Ridhima Set Kabir On Fire. Till Love Do Us Part 31 March 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 195


The Episode started with Riddhima asking Vansh to show her the surprise. She said I really want to see this place. He thinks this place is beautiful, but less than you. She said I can feel everything, just open the blindfold. Vansh then opened the blindfold and she smiled seeing the beautiful decorations. She said your little beautiful surprises make me feel special. He kissed her and showed her, her favorite pasta.

She said the pasta smells nice, I hope it tastes good and he gave her some to eat. She said I am your wife, I know what you will do, she woke up and realized it was all a dream. Kabir thinks I can’t believe that you are in front of me. She said Vansh, I want to see your face. Kabir went away and said some time more, I am getting that feeling like I felt when you saw me for the first time, I will get those days back.

She thinks I am lucky to get a husband like Vansh, I love you Vansh. Vansh thinks where can Riddhima go, I didn’t call Riddhima to the backyard, it means she is in danger. He got a call from Ishani and asked did you know about Riddhima, where is Kabir. Ishani said no, Kabir is at home. He said how can anyone know our plans. Kabir handed over a necklace to Riddhima.

She said thank you so much Vansh. Kabir thinks I love you too. She said make me wear it and he made her wear it. He thinks I was waiting to touch you, feel you, happy valentines day Riddhima. She asked Vansh to say something, is it his Maun vrath. Vansh then checked for Riddhima’s location but he wasn’t getting any network connection. He said I won’t lose,he then tracked her location and drove ahead. She said you didn’t say anything, I feel strange and Kabir danced with her. She said your answer was good, you know this is one of my favorite songs. He held and hugged her. She pushed him away and said you aren’t Vansh, where did you take me, don’t touch me, free my hands.

Kabir thinks I did a lot to spend a beautiful evening with you, what are you doing Riddhima. Riddhima then shouted Vansh. Vansh said why do I feel like she is calling me for help, I am coming Riddhima. Riddhima said free my hands. Kabir became angry while she continued shouting. She said Vansh will kill you. He thinks how can you threaten me with Vansh. She said you don’t know my Vansh, else you would have not thought of this, he will kill you.

Kabir thinks don’t mention Vansh’s name, I lose control on hearing his name, don’t spoil this day and he held her but she said leave me. She struggled, freed her hands and slapped him. She then removed the blindfold and he ran away and hid. She asked where did you hide, come out, show me your face, I will tell Vansh who you are, you have done a cheap thing with me. He said Vansh all the time, just stop me, don’t make me helpless.

She cried and said no use to hide, my Vansh would be coming and Vansh arrived. She got hurt by a candle and she hid. Kabir said sorry, I didn’t wish to hurt you, why do you mention Vansh’s name, I wish I could share your sorrow. Vansh came and shouted Riddhima. She hugged him and cried.

Kabir said how did Vansh come here. She said I am fine. He asked what happened. She said I thought it’s you, someone got me here, I really didn’t know. He said relax, I have come. Kabir then looked on angrily and threw a vase at them. She shouted Vansh and saved him. Kabir ran away and Vansh followed him but Kabir flee away.

Vansh went back to Riddhima and hugged her. He said he got saved, did you know about him. She said no, he didn’t even say a word, I understood it’s not you by his perfume. He said I think he was Kabir, anyways, I won’t let anything happen to you. She hugged him and said I knew you will come, you saved your baby once again, you know what, you have already become the world’s best father. He said I just came for you, Riddhima.

Vansh then brought her home and asked her if she is okay. She said yes and he shouted Kabir. Ishani asked where is Kabir. Kabir came and asked what happened. Vansh said don’t act, tell me where were you till now. Ishani said Kabir was here, I told you. Vansh asked why is his state like this. Kabir said I was going to take a shower, what happened. Vansh said you should have made a good excuse.

Ishani said he was helping me in gardening, you used to help me, but you are busy now, so I took his help, he went for a shower. Kabir asked what happened. Riddhima said someone kidnapped me and took me to a strange place, don’t know what he wanted. Kabir said don’t worry, thank God you both are safe, I will find out, I am a policeman. Vansh said no need, she is my wife, I can find the culprit and punish him.

Riddhima told Vansh that she wants to read pregnancy guide with him. They started reading. Suddenly, he got up saying no, he cannot do this…Read more

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