Ridhima Is K!lled. Till Love Do Us Part 5 April 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 202


The Episode started with Riddhima thinking why does Daima’s behavior look suspicious, her bracelet is the same, it means she went to the backyard yesterday, I have to find out her truth. Anupriya worried when her wig fell down. Riddhima said stop. She got a call and thinks who kept this ringtone on my phone. She got the same confirmation for the abortion. Riddhima said who can it be. She watch and Daima was gone. Anupriya hid. She said I have a gut feeling that Daima might be involved in this and she left.

It’s night, Riddhima saw the flickering lights and run away from someone. The door got shut and saw some man coming after her. She shouted to Vansh. Vansh came and shouted Riddhima. A man said it’s a small gift from Chang’s side, he stabbed Riddhima and Vansh became shocked. He said I won’t let anything happen to you. She said it’s too late, Vansh. Vansh shouted Riddhima and realized it was all a dream and he worried. Kabir came and talked to him. He played chess and said check and mate, can’t you tolerate your defeat, you should say thanks to me, Riddhima would have been not alive today if I wasn’t there, Riddhima and her baby would have died if I didn’t reach there and Vansh was shocked. He thinks Riddhima didn’t tell me, yes I found her near that building.

Kabir said you are in stress, you have to understand, you have to take extra care of her and the baby. Vansh said you don’t need to remind me of my duties, don’t interfere, it won’t be good for your health and he left. Kabir said I have to ruin your life, you won’t be able to understand what to handle, family, business, Riddhima, I will make sure that Chang troubles you, I will get close to Riddhima because of this baby, you will be away from the family, everything will be mine, Riddhima also.

Vansh came to Riddhima and said tell me, why did you go to that building. She asked what do you want to know. He asked were you in danger. She said yes, Kabir came and saved my life. He said you should have told me. She asked what shall I tell you and she argued. He angrily broke the bangles and said my business and problems are it’s own place and you are on the other place. She said you want to know from whom I feel threatened, I feel Daima is involved in this. Someone heard them. She said I feel she killed Rudra. He asked what. She said I got a bracelet and saw the same one with Daima, Rudra wanted to tell me something, maybe Daima killed him before that. Vansh said if this is true, then Daima won’t be alive. She said she has to accept her truth and asked her to come.

Anupriya was in kitchen. Vansh and Riddhima came. Riddhima said I don’t think you will give me what I want. Vansh pulled Riddhima back and saved her from the hot oil. Anupriya said sorry. Riddhima asked did you go to backyard when Rudra died. Anupriya said I have a habit to sleep early. Vansh asked her to show her bracelet. Vansh pointed gun at her and said I just want to hear the truth, if you try to lie, then I won’t hesitate to shoot. Anupriya asked why would I lie, this isn’t my bracelet. Riddhima said fine, I will check. She then took the bracelet. Anupriya said how can it be a proof, you got another one. Vansh and Riddhima checked.

Riddhima said this isn’t the bracelet which fell in the hall. Anupriya said I had picked this, maybe you got mistaken. She said I never cheated this family, you have blamed me, it’s better I leave. Vansh said stop, you will stay here. He said Daima didn’t kill Rudra, Riddhima you focus on yourself and he left. Riddhima also left. Anupriya got the the bracelet from the flour box and recalled Riddhima’s words. She said you tried well Riddhima. It’s night, Vansh thinks of the diamonds and Angre came to him. Vansh fired by mistake and dropped the gun. Angre asked are you okay. Vansh said don’t you think I am falling weak. Angre said no, I haven’t seen a stronger person than you.

Riddhima came and said I heard a gun shot, is everything fine. Vansh said yes. She said your wound is bleeding, sit. Angre said I will call the doctor. Vansh said no need, Riddhima will see. Riddhima did the aid to his wound. Vansh asked Riddhima what is she hiding. She said you can say it well, what is it. Vansh said you know I am always with you. She said don’t know, you aren’t with me, you aren’t ready to listen to me, there is a lot to share with you. He said it’s nothing like that, I am with you. She asked can you talk about the baby. He said please, say anything else than this.

Riddhima cried and asked herself why Vansh is doing like this with her. She will have to talk to him and he must listen to her. She went to him and said she wants to talk about their baby. He said he doesn’t want to talk. He doesn’t want to be father. She said he must either accept both mother and baby, or no one. If he can’t give father’s name to their baby, then he must leave her…Read more

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