Finally, Vansh Get Hold Of Kabir With Chang. Till Love Do Us Part 6 April 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 204


The Episode started with Chanchal leaving from the room. Riddhima took the brochure and said I will match the number. She checked and found the numbers same and she became shocked. She said it means Chanchal is doing this, Rudra wanted to warn me about her, I don’t understand, but how can she kill Rudra. She got the call again.

The lady said Riddhima ji, you reach at 10am for the abortion. Riddhima said Daima, Chanchal… why are they doing this, what can be the motive and she went to her room. She was urprised by the flower petal shower. Vansh said I don’t want to fight more.

He asked can’t everything be like before an Riddhima said no, we are going to be three now, our thinking isn’t matching about the baby, that’s increasing our distance, I am saying it again, until you accept our baby, the distance will be the the same. She removed the flowers heart from the bed and made a line.

She said this is our Laxman rekha, which you can’t cross. He said we will know if your stubbornness is bigger than my love, I have much patience. She stopped him from clearing the line and went to the washroom. He then asked her to listen. He said I didn’t think this reason will bring a distance between us. She said it will be there until you accept your baby and he left.

In the temple, Riddhima lights a diya in the temple. She said what shall I do, I am stuck between my roles, wife and mother, I don’t understand what to do. She prayed to Bappa and Mata Rani. She said please make the thing away, whatever is coming between Vansh and the baby. Kabir came and asked what are you praying so desperately for, tears don’t hide.

He stopped her and said please I am not a stranger, tell me, I can solve the problem. She asked what if you are the problem, how do I believe that you aren’t creating these problems. He asked me? I have saved your baby, it’s the first baby of this generation, I know you and the family are very happy.

Vansh doesn’t care, but I do, I am the baby’s uncle, I can take care of this responsibility. Aryan came and said Riddhima. Kabir got up and left. Aryan said Dadi has sent laddoos for you and he left. A card fell from his pocket. She saw the same doctor’s visiting card. She said what’s this card doing with Aryan, is he making those abortion calls.

She got the same call again. She said how many times shall I say, I am not coming tomorrow. The lady said you have to come even if you don’t wish. Riddhima said these people are threatening me, I don’t know whom to trust. Chanchal said she won’t come there by her wish, we have to force her and get her there. Anupriya said there should be no mistake, tomorrow morning 10 am. Aryan said we have to do this, be ready at 10. Riddhima cried in the temple.

Vansh recalled Riddhima’s words. He thinks my family and your protection are most important for me right now. He saw her sleeping and lay to sleep. It’s morning, Riddhima woke up and asked what are you doing Vansh. She saw the soap bubbles falling over. She called out Vansh and asked are you in the bathroom and got a call. She said I am not scared of your threatening, who took the appointment. The lady said you come here if you want to know about it. Riddhima thinks who is it, who doesn’t want this baby to come in this world, where are you Vansh.

Vansh said I don’t want any mistake, that traitor shouldn’t know that we are coming to punish him. He is with his men. Kabir asked shall we have the final deal. Chang asked him to spend time, understand each other, partnership doesn’t happen in a day. Vansh said he can’t snatch the deal from me today, hurting me would mean digging his own grave. Chang said every deal has it’s conditions and negotiations.

Kabir said our relation is new, our motive is the same, I agree to your every demand, money isn’t everything for me, my motive is important than money and business. Chang said I hope the motive can get negative. Vansh said if we don’t punish him, then many such people will stand in front of us, we have to tell the world that Lord may forgive if one doesn’t do the aarti, but Vansh doesn’t forgive anyone.

Chang said traitor is important than enmity for Vansh, Vansh will not leave you. Vansh said we will hide and wait for him, okay. Kabir said I am taking this revenge because of my heartbreak, but I think from my mind, you will be in front, I will be behind, Vansh can never imagine this, just relax. Riddhima called Vansh.

Angre said I think they are inside. Vansh said lets go and he disconnected. Riddhima said where did he go at this time, Ishani isn’t here, why is the room light on. Chanchal called her out and asked what are you doing here. Riddhima said the room light was on and Chanchal scolded her for spying.

She asked Riddhima to take rest, her baby needs rest. Riddhima said I just thought to see once. Chanchal said you mean Ishani lied that she is going to her friend’s house and got hidden in her room, just go. She saw some shadow in the room and smiled and Riddhima left. Vansh said don’t know what are they talking, who is that person with hoodie, on my command, okay… and he counted down. Vansh shouted hands up and got Kabir at gun point.

Kabir was them shocked. Riddhima got the message, you just have an hour now and Aryan collided with her. He said my car is ready, we can go if you want. She asked where, I don’t want to go anywhere, do you know anything. He said no, I was just saying that we can go out if you want and he left. Anupriya said I have made the breakfast, don’t go on empty stomach, I have kept a dress for you, wear it before going.

Riddhima said I am not going anywhere. Anupriya said you look stressed, I thought fresh air will be good for you. Riddhima said I am not going anywhere, okay. She said why are they behaving like this. Chanchal said the day will be tough, abshagun will happen with someone in this house, I have seen the dream, don’t worry Maa. Riddhima thinks is she telling about me, where are you Vansh, I need you a lot.

Riddhima was busy with her phone, someone hits on her head with a bamboo and then placed her in a fridge. Service team takes away the fridge. After putting it in their truck, they said, the work that Vansh sir gave is done. Riddhima heard Vansh’s name and wondered Vansh?..Read more

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