Kiara Is De@d. She’s Gone With The Tattoo. Till Love Do Us Part 4 May 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 243


The Episode started with Vansh saying I was thinking to go for dinner, we just doubt each other, I was thinking to change things, I want a night where we can’t get away from each other, I want my Riddhima today, my love, my wife, my sweetheart, drop your questions, I am not giving any cheat, I swear, we will unite tonight the same way like before, old Vansh and Riddhima, see I bought you gifts. She liked the surprises and hugged him. He asked can you hear anything, you are right, marriages are made in heaven, we destroy them on earth, I will not let our marriage get destroyed. She said I love you Vansh. She pushed him on the bed and they got close. Vansh then got a call and left. He asked where is Kiara, find her. He called and asked is Kiara with you, what… Angre said she isn’t on that side. Riddhima asked what happened, who are you looking for? Vansh said Kiara, I can’t tell you anything, you know where she is. She said no, maybe she is with Aryan. Vansh asked Angre to check for Kiara at the gym as well and Angre left.

Riddhima also looked for Kiara. Angre said she is nowhere. Riddhima said she isn’t answering, did she run away, why are they looking for her. Kiara fell down in the living room. Riddhima shouted and run to her. She then shouted Vansh. Vansh came and saw Kiara. Everyone followed and came there. Riddhima said she fell from above. Aryan checked Kiara and said she is dead, will anyone tell me, what’s happening. Riddhima said I was calling her, she fell from above. Aryan asked what do you mean. She said I don’t know. Vansh asked Angre to check the dead body. Angre saw the dress torn on the back.

They then saw the tattoo erased. Vansh recalled her call for help and signalled Angre. Riddhima asked what was she doing on the terrace. Dadi asked did she commit suicide. Vansh said no, it’s a murder. Anupriya said she was a lovely girl, her family will be shocked. Ishani said we are also in shock. Angre said I got cctv camera checked, and the guard said that no one went in or left from the house. Vansh said it means one of us have done this murder. He asked everyone to admit it and Dadi scolded him. She asked Angre to take the dead body. Ishani asked why Angre, Vansh can also do this. Angre said sorry boss. Vansh said the dead body will go for autopsy, I want to know how did this, it’s important since it’s a murder. Aryan said it would mean inviting police home, are you sure. Dadi said Aryan is right, just do the last rites and end this matter. Aryan said Vansh is in influence of someone these days, he doesn’t care. Vansh said an autopsy will happen. Riddhima thinks of the tattoo. She said someone knew about that tattoo and erased it, just one person can do this who has the black box, Vansh….

Chanchal came to Anupriya. She said I have come to sleep here, I thought you will be scared too. Anupriya asked what’s the use. Chanchal said so much happened, Kiara’s dead body is here, her spirit will be here. Anupriya said no, I am praying for house peace. Chanchal asked about the memory of spirits. She said I scolded Kiara a lot, she was really scary and she became scared. Anupriya asked her to sleep and they lay to sleep.

Riddhima asked how can you sit peacefully after killing someone, I am talking to you Vansh, you killed Kiara right, I know it was the black box code, it’s so easy for you to kill someone and behave like nothing happened. Vansh said you are misunderstanding me. She said I am understanding right, whose call did you get, you weren’t shocked seeing Kiara’s dead body, you got the tattoo, you asked Angre to check her tattoo to see if it’s burnt well, just tell me the truth. He said I don’t need to explain anything to you, you keep good info. She said I don’t think I need to explain to you, I will prove that you killed Kiara. He said your life and our baby’s life will be in danger, just back off. She said you worry for our baby now, why not, else who will manage your business. He said you think I killed Kiara, you want to send me to jail or plot against me, what do you want. He called the police and asked her to talk but she disconnected. She said I regret to see that our love is our Amrit/elixir and poison too, strength and weakness too, I will not let you drink the poison and fall weak, I will find out who killed Kiara. Someone came to the storeroom. Ishani came to check the dead body. The person hid and Ishani left. Riddhima heard some sound and looked around. She read a message written on the ground… I know the secret of the six hours, shall I tell that to Vansh…

Riddhima run to clean up the message. Vansh asked her to calm down and cleaned her face. He asked why are you playing with gulaal. She said someone else was playing. He asked who is playing with my Riddhima, just lovers do this…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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