Ridhima Plans Revenge On Kabir. Till Love Do Us Part 31 January 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 117


The Episode started with Kabir saying wow, so you found the truth, okay fine, yes, it was all my plan. He recalled damaging the new bag.

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He said no one can say that this bag isn’t old. He placed some books and stationery in it, he then placed the things in the carton and sealed it. He said now when this box reached there with this letter, mum will say that story, everyone will believe us. He said yes Riddhima, I have worked hard, that no one knows it, but you always come between my plan, I am sad, you stayed with me for years, you didn’t understand me, you don’t know the volcano hiding in me, I knew you will reach the truth, so soon, not bad. She said I got to know the truth, I will tell everyone and he scolded her.

He said I planned everything since the first day, you didn’t doubt. She asked what did you say. She recalled their love moments. She asked what, was that love a lie, you played a game with me. He said I was helpless, my mum had to leave her own son and give her love to her stepchildren, she was doing it for my future, but my childhood spoiled, I stayed away from mum, how can’t I hate Vansh, since then I decided to snatch everything from Vansh.

I will make my place in his house, he was powerful, I had to make him weak, then I met you, I knew you can weaken Vansh, you helped me, I broke Vansh because of you, I knew you will happily give me your life for love, I respect you supported my mission, you came here to get proof against Vansh on my saying, you got Shera also, I asked you for a sacrifice, you did that also, you married Vansh, wow, love should be such. Riddhima asked was it a lie, did you do that intentionally.

He said yes, all those promises were a lie. She said you asked me to get proof against Vansh so that you frame him in a fake case. He said yes, I told you that Vansh killed Neha, she was the first martyr of my story, I miss you Neha, I had made you reach death too, remember, what did you think, that bullet was for Vansh, no sweetheart, the bullet was for you, I wanted Vansh to get close to you and pours his heart out in front of you. She cried. He said then one by one, he gave you Ragini’s murder proof, then you give the proof to me, then Vansh killed that old man, did he kill, Vansh said he didn’t kill him, you didn’t believe him, because you believed the one you loved.

She said it was my biggest mistake. He said no, your biggest mistake was to hand over Ragini to me, you told me that Ragini is alive, you got Ragini from Vansh and gave her to me, you didn’t know you helped me. She asked did you try to kill Ragini, you lied to me. He said yes, I am so talented, yes Riddhima, I was that masked man and she was shocked. He said you almost failed me, good work, my fate was always with me, then I got conscious and I killed Ragini. She said it means you shot Ragini, you killed her. He said yes and she cried.

She pushed him and shouted Kabir. He said it’s no fun to know it now. She recalled Vansh’s words. She said Ragini died, because she knew who the murderer of Vansh’s mum, it means you had killed Vansh’s mum. He said no, I didn’t kill her, she had killed Vansh’s mum, the one who had stolen her painting. She recalled Anupriya. She said she killed Uma, it means her love is fake. Anupriya came and said yes, I had to do the drama, Siya knew my truth, I had to attack her in a rush, I did this to bring my son home. Riddhima said you arrested Vansh and got that memory card as proof. He said you had burnt that card, but Aryan got it some how, then my lovely mom got it from Aryan, then we reached that cliff with Vansh, then…

Riddhima said don’t touch me, I will bring your truth out. He held her hand and pushed her into the swimming pool. Kabir and Anupriya smiled. He said I have taken many lives, I won’t take a second to take one more life, before you regret, you don’t make such mistake. Riddhima said you can take my life, I will save my family from you, Vansh always protected his family, I will also do the same. He said really, what will you say, you are responsible for Vansh’s death, it’s not my mistake, will you tell them that you were my girlfriend and you came in Vansh’s life as a spy, right, if Vansh got sacrificed, you are responsible for it, he was in love with you, he died, you were his love.

He said love story is written in blood, I had to get involved, you are responsible for this. He said you know, how many people died. Anupriya played the the recording. Kabir said it’s Siya’s phone recording, say any truth you want, your truth will be before that, you are responsible for Ragini’s death, you got her from Vansh’s safe house, you didn’t tell anyone about Vansh’s death, you are responsible for it, no one else, recall, you decided to keep me home.

Riddhima said I will accept everyone’s hatred, but I will expose your truth, I won’t move back, my family is important for me. Anupriya stopped her. Riddhima said leave me. Kabir got wires to electrocute her. Riddhima asked have you lost it. Anupriya said good bye Riddhima. Kabir gave her a little shock and Riddhima fell back. He asked did you get a shock, think what will happen to Ishani by hundreds of such wires.

Riddhima asked have you gone mad, she is pregnant, show some humanity, you can’t do it. He said I am not such, how shall I get humanity, she will get punished, she insulted me in front of everyone, she will get a huge shock, then next bed to Siya will be booked for her. She said no, you can’t do this. He said go, run, she left and he smiled. Riddhima saw Ishani and asked her to stop but Ishani was listening to music and went to her room. Riddhima went and stopped Ishani and they fell. Ishani asked what’s this misbehavior, how dare you push me.

Riddhima said I just…. Ishani said you know I am pregnant, anything could have happened to my baby, have you lost it. Riddhima said I was trying to save you from live electric wires. Ishani said take an appointment from a psychiatrist. Kabir and Anupriya came. Kabir asked what’s the problem. He switched on the lights and smiled. He said Ishani, thank God, nothing wrong happened, handle the baby, Vansh was waiting for this baby, you know that, accidents can happen anytime with anyone, take care. Ishani said I didn’t take advice from anyone, I don’t need your advice, enough, don’t make my room a park, step out. Kabir said this was just a trailer, picture is still there and Riddhima looked at him.

Kabir said Riddhima, you are trapped in my Chakravyuh, this is Kalyug, no Lord will come to save you. Goons attacked Riddhima and Vihaan came to save her. He beats the goons and Riddhima was shocked seeing him….Read more

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