Ridhima Is Dying Of Poison. Till Love Do Us Part 4 February 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 123


The Episode started with Anupriya telling about the chunri ritual. Kabir made Riddhima wear the chunri. Riddhima recalled Vansh and cried. Angre got angry and left. Dadi also left. Vihaan was working out. He said I think I asked her to get a big amount, I think Riddhima is a deadly combination of brain and beauty, she will find some way, I am sure, I will do exercise this way, tomorrow I will exercise with the money bag, just 20 hours between me and 50 lakhs.

Kabir held Riddhima and said I thought your sorrowful tears will dry up till now. Anupriya said you know our relation wasn’t of love, and now I am going to become your real Saas, I promise I will trouble you a lot. She smiled and gave her sweets but Riddhima stopped her. Anupriya said welcome to hell, Riddhima, you will just get the troubles, get ready from today and Riddhima went away.

She thinks to get Vihaan, 50 lakhs are needed to get him, I have to arrange the money. Kabir smiled. Ishani said I can’t tolerate more now and she got the poison bottle. Angre came and asked have you gone mad, how can you think of taking your life, you have a life in you. She said I am not mad to give my life, this poison is for Riddhima, I am just checking if anyone changed it, I am not the one to give my life, but take life, Riddhima is giving Vansh’s life to someone else, no one can take his place, I can’t tolerate it, Riddhima has invited her death.

Kabir came to Riddhima’s room and said your bridal dress is here. He saw the poison bottle on the floor. He was shocked seeing Riddhima and asked her to open her eyes. He read her suicide note. He said get up, you can’t die. He heard her breath and checked her pulse. He said she is alive. She opened her eyes and smiled and he went back. She said it’s good to see you like this. He asked is this a joke. She said I am giving you time now. She showed him the poison bottle. She said I will eat this poison at 9 and he threw the bottle away. He then asked how will you eat it now. She said I have many bottles like that, I can kill myself anytime.

He pointed the gun at her. He said you know what I can do. She said you will kill Dadi and Ishani, right, once I die, I won’t care, this fear is until I am alive. She took the gun and pointed at her head. She said my relations will die after I die, that fear will also die, it’s a big punishment to live as your wife, it’s better that I die than being with you, I will meet my Vansh after dying, there in the sky, we will unite, everything will be over, that fear… that force, your plan. He said you will do what I want. She said I have a condition, fine, I will put my life at stake, I should get something in return.

He asked what is it. She said it’s not too much, family doesn’t know Vansh’s death truth, your mom and I also lied, I want to do something for his soul peace, the false FIR, the blames should get removed from his name, even Ragini’s murder case, I want it’s clearance also, so basically, Vansh’s name should be clean and clear in police records, if you have any proof and footage, you will get it in front of me in one hour and burn it to ashes, clear, Vansh isn’t alive, he will get peace, you will clear his criminal image.

He said you think I will do this on your saying. She showed him another poison bottle. She said you will do this, you know I am not scared of death now, you just have 45mins now, I won’t die alone, your dreams and motives will die along with me, your every wish will die, think what to do and she left. Ishani asked Angre to leave her. He said enough, sit down, you think about it, what can be the result. He said it’s a very big game, Vansh died in an accident, then Siya’s accident… and she dropped the poison. He said we won’t do anything to kill anyone else, it’s a tough time for us, we have to be careful, we have to get Vansh’s culprit punished and he gave her water. He said we will get justice for Vansh, don’t worry. She nodded and hugged him.

Riddhima waited for Kabir. Kabir brought a bag with him. She said good job and he placed down the evidences. She asked for the chip and he gave it to her. She asked him to burn it. He asked her to do it herself. She said you got it by hardwork, you should do it. He poured the kerosene. He said whatever you are doing is of no use, Vansh is already dead. She said but his family is alive, Vansh’s soul will get peace.

He ignited the fire and the evidences burnt. He said it was a stupid try, Vansh is dead, he will not come back and he left. She said it was necessary to do, everything will change, a game is going to begin, Kabir. She sat there watching the evidences burning. She cried and thinks of Vansh. She placed a rose there. She said I wanted to save Ragini to prove you innocent, I didn’t succeed, today I got you rid of all the false blames, it was necessary to do this with Vihaan, else Kabir would have done the same with him. She recalled picking Vansh’s watch.

She hugged the watch and missed Vansh. She said it’s your sign, it’s valuable to me than my life, Kabir thought he is the only player in this game, but now there is a new twist, it’s time for his bad intentions to burn. Kabir hits the punching bag and thinks of Riddhima. Anupriya came and stopped him. She asked him to calm down.

He said yes, I won’t let Riddhima win, how did she get this courage, she is hiding something from us, someone is giving her strength to stand against me, what is it, who is it, where is this power. She said calm down, we will find out. Riddhima said I have to do this for my family and looked at Vansh’s pic. She said Vansh, I am going to get antidote to cut down this poison, I am getting Vihaan home, you know I am doing this for my family, I promise, I won’t let anything happen to them, please forgive me and she left recalling Vihaan’s words.

Riddhima said I will arrange 2 lakhs soon, it’s 48 lakhs. Vihaan took the money. She went out and asked Kabir what are you doing here. He said I came to catch you red-handed. She tried to stop him. He went in and pointed the gun….Read more

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