Angre Never Cheated Vansh. Till Love Do Us Part 31 May 2022, Tuesday Pt2 : Episode 277


The Episode started with someone freeing Riddhima from the trunk. Riddhima saw her and asked her to stop. She said it’s that same girl, why did she save me. She run out of the hotel. She went to Angre and slapped him. Angre said Bhabhi… She said don’t you dare call me Bhabhi, you know the meaning of Bhabhi, Bhai’s wife, Vansh trusted you more than anyone, more than me, you backstabbed Vansh, you bowed down to his enemy. He said no. She said I know your plan, you want to divide Vansh’s property equally, I understand everything, you killed my friend to prove your loyalty. He said I did that because… She said I don’t want to hear any explanation, I followed you. He asked what.

She said yes, I planted a microchip on you and reached here. He said wait, did you do anything else and showed him the diamond. He said you have stolen this from Vyom, it’s fake, let me speak, it was Vansh’s plan. She asked how shall I trust you. He said you know Vyom is dangerous, I wanted to win Vyom’s trust, he is a mastermind, I got him bailed. She said great planning, what did you want to prove by Gayatri’s death. He said come with me, trust me one last time. She said I don’t want to see anything. He said don’t get rigid, I beg you. She said I am getting too angry, come and he took her to a room. She asked him why did you get me here.

He said listen to me, I want to show you something. She said come to the point and he called someone. She asked who is coming. She saw the girl and said I was following her, who is she. She became shocked seeing Sara. She said Gayatri and hugged her. She said you are alive. Angre said yes, she is alive, she is fine. Riddhima said you got hurt that day. Sara said you convinced me to fake my death, this time Vansh convinced me to fake death. Riddhima asked what. Angre said yes. Sara said thank me that I saved your life.

Angre said it’s all Vansh’s plan, he made Gayatri an Arab girl to convince Vyom, to make Vyom engaged in getting the fake diamond, Vansh wants to reach the real diamond, you saw her and ruined the plan, Vansh didn’t wish you to fall in any problem. Riddhima said I wanted to help Vansh, I thought he is in danger. Sara said we all are in danger now, what was the need to steal the diamond. Angre said Vyom will know that the diamond got stolen, he will create problems for Vansh again, we have to be careful.

Vyom checked the diamond box and became shocked finding it empty. He looked for the diamond here and there. He became angry and Siya came to him. He said Siya, I hope it’s not you, where is my diamond, if it’s you, then you know what I can do. She said listen to me, I didn’t steal the diamond. He said look for my diamond. She said listen to me, it was a fake diamond. He asked what. She said I heard Riddhima and Angre talking. He asked what were they talking about. She said Angre is cheating you. She recalled entering the room and hiding there. She heard Angre telling Vansh’s plan.

Vyom said Angre is a dog, what were they talking about? Siya said you followed that girl, she is Riddhima’s friend, Riddhima thought Angre killed her, it was a fake killing, Angre just wanted to show it to you. Vyom asked what else do you know. She said I am doing this on your saying, I went home and won their trust on your saying, I can’t live without you. He said I want my diamond, Siya.

Ishani asked how can you do this Angre, you lied to me, how could you, you never changed. Angre said I thought you will understand this, you can’t understand one thing, I can’t cheat my boss. She said I am a fool, I thought you love me the most, but no, I am a fool, lets celebrate fools day, don’t say anything today. She cried and said I was such an idiot, I thought you will really steal the diamond, you, me and the baby will spend our life somewhere else, it’s humiliating, you supported others, leaving me, cheers to the best husband, who lied to his wife for his boss and doesn’t think for his baby’s future.

He said stop this drama, you thought I will believe you if you say you are pregnant, when there is no baby, then why are you talking about baby’s future, I am a fool, you fooled me by making this story, you lied to me, I didn’t expect this from you, I didn’t know you will say such a big lie and cheat me, you thought I am such a fool to not understand this, I would believe you, how did you think that I will cheat Vansh and bring the diamond for you. She said go to hell. He said you go to hell and she drank.

Riddhima looked on and said sorry. Ishani said don’t be sorry, you go, Angre will be happy to see you and she left. Riddhima went to Angre and said sorry, Ishani got to know, are you okay. Angre said she will be fine, leave it, tell me what to do. Angre said I made a mistake to steal the diamond from Vyom, I was thinking to make a fake diamond reach him.

He said don’t get into this, Vansh will handle this, it’s his plan. She asked is he fine. Angre said Vansh has to deliver the diamond in 14 hours, then we will know everything. She asked did Vansh get the original diamond. A mam was digging and got something. Angre said no, he didn’t speak to me, I spoke to him 8 hours back. She asked is he fine, why isn’t he talking to me, he should tell Vansh that he is fine.

Goons scolded Vansh and ask him to give the diamond to Vansh. Goon brought some coal and said look at it carefully, what is it. Goons saw the diamond fallen out of the coal. Goon said it’s the tear of Laila, Prince will get this tomorrow, then no one could see it and they left with the diamond. Angre said don’t worry, he is fine, he will come back, it’s his plan and he left. She thinks of Vansh. She said our relation is of souls, you know when I am in trouble, I know when you are in trouble, I feel you are in trouble, I will find out where you are. Vansh is seen captive.

Riddhima got a call from Vansh. She got a message and said Vansh is in danger and she went to save Vansh. She saw Vansh tied up and went bu didn’t see anyone there. She got his blood stained kerchief…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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