Till Love Do Us Part 30 May 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 275


The Episode started with Riddhima seeing some girl going. She thinks of Vansh and stayed sad. Someone came to her with a knife, Riddhima turned and the girl ran away. Riddhima said stop, why are you running and run after the girl. Vyom got to see the girl and he went after her. The girl hid and Riddhima came in front of Vyom. He asked what are you doing here. She asked what are you doing here, you should have been in jail.

He said you are a weak player, they didn’t get the dead body and I got free, you lost Gayu. She said you will be punished. He said you will get punished, it’s not easy to cage me, I do what I think and what others can’t think. She said you forgot I am Riddhima, Vansh’s wife, I didn’t learn to lose. Ishani asked what did you do, I asked you to find the tear of Laila, it doesn’t mean that you join hands with Vyom, he is dangerous.

Angre asked how do you know. She said I was following you. He asked why and he pacified her. He said whatever I am doing is for you, what do you want. She said the tear of Laila. He said there are just two ways to reach it, with Riddhima and Vyom, there are 50% percent with both the ways, what if we go with both the ways. She said then it will be 100%. He said exactly, we will get the tear of Laila, I have a habit to play with dangers, Vyom won’t do anything, he needs me, you know me, when I reach the tear of Laila.

She said wow, I love you, you are so clever. He said we will go away from here forever. She asked what’s your plan. He said I know Vyom’s plan, I have to find out what’s Riddhima is planning. She smiled and he hugged her.

Dadi became shocked seeing a broken glass. She got a note. It was a threatening note. Riddhima turned and saw the same girl again and ran to see. She called out and asked is anyone there. She checked a chest and got a black dress. She said she had worn a similar dress. She got locked up and called for help. Dadi came and unlocked her and Riddhima thanked her. Dadi asked her to never go to that room. Riddhima asked why, whose room is this. Dadi said Mallika, an Arab girl, Vansh used to work with her.

Riddhima said she collided with me, we should be careful of her, I have seen her, I came after her but she disappeared. Dadi said it’s not possible. Riddhima asked what do you mean. Dadi said she died, she jumped down this hotel terrace and committed suicide, she was buried in the tea estate. Riddhima asked why did she take her life, I just collided with her.

Dadi said it means the hotel staff said right, that they see her sometimes, come with me, don’t come to this room again, it will be good for you. Riddhima asked who all know about her death. Dadi said our family and some of the staff, come. Riddhima said I have some work, you go. Dadi asked her to come soon. Riddhima said I feel this story is made to scare me. Ishani said Angre, we should know Riddhima’s plan and Riddhima came.

Angre said we were going to come to you, we are ready to find Vansh, tell me, what to do. Riddhima said you tell me, I don’t know what to do, who is family and who is not. Angre said we are your family. Riddhima said someone killed Gayu. Ishani asked what, you did a drama. Riddhima said she really got killed. Angre said sorry to know. She asked him who killed her, do you know. Angre asked how would I know it. Riddhima said I don’t want someone else to die, I thought to abort this mission, don’t stress and she left.

Ishani said she is smart and made us out of the mission to have the fruit herself, did she doubt on us. The girl got ready and wears ghungroos. Angre called someone and said Riddhima is going towards the tea estate. Angre recalled seeing Riddhima getting ready in the black dress, like Mallika. Riddhima went to the tea garden and lifted the veil. She thinks why do I think this land is shallow, I have to find out what is here.

Riddhima went to the underground passage and met the girl. The girl said we have to save the tear of Laila. Riddhima and Siya saw each other other’s face.

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