Vansh Learns The Hidden Secret. Till Love Do Us Part 3 May 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 241


The Episode started with Riddhima getting a call and leaving. She came to meet Kabir. Vansh followed and thinks where is she going, who lives there. Kabir asked did you forget our old love, I don’t want to stay alive on your pity, kill me, I am a threat for you. She said this is the difference between you and me, I am not a cold blooded murderer like you. She asked the man to give him the timely doses. The man gave him the medicines.

Vansh saw some light and looked underneath. Riddhima came out. She recalled seeing Vansh following her and she left. Vansh also came out and saw her leaving. He run to his car but the car doesn’t start. Vansh looked on. He checked his car and saw some cloth stucked in the exhaust pipe. He thinks till when will you get saved, sweetheart.

Kiara came to her room and saw it messed up. She asked Riddhima what is she doing and why. Riddhima said come on in, it’s your room, just a little mess, you had identified me right, you met me at the club, I know you were the girl who got the black box for Vansh. Kiara asked are you crazy. Riddhima said it’s pointless to run away from me, this is my house, I can do anything with you, it will be good for you that you tell me the truth.

Kiara said I didn’t know that I had to deliver this to Vansh, I had heard him saying that no one can get it, I don’t know anything else, I was made unconscious and a tattoo was made on my back when the black box was given to me. She showed the tattoo and Riddhima took a pic of it and Aryan came there. Kiara said thank God, you have come. Aryan said I try to avoid your unlucky face, but you always show up, what are you doing here.

Kiara said she was threatening me and Aryan scolded Riddhima. He said you shouldn’t mess up with me, it’s a big thing that Vansh handles you. Riddhima said you and Vansh have no comparison, you can’t handle yourself, you need to handle your girlfriend, she is playing with dangers, she can lose her life.

Aryan said mind your tongue. Riddhima said you mind your tongue, stay in your limits, lower your tone. Riddhima looked at the tattoo. Vansh said Riddhima came here, someone stays here, we have to know who she is meeting. Angre asked what do you think. Vansh said we have to know it, who it is, for whom she is lying to me. Angre said I will go in and check. Angre then went to check.

Kiara said I am done here, I am going to meet my mum and dad. Aryan asked why do you think you are going by fear, tell me, what is it, what was Riddhima threatening about, I want to know. She said nothing. He said you are hiding something, tell me.

She said I was sent to deliver a black box to Vansh, I was in Thailand, a man gave me that black box to deliver, then I fainted, something was happening on my back, it was painful, they made a tattoo on my back without my permission. He asked what’s the meaning. She said I don’t know about it, I guess this tattoo and black box have some connection. He asked why did you not tell me before, what’s in that box.

She said I don’t know, that gangsters were chasing me for this black box. He said I promise, I will protect you. She said so sweet, I felt glad meeting the real Aryan, thanks and she hugged him. He thinks this black box will fulfill my dream. Angre saw the man going inside the house and he followed him. He became shocked seeing Kabir tied up. He called Vansh and said boss…

Vansh stopped Riddhima’s car. She asked what are you doing, what happened, why are you looking at me like this. He said don’t you dare touch me. She asked what’s the matter. He said this was your move to use Kabir and ruin my business. She asked what. He said liar, cheater, fraud, you have cheated me, this love, concern, marriage, our relation was a lie, you planned to trap me, right.

She said no and he hits the car. She said you will be hurt, I don’t understand anything. He said you don’t understand. She said calm down, we will talk tomorrow. He said tell me, why did you go to meet Kabir, do you understand. She said I don’t understand, you are mistaken. He said then clear my misunderstanding, are you plotting to kill me or my family.

She said no. He said you misused my love, you two faced thankless woman, you have crossed the limits, the woman I love, what did you become, it’s time to put you back in your place,he slapped her and there he realized it was just his imagination. Riddhima got down the car. She asked was I there in your dream. He said maybe. She asked did you get angry with me. He asked why, did I do anything that I should get angry.

She said never, I will never do anything to hurt you or our love, I mean it. He asked really, you asked me who do I love the most, I ask the same thing to you. She said I love you the most, I didn’t even love myself more than you. He said interesting, very interesting and left. Kabir called her and said your game is up, I am free and she became shocked.

Aryan said the black box will be mine, you said it has info of the underworld. Angre heard Ishani and Aryan’s conversation. He informed Vansh about Kiara’s tattoo. Riddhima then searched about the tattoo…Read more

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