Ridhima K!lls Kabir. Till Love Do Us Part 4 March 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 158


The Episode started with Riddhima saying Vansh, when I didn’t love you, I wasn’t for you, now I can swear on Bappa that I have loved you, I will not let my love get stain, how will I live without you, I decided to do this to prove my love. He asked why are you here, go and prove your love. Kabir got a call and left. Vansh thinks I will see to what extent can you go for your love.

Riddhima hid the gun and went out while Vansh sat back and Ahana looked on. Riddhima recalled Vansh’s words. She said I have cheated Vansh, the punishment is that I am going to commit a crime today, I will prove my love and then kill myself, my love isn’t precious than the question raised at it. She went and pointed the gun at Kabir. He turned and became shocked seeing the gun.

He also pointed a gun at her. Flashback showed Ahana asking Kabir to take her words seriously, Riddhima loves Vansh and can go to any extent to save her marriage, she can kill him, just kill her before she kills you and Kabir left. Ahana said once Kabir kills Riddhima, then Vansh will fulfill his promise, he will be mine. Ahana thinks it’s good I warned Kabir.

Pandit asked everyone to stand. Kabir and Riddhima argued. He said I am surprised seeing the way you changed. She said I think the same thing about you, if you didn’t use me in your plan against Vansh, then this would have not happened, you played with me, you ruined my life. Vansh did the aarti. He then prayed that Riddhima passed the Agni pariksha and proved her love.

He thinks I know I am not making Riddhima doing right thing, but how is it wrong to kill a devil. Riddhima said it was fate that we met, you had sent me here as a spy and recalled Vansh’s words. She said we have much doubt between us, that you filled poison in my love story. Kabir said enough, you can call it anything, truth is, you did everything by your wish.

I never forced you, your every decision was yours, I agree I sent you here for my mission, you came here as a spy, you were here, I wasn’t here, you took those decisions, you cheated Vansh, come on, you could have refused for marriage, final decision was yours, I didn’t point gun to make you marry, I never asked you to kill someone to prove love, better look at yourself and Vansh, then question me and they pointed guns at each other.

He lowered his gun and said your hands are shaking, you hate me a lot, you would have shot if you were like Vansh or Kabir, you have guilt, you aren’t such, you can never do anything as such, you and Vansh are right, I am wrong, come on, shoot me and end this story. Vansh counted and Riddhima shot. Vansh and everyone heard the gun shot. Dadi asked about it. Vansh asked what sound, maybe someone burnt a fire cracker. He then played the shank and Dadi smiled.

Vansh came out running. He saw the blood drops and Kabir falling down. He saw Kabir’s bleeding arm and smiled and turned to leave. Kabir laughed and got up. Flashback showed Kabir getting pricked by some pin and shot in the air by mistake. Riddhima then became scared and run Kabir said sorry Vansh, half bro, sorry to snatch your happiness, I am sure you would be happy thinking Kabir is dead, game over, you won, your so called love won.

I love it, I wanted to see happiness vanishing from your face, you are not habitual to lose, it hurts a lot, you thought your love won, it can never win, Riddhima can never kill me, reason, you would be hurt to see me alive, you will be more hurt when you know the reason, one can’t forget first love, I am her first love. Vansh became angry.

Kabir said love isn’t written in your fate, I pity you, you didn’t get mum’s love, Ragini’s love, now Riddhima also cheated, you sent her here to prove her love, if she proved it, then you would have gotten my dead body here, you don’t deserve any woman’s love, your fate doesn’t have love, you just got cheated by every woman.

you will just get that, you know why, because you are cursed, you will never get your true love. Vansh shouted no. He took a pointed stick and said I promise you Kabir, I will write the other chapter of the story, I will show you the outcome of cheating me, you have seen my love, now you shall see my revenge.

Riddhima cried and begged Vansh. She said forgive me, I am sorry, I can’t do this. He said I hate you and pushed her away. He then got Riddhima arrested….Read more

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