Kabir Reveals The Truth To Ridhima. Till Love Do Us Part 28 March 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 189


The Episode started with Riddhima saying I am going to become a mum. She smiled looking at her marriage pic. Kabir said I know Riddhima, you won’t give this news to Vansh now, I didn’t play any move, I can feel that you are coming close to me. Vansh came to the room and saw Riddhima with their marriage pic. He asked you okay. Riddhima said yes, I am fine. He asked is this the love magic that you are talking to my pic. She said yes, you may think so, sometimes life gives beautiful reasons to smile.

He asked what is it. Angre came to tell about Ishani. Ishani shouted where is the matchbox. She threw the baby toys and lights the matchstick to burn them. Vansh, Angre and Riddhima came there. Vansh asked Ishani not to do it but Ishani burnt the toys. Vansh moved her away and said I have burnt everything and Vansh apologized. Riddhima thinks it’s not the time to tell Vansh.

Angre and Vansh went out. Ishani held Riddhima’s hand and said you had this in your fate, I lost my baby because of you. Riddhima cried and thinks if Vansh didn’t save me, then I would have gotten shot, my baby…. She got her pregnancy report checked. She thinks how shall I share this after all that happened and she prayed to Bappa. She said everyone is upset here, it would be wrong to express happiness and Chanchal got Ishani out.

Riddhima thinks if Ishani sees my pregnancy reports, then she will be hurt and Chanchal called her out and Riddhima stumbled. The reports fell down and Kabir picked the reports. He said thanks for getting my reports. Chanchal asked what reports. Kabir said I had a fever at night, I didn’t want to take a chance and got a covid test done, it’s negative.

Chanchal asked him to drink kada for good immunity and Ishani left. Kabir said Riddhima, I won’t say this to anyone and she left. He thinks I was right, Riddhima is pregnant. Kabir and Vansh were on the way. Kabir thanked him for the lift. He said I hope you are fine after whatever happened with Ishani and Vansh scolded him. He heard about the rose day on the radio and he thinks of buying roses for Riddhima and a lady called him out and he turned to see. She asked him to kill her baby and Vansh got puzzled.

The lady said your way would be better than killing orphans with hunger, you have turned my baby into an orphan. He said I don’t know you. She said my husband was killed in your shootout, you didn’t see the dead bodies fallen there, my innocent baby wasn’t at fault, tell me and she cried. He said I am sorry, I felt bad to hear about your husband, I will take responsibility of the child, I will try to fill up his absence. She said how can you do the duty of a husband and a father, you will also get cursed, just pray that you don’t become a father, else your baby will pay for it, you don’t know what happens to a child without his father and she cursed him. Vansh then recalled his bad childhood.

He said right, the world doesn’t let such children live well, it’s better that I don’t become a dad, if anything happens to me, then the same will happen to my child. Kabir said Vansh doesn’t want to become a dad, Riddhima is pregnant, fate is with me and they left in the car. Riddhima talked to her patient. Rudra came and asked where is Vansh, I had some important work. She said he went out and Vansh came. He scolded Rudra and Riddhima stopped him. Vansh said really sorry, my mood was bad, keep the files, I will see. Rudra gave him the files and left.

Vansh recalled the lady’s words. Riddhima sat on his lap and said I know where your stress begins and ends and he hugged her. He said just be with me, close to me. She asked why are you tensed. He said I won’t lose my precious things if I am scared and alert. She said sit, I have a way to relieve your stress. She gave him a neck massage and thinks you are going to become a dad, I want to tell this to you soon, your stress will end. Riddhima went and made noodles. Siya asked why are you making noodles.

Riddhima said I wanted to have something spicy. Siya said you didn’t feel well, you can have fruits, papaya will make you better. Riddhima thinks how to tell Siya that I can’t have papaya. She said I am better now. Siya said I will tell Vansh. Riddhima said no, I am taking care of myself, I promise. Siya asked her to have papaya.

Riddhima worried. Siya said it’s good for your health. Kabir came and took the fork to eat the papaya. He said I love papaya a lot, I will have it, sorry, I wanted to have fruits, Riddhima you can have something else. Siya said I will eat another one. Riddhima said no need, I won’t have noodles, okay, I will take rest, then we will have dinner, she left and Kabir called her out. He said I had to talk to you, forget it, I didn’t intend to make you uncomfortable, sorry.

She said it’s okay, tell me. He said I wanted to congratulate you, I am the first person to know about it, I am happy for you, did you tell Vansh. She said no, I am going to tell him soon. He said there is a truth which you should know. She asked what the truth. He said sorry to say but your child won’t get father’s love ever and she became shocked.

Vansh told Riddhima that he has a surprise for her and Rose petals fell on her and she became very happy. He pulled her to him and said, happy rose day. They both go out, holding each others hand. Kabir saw it and said they will get separated….Read more

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