Vansh To Catch Ridhima’s Killer. Till Love Do Us Part 30 November 2021, Tuesday pt2: Episode 55



Till Love Do Us Part 30 November 2021, Tuesday pt2 Episode started with Riddhima saying what happened yesterday, what was Vansh planning and what happened. She tried to recollect and she paniced. Vansh saw her and went to her. He asked her to relax. She said I remembered who wanted to kill me. He asked who. She said someone was wearing yellow gloves, he tried to kill me, someone wants to kill both of us. Vansh said I will find out, relax. Someone looked at them. Vansh said who is it, who shot at me, Riddhima took the bullet, if her partner did this, then she would have supported him, she said the yellow gloves man tried to kill her, her partner won’t try to kill her, someone is wrong, we have to find out. Anupriya asked him about it. Dadi said Vansh prayed for you. Riddhima asked what, but he is a non believer. Dadi said yes, he changed, he was afraid to lose you, you should have seen it, he protects his loved ones, his love isn’t seen, but he loves you a lot.

Vansh said I will find out the person behind the shootout. She asked him to leave it, he didn’t sleep all night, rest first and then think of what to do. Vansh said no, so much happened in my house, that person can harm anyone and he left. Dadi said you are his wife, he will care for you, it’s his Dharm to protect you. Riddhima got thinking. Ishani thinks Riddhima killed Sunny and resting, I won’t let her stay in peace. She wrote the message on the mirror. Riddhima came and got scared reading the threatening message. She cried and shouted Vansh. She run and slipped on the stairs. He asked what happened. She said room and took him inside. They saw the clean mirror. Everyone also came there. Riddhima said there was a message written but they didn’t believe it and they left. Riddhima saw Ishani smiling and she left. Vansh asked Riddhima to relax. Riddhima said I have seen the message, that person is here, maybe he is a family member. He said I also think you lost your mind, why will anyone try to kill us, there is no message written.

She asked what if I give a proof. She showed the lipstick mark and said it’s proof that something was written, I am not lying. He said you are thinking a lot, I promise, I will find that person and he left. She tried to use the lipstick on the mirror to check and said its a different shade. Who can it be, Anupriya, no, a mum can never think of killing her son, I know who uses this lipstick. She went to Ishani’s room and saw Ishani applying red lipstick. Riddhima thinks Ishani wants to kill me, she thinks I killed Sunny but Ishani left. Riddhima said I have to tell Vansh about Ishani, I can’t tell him without the proof and she took the lipstick. She looked for the yellow gloves. Ishani came and stopped her. She shouted to everyone. Riddhima said I won’t give it, it’s a proof against you and Ishani fell down.

Riddhima said sorry. Vansh and everyone came there. Ishani said this poor girl was stealing my cosmetics. Vansh asked what, I don’t believe it. Chanchal asked Riddhima to ask Vansh if she wants anything. Riddhima said I was trying to prove that Ishani is the person we are looking for, I am telling the truth. He said enough, come with me. She said no, the yellow gloves person is the one who tried to kill me, Ishani thinks I killed Sunny and wants revenge. Ishani said I dreamt that you died, but I didn’t do anything, I was on a video call with my friend when this accident happened, check it. Riddhima said but the lipstick is the same colour. Vansh shouted Riddhima. Anupriya said she isn’t well, take her and Vansh took Riddhima to the room. He said I told you that I will handle this case, you created this mess. He checked the lipstick and said look at it carefully, Ishani will never do this. Riddhima said it means Ishani isn’t that person, who can it be. Someone looked on….Read more