recalled checking the pregnancy test kit. He said Riddhima is pregnant, how could she do this, she is with Vansh. He said my fate is supporting me, sorry, congrats, I have a plan. He said the Lord opens a door for me always. Vansh got ready and asked Riddhima to take care and left from the room. Riddhima went and did the test. She checked and said I am pregnant with Vansh’s child.

Vansh told Kabir, without a father, world makes a child life miserable which he has experienced himself. He said it’s better he doesn’t become a father. Later, Riddhima asked Vansh why he is so scared. He said he has just started being scared because that’s how he will stay alert. Kabir thinks now this will separate Vansh and Riddhima….Read more

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