Ridhima’s Baby’s Life In Danger. Till Love Do Us Part 30 March 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 192


The Episode started with Riddhima coming to Vansh, acted like him and Vansh smiled. She started imitating him. He removed his shirt and asked what happened, won’t you copy me now. She turned to go and he stopped her. He said Riddhima is the other name for love for me, it’s written on my heart. She said then can’t you write another name on your heart, please… I won’t let you go, you didn’t tell me the reason, why can’t you love the baby. He said I don’t want to talk about it.

She said it’s okay, I will not lose, I will keep the promise and she went to the washroom. She sat applying nail polish and someone came there with a knife. She asked who is there but didn’t see anyone. She said I had shut the bathroom door, or not. She checked and said maybe the bottle fell by mistake. Servant called out and said Dadi has sent me for room cleaning. She said come later.

Siya brought Vansh and Riddhima for a surprise. She asked them to open their eyes. Riddhima smiled seeing the crib. She hugged Siya and thanked her. Riddhima showed a toy baby. She said it’s for new couples who are becoming parents for the first time, Vansh and I can practice care with this. Siya said good and she left. Vansh said you think you can create father’s feelings in me by doing all this, don’t try, it’s not going to work on me. She gave him the toy in hand, he recalled the lady’s curse and left.

Riddhima said I will teach him everything and he slept. She woke up by some sound and heard someone singing La la la…. She went to check. She didn’t see the crib in the room, She then shuts the main door and saw the crib. She was shocked seeing the broken toy. She cried and said who can do this, I will tell Vansh, he will find out who did this, I can’t tell him, he thinks our lives are always in danger, he will say we won’t bring this baby into the world, I will find out who did this worst thing. She turned and saw someone’s shadow.

She went and saw Angre. He asked you here. She asked what are you doing here. He said I was awake, I heard some lullaby tune and came to see, did you hear the same. She thinks if I tell him the truth, then he will tell Vansh. He said even I wasn’t getting sleep, any way good night. She thinks something is wrong, don’t know who is doing this and why. It’s morning, Riddhima called Vansh and said you know we had to go for sonography today and he stopped the car. She said your baby is stubborn like you, he is troubling me, I had three vomits at night. He said you go there,I will come.

She said with scolding, love and emotional torture, I will convince Vansh, he will be the best dad for the baby and someone followed her. Vansh said I don’t want to come for sonography, I hate it, I don’t have the baby’s place in my world, we were happy together, what was the need for this, this pregnancy and baby are important for you but I can’t do this, I love you a lot Riddhima, but I can’t become a father and he got a message form her.

He called Angre and said I will be there for the meeting and thinks of his childhood. He started sweating. Riddhima’s bag fell, She sat and picked the belongings. Someone made the vehicle get to her. The van had a sharp iron rods pointed towards Riddhima. Vansh recalled Riddhima’s words. Riddhima was shocked seeing the danger. Vansh did see the auto in front of his car and Riddhima went aside.

The rod stroke a tree and she asked baby not to worry, she won’t let anything happen to him. Vansh saw the auto and turned the car aside. He stopped the car and took a breath. Riddhima thanked Bappa for saving her from the accident. She said where is Vansh. The person looked on and was angry. Vansh got out of the carband hia hands shiver. He said go away, leave me alone, why is this happening with me.

Precap: Riddhima said Vansh called her to the backyard in an hour and she went there. Chanchal was outside having a big scissor in her hand. Ishani was also digging a hole nearby. Riddhima came to the backyard and someone blindfolded her. She thinks it’s Vansh. Vansh came to the backyard and saw a broken bangle of Riddhima. He figured she is in problem and said, don’t worry Riddhima, your Vansh is coming. I won’t let anything happen to you…Read more

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