Kabir Get Discovered. Till Love Do Us Part 29 April 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 237


The Episode started with Angre talking to Vansh. He said I have reached here, I can’t see anything in the jungle, I will find out. Vansh said I would have come along, but I doubt that Riddhima wants to steal the black box, she wants to know the safe password, I know why she is doing this, you keep searching. Angre said sure. He saw an old house where Kabir was held captive there. Ishani scolded Aryan.

Aryan said Vansh is the real culprit, he didn’t kill any duplicate Riddhima, Riddhima is one. She asked what. Kiara saw the tattoo on her back. She recalled and said I need to meet Vansh. She asked Aryan to tell where Vansh is but he scolded her.

She asked him to just leave her. Aryan said I am really sorry, I feel disgusted and her shirt got torn. He asked what’s this tattoo on your back. She said I didn’t see. He said you can take a look,he went and she saw the tattoo. She said I was given this tattoo when I was given the black box, it means it’s connected.

Angre came to the house and shouted is anyone there. Kabir tried to make a sound. A Guard stopped Angre and asked who are you. Angre said I want some water, I came for trekking, please give me some water, I was seeing who made this cottage in the jungle. The man said it’s my cottage, I am a hunter, I stay here. Angre said fine, give me water. The man gave him the water and Angre drank it. He asked about the sound. The man said there are dogs inside, go away and called some madam.

He came to Kabir. Kabir said I won’t leave you, Riddhima, how long will you keep me here. Vansh saw Riddhima trying to open the safe. He thinks I want to know your plan and she got a call. She asked what and she left. She asked what about Kabir, listen to me. Dadi came to Siya. Anupriya also came. Dadi asked what clothes are you wearing, where is your earring. Siya said I don’t care. Anupriya said say sorry to Dadi but Siya argued with them.

Dadi scolded her and asked her to change her clothes. She said Ishani has changed a lot, Riddhima is spoiling Siya, she is responsible for all this. Chanchal said you are right. Vansh asked what are you saying, was it a hunter or a guard. Angre said he was a guard, he said he was a hunter, I am sure I heard a sound, when I left, he called someone, he said madam. Vansh recalled Riddhima getting a call.

He said I want to know who is inside. Ishani said Riddhima was there, she would have told them. Siya asked why. Ishani said she will act sweet, but she is a backstabber, if you meet her next time, give her a lesson, use water proof makeup next time. Siya asked whom will I fight, everyone is fighting with me. Ishani said I will always be there for you.

Siya then hugged Ishani. Vansh looked for Riddhima and saw her leaving. He asked where is she going. Angre said I will go from the backside and climbed from the pole. Vansh saw Riddhima going to a medical store, and Vansh followed her. She came home, threw darts and he caught it. He asked may I. She said anybody can play games. She said I went to the chemist shop, I thought to take some medicines and threw the dart at the bulls eye.

She said not bad. He asked her to try again, she is a little bit away from the target. She threw and hits the bulls’ eye. She said my focus doesn’t go anywhere else when you are with me. He asked how is your headache. She said better now, I have taken medicines. He got a call and he left.

She recalled asking the man to collect the medicine from the counter. Dadi came to Vansh and Riddhima. She said Siya was the most innocent one, she has spoiled now. Vansh said I will talk to her but Dadi blamed Riddhima. Riddhima asked what did I do. Dadi said ask her not to affect Siya badly. Riddhima said I didn’t do anything. Dadi said ask her to stay in her limits.

Riddhima said the game won’t end your way. Kabir shouted and Vansh came there. Kabir said Vansh will not leave me and you also. Vansh opened the door and got in.

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