I will Squeeze You If You Touch Ridhima. Till Love Do Us Part 30 March 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 193


The Episode started with Riddhima saying why is Vansh’s phone not reachable, he will come, maybe he is on the way. She said so sorry, I didn’t know your turn is before. The girl said no, my checkup is done, we are waiting for the report. The guy tied her shoe laces and Riddhima smiled and imagined Vansh. Vansh said I will do it Riddhima, you and our baby need not worry.He kissed her tummy and made her sit. Nurse asked are you okay. Riddhima smiled and thinks Vansh would be coming, we will see our love sign together, like our love had started, it’s also a new journey. Nurse asked didn’t your husband come.

Riddhima said he will come. Nurse said your appointment is in 10 mins, I hope he comes before then. Someone injected the gel bottle. Riddhima called Vansh and turned to see. She said this is strange, the door is shut,the curtain was flying, was someone there and waited for Vansh. Nurse asked did your husband come. Riddhima said no, maybe he is on the way, can we wait for some time. Nurse said yes and Kabir came there. She asked what are you doing here.

He said it’s your first sonography, so I have come, Vansh won’t come, he will not fulfill this need. She said stop it, Vansh is my husband, you don’t need to interfere, I will handle everything, you may leave. The Doctor said it’s good the baby’s father is here. Riddhima said no, he isn’t my husband, he is my husband’s brother, he had come to drop me and asked him to go. Kabir asked the doctor to take special care of her and Riddhima went with the doctor. The Doctor took the gel bottle. Nurse said the gel is old, use the new one. The Doctor took a new bottle and asked shall we start Riddhima.

Vansh played the piano and recalled everything while he drank. Kabir came and took the glass from his hand. He said I would have not stopped you if you were drinking to celebrate your fatherhood, are you drinking to forget this sorrow. Vansh asked him to just go away. Kabir said I think you don’t want this baby, I know your pain, I have a way to lessen your burden, I am your brother, it’s my duty, you don’t want this baby, right, leave it, I will take care of the baby, leave your life with freedom.

I will do give father’s love to the baby, I will do all the responsibilities, I started practice also, you didn’t go with Riddhima for sonography, I went to give her emotional support. Vansh punched his face and asked how dare you say this nonsense, stay in your limits. Kabir smiled and said calm down, I was just joking, I was checking if you care for the baby, you became so angry when I said I will take care of the baby, my work is done. Vansh caught him and said stay away from Riddhima, you can’t imagine the kind of things I would do to you and Kabir left.

Riddhima came home and asked where is Vansh. Dadi asked why do you look so tired. Riddhima said I am fine. Dadi said I will get badam milk for you and she left. Riddhima saw reports and recalled seeing the baby on the screen. Riddhima thinks Vansh you missed a big moment today, I wish you were there. Dadi asked her to have the milk. Someone looked on and recalled adding poison to the milk. Dadi said I have to go and pick Siya from her painting class, you have the milk, she left and Vansh came. Riddhima placed the milk glass down. She asked why did you not come. He said stop asking me.

She said sorry, I have one condition, sit, finish this milk, look at your face, you look so tired, you will get some energy. He drank the milk and he coughed. She went to get water and someone dropped the rat poison bottle. Riddhima saw it and worried. Kabir came and said I just heard a sound, is Vansh fine. Riddhima said I don’t know, he started feeling uneasy, Dadi isn’t here, what shall I do.

Kabir said calm down, nothing will happen to Vansh, you are with him, he may be having the reaction because of milk, give him salt water, he will vomit and feel better and tried to touch her. Vansh then called her out and she went to him. Kabir said you will worry like this for me one day. She asked Vansh not to close his eyes, have the salt water and Vansh drank it and rubbed his back. She asked are you feeling to vomit, come with me and she took him to the room.

Vansh said I am feeling better, the salt water worked. She asked are you sure and he said absolutely. She asked him to lie down and said I was so scared. He said I am fine now, I don’t know what happened, I felt so suffocating. Riddhima thinks who can do this, Dadi got the milk, maybe someone added the poison in it before she took it. Vansh asked what happened. She said I think there was rat poison in the milk.

I saw it fallen in the kitchen, I think it’s connected. He said relax, rat poison is kept in the kitchen, maybe the servant dropped it. She asked how did you feel unwell after drinking the milk. He said I think there was kesar in the milk, I am allergic to it. She said thanks, you did a dad’s duty today and saved our baby from the harm. He said I just know that I saved your life. She said I have to show you something. He asked what’s this, I just see a dot in this. She said it’s our baby.

Vansh told Riddhima that they will celebrate Valentines differently this time. He will kidnap her and take to a place that she cannot even think of. She got ready and went to the backyard. Someone blindfolded her and took her away. Vansh came to the backyard and found Riddhima’s broken bangle. He felt she was in a problem. Kabir was dancing with blindfolded Riddhima. When he touched her, she figured it was not Vansh, but someone else. She pushed him, slapped and removed the blindfold. She was shocked seeing Kabir…Read more

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