Vyom’s Identity Get Revealed. Till Love Do Us Part 29 June 2022, Wednesday: Episode 312


The Episode started with Riddhima asking Vansh where was he last night, he wasn’t in the room. Vansh asked Riddhima why did she come after him, what did she see. She said nothing, I swear. He said I will return in an hour, don’t go anywhere. She said if I go anywhere, sorry, I was joking, I won’t go and he left. Dadi asked the man to change the menu, everyone is bored having the same thing. Vyom greeted her and introduced himself and she asked why didn’t you go. He said I will go, everyone has to go, someone has to go early and someone late, shall I send you to heaven, then I will settle scores with Vansh. Dadi said you may threaten me, don’t say anything that will make Vansh angry him, you know which day is going to come and he argued.

He said you are scared that I may make Vansh more angry, that he will burn you as well in that fire, you are scared that your secret will come out, what will Vansh do then and he poured water on her. He said the black stains on your soul, your sins won’t get washed off, it’s time that your sin pot breaks off and she left. Aryan collided with him and said sorry and Vyom stopped him. Aryan said I didn’t see. Vyom asked where were you, you are planning to backstab me. Aryan said I don’t intend to double cross you, don’t regard me weak, I am also a player of this game, when there are more tigers in the jungle, then we should share the area.

Vyom asked what do you want to say. Aryan said I also tasted blood, so, take care. Angre said boss, our Thailand got stolen. Vansh asked what, how. Angre said that person has information about our location. Vansh asked why didn’t you know it. Angre said sorry, that man was very clever. Vansh said he is a coward, just he can do this and Angre said Vyom. Vyom came to greet and he left. Vansh asked who gave the consignment info, who knew about it. Angre said just Aryan, you and I knew about it. Vansh asked how did Aryan get this information. Angre said sorry, I was busy with planning Riddhima and your marriage anniversary, I had to take Aryan’s help, is anyone between us, who we are not able to identify. Vansh said I need to talk to Aryan. He came to the room and called out Riddhima. She came and asked what happened. He said you should have been here. She said I went to the washroom.

He said I said one hour, it means one hour. She asked what happened to me, your behavior is getting strange, you are angry, I will give you water, have it. He said give me a kiss. She asked what. He said give me a kiss. She said it means this drama was for a kiss and he said yes. She said have water first but he refused. She said I will have it, he took the glass and threw it in anger.

She asked have you gone mad. He said yes, I have gone mad, how dare that glass touche your lips before me. She said okay, first I need to calm down, first right is yours, you kiss me, you give me a kiss which is worth 500 kisses and she closed her eyes. He recalled their moments and moved close to her to kiss. He lifted her in his arms and she asked what are you doing. He said you won’t walk here until the glass gets cleared. She said I am wearing slippers. He said you won’t put your feet down and he dropped her on the bed.

He asked do you want to say something. She said no, I…. I have to say, I promised you, I won’t hide anything, you know who is our hotel manager is? He asked who. She said Vyom and he became shocked. She said yes and he went to Vyom. Angre also came there. Vyom said if I do any mistake, you can fire me. Vansh started questioning him. He said Vyom, tell me your truth on your own and Vyom smiled.

He then removed the disguise. Angre said it’s Vyom, I won’t leave him but Vansh stopped Angre. Angre said he was staying here as a spy, order me, I will shoot him. Vansh said he is our esteemed guest, I don’t want any blood shed in my hotel and Riddhima came there too. Vyom said as expected, you told your husband, you proved you are loyal to your husband, did you tell him everything, you were in my room last night. Riddhima recalled doing the aid to his wound. Vyom said ask her, tell him you were in my room, how you… Angre said shut up. Riddhima asked Vyom to shut up. She said I can explain Vansh. Vansh said no need to say anything, I trust you, Vyom joked and Vansh slapped him.

He asked him to get out. Vyom said I am leaving, but not from your life. He was leaving and he saw Siya. Siya collided with him and said sorry. He said what was that, will you hit me to get my attention, it’s pathetic. She said listen, you collided with me. He said you would say that you are concerned for me, Vansh will identify me. She said I don’t care, I think Vansh has identified you. He said bye but she stopped him. He said you would say you are madly in love with me. She said no, I am not in love with you, I am not weak and stupid, I will prove it to you. Riddhima came to Siya and watched some old pics. Riddhima said everyone’s birthday pics are there, Vansh’s birthday pics aren’t there. Siya said Vansh hates his birthday, he didn’t celebrate his birthday for many years. Riddhima asked what.

Riddhima got a cake. Vansh asked were you following me. She said no, I got this cake for you, I have baked this for your birthday. He threw the cake and said I hate my birthdays, Riddhima.

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