Shocking! Did Aryan K!ll Kiara?? Till Love Do Us Part 4 May 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 244


The Episode started with Riddhima clearing the message. The red colour fell over her face. Vansh and said relax, calm down, I will clean it and cared for her eyes. He asked are you playing with gulaal. She said someone else was playing with me. He said who is it trying to play with you, just lovers can do this thing, you okay right. She nodded and said thanks. He went and got the colour applied to his cheek from her cheek. He said love isn’t any loan to repay, it’s a promise, I will never let sorrow come in your life, what shall I do if you get sorrow yourself, take care and he left. Angre pointed the gun and asked who is there, come out, else I will shoot. Ishani came out and said I am was looking for something, you had gone to see the dead body. Aryan said get out of my room, I need some space. She asked why did you kill her. He asked are you out of your mind, you stopped Angre from going. Ishani said don’t drag Angre in this, if you didn’t kill Kiara, why are you worried for her autopsy. He said you are much concerned for Angre. She said you killed Kiara, I will tell Vansh. He said don’t mess with my head, Ishani, trust me, stop accusing me, don’t doubt me, I didn’t kill Kiara, okay.

Vansh played the recording. He said it’s Kiara’s voice, she called me before she died, all calls get recorded on my phone. Angre said Dr. Agarwal has come for the post mortem. Vansh said she will do the postmortem and Angre took the doctor. Vansh said dead bodies don’t die, the truth comes out one day and he left. Doctor said victim died by peanut butter and milk allergy, did she drink it by her wish, or did anyone force her, chances are that she was forced to drink it, there are marks of struggling, I have seen the place where body had fallen, blood clotting had started, she died before she fell down, she would have died between 9pm to 10pm. Vansh asked what, are you sure. She said yes and he thanked her. He said I got her call at 11pm, how is this possible. Riddhima said give me the reports, I will find out her murderer. He said these problems are happening because you didn’t tell the six hours secret, stay away from the mess you created. She said you are being cool when a girl lost her life. He asked why should I lose my cool, I am not involved, did I teach you to be rigid. She said I can also ask the same.

Vansh checked the place where Kiara fell down. Riddhima asked did you get anything. Vansh said info isn’t shared but found. She said I will do the same, may I. He said tell me what happened in the jungle during that 6 hours. She said that’s not related to this death, but it’s related to this family, we can be a team if you want. He said I work alone. She asked are you scared that I can find a proof against you. He said you can’t solve this case. She said time will show what I can do and he left. She asked how did you come here and they argued. She asked him to find out the evidence himself. He cauhgt her and said I also have an evidence and showed her the apple. He said I got this apple in the fridge, I went to the kitchen and got this apple from the fridge for you, you will not stop your investigation, do anything, you are pregnant, remember it, you have to take care of yourself and baby. She said thanks, I will have it.

She asked can I go your way, thanks. She saw some black powder on the ground and recalls Kiara. She went and said ash is there on the terrace, what was burnt. Vansh said there was a firetorch. She said maybe the killer wanted to burn Kiara. He said maybe the killer’s plan failed, so he had fed her peanut butter. She asked where is the firetorch. He said we have to find it and turned to see. They looked for the firetorch. Ishani said I have seen her face, I am going to have a bad day, why is she going to Aryan’s room and she went to see. Riddhima checked Aryan’s room. She got Kiara’s candy stick and thinks is Aryan involved in this. Ishani recalled Aryan taking Kiara. She asked did she die. She checked Kiara’s pulse and asked is she dead. Aryan said I think she is dead. She asked what did you do. He said I didn’t kill her, I saw her dead body in my room, someone is trying to frame me, you have to help me, please and they threw Kiara down.

Vansh said someone already knew that Kiara is allergic to peanut butter, even then she was fed that, her tattoo was burnt with this firetorch, someone recorded her voice when she was shouting. Vansh got the firetorch…Read more

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