Vansh Catches Chanchal With The Diamond. Till Love Do Us Part 4 April 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 199


The Episode started with Vansh kissing Riddhima and hugging her. She said I want our baby to be like you and asked him to just think of their baby. He got angry and removed the photos. He said this baby will also get the sorrow and pain like me, I can’t let this happen, this baby will hate me a lot, I don’t want to become a father. He burnt the pics and left. She cried. Dadi called her and asked her to come for puja. Riddhima said sorry, I am coming. Dadi asked the servant to keep sweets separately for Riddhima.

The Red gloves person poisoned the sweets. Riddhima got a note, just go away from here, you are in danger and she thinks. Dadi asked Chanchal to get the sweets plate. Chanchal asked Siya to get it. Aryan said no need, I got it. Dadi asked Vansh didn’t Riddhima come with you. Vansh said I thought she is here. Riddhima came and called out Dadi and everyone saw her.

She thinks I will find out and try to make things fine, as long as I am alive, I won’t go away from Vansh. Vansh and Riddhima sat for the puja. Riddhima played the sitar and sings a bhajan. Riddhima thinks show me the way to that person who wants to harm my child, I can’t tell this to Vansh, I have to do this myself.

Dadi asked Rudra to get the sweets. Riddhima thinks I feel that person knows me and is keeping a close watch, who can it be and the Door bell rang. Riddhima didn’t take the sweets. Dadi said I have called old Daima to take care of Riddhima, she had raised Siya and Ishani, she opened the door and Daima came. It was Anupriya in disguise. She recalled fainting the Daima and putting her in the bin, and taking her avatar. She thinks I got a good chance to kill Riddhima.

Dadi asked Riddhima to have sweets. She coughed and recalled being alert. She said I will check everything here as well. She thinks what did I do. She saw some note inside the sweets. She read, don’t eat these laddoos, it has poison. She trashed the sweets and placed fresh sweets in the plate and left and she smiled. Aryan, Chanchal and Anupriya looked on. Riddhima thinks who can it be, the one who mixed the poison in the sweets would wait for the result.

She went and thinks to reach the person who is trying to warn her, then she will find the real culprit. Vansh came to Riddhima and helped her. She asked will you come with me for shopping, I have to take some maternity tests. He said don’t involve me, please stop this. She said the baby doesn’t know your problems, it’s our baby, it’s our responsibility, you can stay irritated, but you have to believe that it’s our baby.

She said you have to listen to me. Dadi asked are you fine. Vansh said yes and left. Dadi asked Riddhima to rest and call Daima for help. Riddhima said sure and left. Anupriya said I will fix the fan here since the AC is not working. Her ghunghat and hair wig got off by the wind. She worried and tried to cover up. Chanchal gave prasad to Vansh and asked what happened. Vansh said wait, I will tell you. Riddhima asked why did you put off the fan. Anupriya said the direction had changed, I was fixing it and she left.

The Red gloves person placed some glue on the floor. Other person came there and got stuck. Riddhima said I had worn these red gloves to see who is my well wisher who is trying to save me. She saw Rudra and said you… Vansh scared Chanchal and asked how did you get the diamond. Chanchal thinks Vansh won’t leave me if I don’t name anyone, I can’t mention Kabir’s name. She said Rudra gave it to me. He asked are you sure. Rudra said whatever I did was for you and your coming baby, Vansh always handled the family, a baby is coming and he got many enemies, I didn’t know what to do, so I had to hide to save the baby. She said I didn’t know it could be you, I just knew that you can take me to that culprit, tell me who is it, who wants to kill my baby.

Rudra said I can’t tell you, I know that it’s a big danger on you and the baby. She asked who. He said it’s not easy to mention the name, meet me in the backyard at night and he left. She said who can it be, very soon I will know it. Anupriya got an injection and said Riddhima i will make it tough for you to breath. Vansh came to Riddhima. She asked will you save me. Vansh said I won’t let anything happen to you, even if I have to fight the world. She asked and our baby. She said you have to answer me, the baby is your responsibility. He asked her not to tell him, he doesn’t want to become a father.

She said this baby is yours, this baby is the truth, what will you do when the baby is born, will you throw us out, Riddhima will be in your life along with this baby, Vansh, what happened to you, I want my answers. Vansh said I just know that I love you a lot, no one can take me away from you. She asked what will you do, will you send the baby to the orphanage, what will be the baby’s future, answer me. He said you will get the answer when the right time comes. She asked him to answer it. He thinks to meet Rudra and find out about the diamond, he left and she cried. She thinks I have to leave in 5 mins….Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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