Till Love Do Us Part 1 April 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 198


The Episode started with Riddhima saying mummy ji… Anupriya then threw something at her and run away. Riddhima shouted Vansh…. Vansh came and asked what happened and switched on the lights. Aryan and everyone came. Riddhima said I have seen mummy ji, she came in this flower basket. Vansh asked what, are you sure. She said yes, I have seen her. Kabir said that’s impossible, I met mom in the jail two days back, there is tight security, she can’t come. Vansh called central jail and asked did Anupriya get the bail. The jailer said murder suspect doesn’t get bail, she is here in this jail. She said I am saying the truth.

Aryan said you had seen the string yesterday and we didn’t see it, today you are saying you have seen Anupriya, how can a person be at two places. Dadi said we will talk about this later. Vansh asked Riddhima to come with him. Kabir thinks why would Riddhima lie, there is something and went to check a pile of clothes. Anupriya was hiding inside. Chanchal said I had got those clothes to give to laundry. She tied the potli and said how did the curtains get so heavy. Dadi called Chanchal, she left and someone dragged the clothes.

Riddhima said why do I think that I had seen Anupriya, I have threat from her side, she can harm my baby to hurt me, one thing is sure, that I have to stay alert for myself and my baby. She saw a shadow and shouted but it was Vansh. He asked what happened and she hugged him. He said you got too scared, maybe you got tricked,come sit, you need rest now, look what I got for you and he showed the oil. She smelled it and said lavender oil, when I feel uneasy, I smell this and feel better. He said I just got it just like that, someone told me that head massage is good with this oil. She said I don’t want a head massage, I feel relaxed by it’s smell. He said you know how much I care for you.

She said I know you care for me a lot, you come running when I screamed, you always think if I am safe, it means you care for the baby, this is the right definition of a good father. He said I am your husband and I care for my wife. She said I knew you will run away when I talk about the baby, you are the most reliable person to take this responsibility, why are you running away, we should talk about it. He said I don’t want to discuss on this topic and he left. She said you can ignore this, but my Bappa is there, he has proved that you are the best father, he will make you realize it too, maybe Vansh was right, I am thinking a lot about Anupriya.

Anupriya was held at gunpoint,she turned and saw Kabir. He said when Riddhima said she has seen you, I understood you are here, what are you doing here. She said you still love that girl who cheated you, Riddhima’s other name is destruction, how can you love her, she has snatched a lot from us, this time I won’t let this happen, I know she is pregnant, she doesn’t know how long she will live this happiness. He said no, don’t dare to harm Riddhima. She said wow, you gave me another reason for enmity, she snatched my son from me, I will snatch her child. He said if you harm her, then I will kill you.

He threw the curtain down and asked Anupriya to go. He said you have bribed the warden, but this game won’t go for long. She said Riddhima’s love is speaking, not you, you will never get Riddhima, the day you understand this, your madness will end. He asked her to get out and she left from the window. He saw Riddhima’s pic and said no one will come between us, you are just mine, I am your first love, Vansh will lose this fight, I will win.

Vansh said I know Chang, our last deal didn’t settle. Chang asked him to pay for the loss. Vansh said we deal with just the word, you cheated me, I will recover the loss, you will lose your life. Kabir said the diamonds got to the right place. Chang said Riddhima is pregnant and Vansh scolded him. Chang said we hit on the weakest part, it pains a lot and Vansh vented out anger.

Kabir was looking at the diamonds, he saw someone coming and rushed and the diamonds fell down. Angre said boss. Vansh held his collar and said I want those diamonds, we don’t have much time, you get it. Chanchal saw the diamonds and asked how did you get this. Kabir said you don’t need to know. She said Vansh is looking for these diamonds.

He picked the diamonds and asked her to keep one diamond, Riddhima and Vansh shouldn’t know it. She said don’t worry, I will keep your secret, this diamond is mine. Vansh came to the room and Riddhima surprised him. He saw his pics, he hugged her and said my heart is saying your every surprise touched it, I feel at peace when I come to you. She said I want our baby to be like you and he angrily ruined the surprise. She said stop it. He said I don’t want to become a father and she cried.

Dadi blessed Riddhima and her coming child and gave her sweets. Someone injected something in it. The Doorbell rang before Riddhima could eat it. Someone elderly (in a scary disguise) was at the door…Read more

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