Ridhima Finds A Strange Death Box. Till Love Do Us Part 6 April 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 203


The Episode started with Riddhima saying it’s your child, not any topic to ignore. He said you will get much time to talk about it. She said I am pregnant, this baby is the truth which will be in front of your eyes in some months, I know you are nervous, what shall I do, when you don’t accept the baby, why shall I bear this pain. She cried and he l left. While then, someone looked on. Chanchal camesl to her room and saw someone. She screamed and Aryan said it’s me. She asked what are you doing here, I got scared.

He said I was looking at dad’s clothes, I can’t believe that he left us. She said yes, we will lose our place in this house. He said this won’t happen, this house and business will be mine, dad used to say when if a father’s shoe is fit in son’s foot, then son is equal to him. They saw the red gloves fallen out of Rudra’s coat pocket. He picked it and said good night mom and he left. She also had red gloves with her.

Riddhima thinks of Vansh’s words. She heard the same ringtone. She then went and got her phone in a danger marked box. She said I changed the ringtone, who changed it back. She answered and asked who are you, I don’t want to get any abortion done. The lady said you have 40 hours, are you coming or shall our team come there. Riddhima worried and said who is doing this, I have to talk to Vansh, he has to listen to me.

Vansh was also drinking. Riddhima said I need to talk about our baby. He said I don’t want to talk about the baby. She said but you have to listen to me, I can’t take up the baby’s responsibility alone, the baby’s life is in danger. He said stop it, don’t do this, you can’t understand my problems. She said fine, I can’t handle this alone, I can’t be away like you, you have to accept both, mum and baby, else no one.

She asked him to just stop it. She compelled him by putting up fire in front of her. She said I have your baby in my womb, if you can’t give a father’s name to the baby, then you have to leave husband’s right to call me your wife and he blew off the fire. He said you don’t have a right to decide about our relation. She said you don’t want to become your baby’s father and he got a call. He said we are not done yet and he left. She asked the baby not to worry, she is strong. She said I won’t lose, I faced everything alone, none can separate us, not even Vansh.

Vansh asked are you sure Angre. Angre said yes, that man who made the diamonds reach Chang is going to meet him tomorrow, they will be doing some new deals, it’s a confirmed news. Vansh said we will not miss it. Kabir said yes Chang, I will meet you tomorrow, I decided the plan, I will tell you tomorrow and looked at some coins. He said Vansh, you insulted me, these are the scores, I have put a coin in this box whenever you have hurt me. He threw the box and saw the coins on the floor. He said I will take revenge for everything, Vansh get ready for your destruction, I got you to the ground.

He hurts his hand and was bleeding. He said blood will shed…. Vansh said he was mistaken that he defeated me, his misunderstanding will get clear tomorrow, he will get an answer in my style, alert the men, we will need them tomorrow, I want this man at any price. Angre said done. Riddhima thinks who is this Daima. Anupriya was working in the kitchen. Riddhima thinks why am I doubting her. Anupriya answered a call and asked is the work done. Riddhima thinks to whom is she talking and she hid. Anupriya turned to see.

Riddhima thinks Daima can see me and doubt that I am spying on her. She dropped a ball and went away. Anupriya said why do I feel that someone was here. Riddhima got the abortion appointment message. She said who is doing this, is Daima doing this, why, she doesn’t even know me and recalled Anupriya. She said maybe Anupriya sent her. She slipped by the oily floor and Vansh held her. She saw the oil and thinks someone did this intentionally, the danger is getting high. Vansh hugged her and asked you okay.

She said thanks for saving me. He said you are my wife, it’s my responsibility to protect you. She asked what about a father’s responsibility, don’t come close to me. He asked how will I protect you if I don’t come close. She said when you save me, you will save this baby as well, you want to get rid of the baby’s responsibility. He then recalled Chang’s words. She went to Chanchal’s room and called her out saying Dadi forgot her phone, I just came to take it. Her dress got stuck to the drawer. She saw a gynac brochure there. She said I am getting calls for abortion, is Chanchal behind it. Chanchal came to the room, Riddhima hid and the brochure fell there. Chanchal then stepped on her hand.

Vansh told Riddhima there have been lots of ups and downs in their relationship lately. Can’t everything be like before? But Riddhima turned her face away. She said until he accept their baby, things will remain like that. Vansh had decorated their bed with rose petals, she made a line instead and asked him not to cross it…Read more

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