Ridhima In An Accident Planned By Her Enemies. Till Love Do Us Part 31 December 2021, Friday pt2: Episode 89



The Episode started with Aryan saying I will help you mom and picked the tool but didn’t see the memory card, the nails fell down and Chanchal picked them up. Aryan said be careful. Chanchal said I thought to end all the work, you see the work now and she left. The memory card went with the nails. Dadi did Riddhima’s aarti. She said it’s your first Navratri, not many people get this luck, you reminded me of Uma by wearing her lahenga. Riddhima thanked her. She said Vansh gave me this lahenga, Vansh will come, we will wait for him. Anupriya said he won’t come. Riddhima thinks he will surely come today. She thinks he will come and not break my trust.

Ishani thinks impossible. Aryan thinks Vansh won’t come. Anupriya thinks the same, while they were thinking Vansh came for the garba and Riddhima smiled. Dadi said you made me happy, come for aarti. Riddhima said thanks. Vansh thinks just you can make my mum’s clothes look beautiful, today I will answer your every question. She thinks thanks for trusting me and giving me your mum’s sign, our distance is of few steps now. Vansh and Riddhima looked at each other. They went and did the aarti. Anupriya said it’s time for our plan, come Chanchal. Dadi thanked Mata Rani.

Anupriya and Chanchal hammered some nails, Anupriya was hurt. She said Riddhima will be more hurt. Chanchal recalled Dadi’s words. They placed the platform under the carpet, they were happy and left. Dadi asked Riddhima to light the akhand jyot. Vansh and Riddhima light the diya and she blessed them. Angre asked Ishani will you play garba with me, it’s our first Navratri. Ishani thinks how to avoid this. Dadi asked Riddhima to give aarti to everyone.

Riddhima started with Vansh. She gave aarti to Aryan and thinks once I get proof against you, I will get you punished. Everyone played garba. Vansh and Riddhima played with garba. Riddhima thinks I forgot to find the memory card, I have to find it before anyone gets it. She hits on Vansh’s hand and said sorry. Vansh said you don’t have to hit me, you can tell me if you don’t want to play. She thinks it’s my mistake, I didn’t had attention here. Ishani got the nails.

She said Angre, I will make your Navratri red by using these nails. Riddhima went to pray to Mata Rani. She said show me some way to find the card. Angre came and asked did you see Ishani. She said no and she looked for Ishani. She said Ishani and Aryan aren’t here, maybe they got the card, no and she went. Chanchal thinks Riddhima is going other the side, how will she fall on the nails carpet. Anupriya said don’t worry, Riddhima will go to her room, just watch. Chanchal smiled.

Ishani hammered the nails on the sticks. Aryan asked what’s the plan. She smiled and said now Angre’s blood will flow, I will be happy, he will be in pain. Riddhima came and took the nails box. Ishani said return it to me. Riddhima said nails are dangerous, you may get hurt, don’t forget you are pregnant. Ishani said better not interfere in my matter. Aryan said let her go, her good time is going on but not for long. Aryan and Ishani left. Riddhima got the card and said this memory card will say whose bad time will come, I have to hide it.

She fixed the card to her necklace. She said garba just started, once it ends, I will show the footage to Vansh. Dadi said yes, you are right, we should keep this akhand jyot in Vansh and Riddhima’s room. Anupriya said fine, I will take it. She acted to get a sprain. Dadi said I will ask Riddhima to keep it. Anupriya said fine. Dadi looked for Riddhima. Angre asked shall we play garba. Ishani said yes, practice first. They played garba and everyone danced.

Riddhima danced on nagada sang dhol baaje….Vansh smiled seeing her. She finished the dance and held Vansh. Anupriya said don’t know when will Dadi send Riddhima to her room, we have to send her somehow. Chanchal said I know it. Chanchal took the diya lid out and she started the fan and the diya flickered. Vansh and Riddhima saw it and recalled Dadi’s words and they run to hold the diya. Dadi said it means you have saved the akhand jyot, who removed the cover, how did the fan come here. Riddhima said forget it, it’s important that the diya was saved. Dadi said take it upstairs, it shouldn’t break. Riddhima took the diya with her.

Chanchal said I know Riddhima will not let the diya blow off. Anupriya said it’s good she didn’t wear the slippers, she will slip easily. Vansh smiled seeing Riddhima. Riddhima stepped on the nails and was hurt, she screamed and Vansh got shocked.

Vansh run upstairs to Riddhima. He held her and also the diya and they had an eyelock. Ishani joked and said Vansh works with both his hands. Riddhima asked are you a leftie. Vansh said yes, I can work with both my hands…..Read more